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Trans woman refused treatment at Indiana hospital

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Reader comments

  1. This reminds me of the case of the trans women in New York, who had two amulance crews refuse to treat her and also the emergancy room staff refused both times by using religious objections.

    She had been knocked over by a car in the street, but it was not the car that killed her!

  2. Terri Bailey 13 Aug 2010, 5:37pm

    this is horrible, she deserves treatment. how dare they judge?

  3. Would these hospital workers have refused treatment to a murderer or rapist, let’s say, who had been shot resisting arrest?

    Their job is to treat people, not MIStreat people. You can’t be a health care professional at a hospital and chose who “deserves” treatment! How horribly sad for this woman.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 13 Aug 2010, 7:59pm

    Try to keep up PN: this was reported on Joe.My.God and Pam’s Coffee House etc about a fortnight ago.

    Having said that: there are many in the US who let their “beliefs” get in the way of doing their jobs

  5. PumpkinPie 14 Aug 2010, 1:21am

    People like that shouldn’t be allowed to work in health care. Same goes for teachers who bully children (oh looky, another area where LGBTs are let down). Fire them all, bar them all from returning to these professions. I think that’s a pretty fair solution.

  6. Mihangel apYrs 14 Aug 2010, 9:40am


    that should have been Pam’s House Blend.

    Also Box Turtle Bulletin, etc

  7. It was also on a week or so ago. Also, they’ve already investigated it and instituted training on trans rights. But I guess that aspect of the story wouldn’t piss people off enough as half truths

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