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London announces bid to host tenth gay games in 2018

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve probably missed something, but if “all adults are free to enter, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation” etc. then how do these games differ from the ordinary Olympics? I suppose it does dare athletes to compete under the ‘Gay Games’ banner….

  2. …not that I’m complaining. So far as I’m concerned, any excuse is good enough to watch fit young men in tight fitting shorts.

  3. it still dangerous to hold hands or kiss in central london is this really the place for the gay games especially in east London?

  4. I really can’t see the point of this. That complete and utter waste of money that is the Olympic Games is bad enough, but do gay people have to sink to their level too?

    As JohnnyH pointed out, if anyone can join, it rather defeats the whole gay thing, and frankly if a sportsperson is good enough, they should be in the proper Olympics in the first place.

    I really wonder what all this is supposed to demonstrate. White men can’t jump? Black men can’t swim? Gay men can’t run without mincing?

  5. Perhaps this could be the start of a new trend – ‘Gay Chess’ anyone?

  6. Robert Brown 9 Aug 2012, 2:07pm

    The Gay Games and OutGames differ from the Olympics because you don’t have to pass specific time trials and set times to be able to enter.

    All individuals are able to enter and having been part of the Gay Games in Sydney, it’s a great atmosphere and fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends from across the world in one place.

    It’s unfortunately though that many within the LGBT sports world split after the Gay Games in Sydney and formed GLISA / OutGames.

    One day I’m hoping that both organisations can come together again – formed under a new name with a united front and approach.


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