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Glasgow gay and lesbian centre: eviction begins

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Reader comments

  1. This is the tip of the iceberg in Glasgow.

    The whole of the labour run council is mired in serious allegations of corruption, nepotism, and wasting council funds.

    The leader of the Labour Glasgow council reportedly fled to Australia last year, after allegations of drug taking surfaced in Scotland.

    It is now a daily occurrence to read of another Labour councillor in Scotland being arrested or charged over some irregularity or another.

    One Labour Glasgow councillor was reportedly arrested for alleged sexual harrassment of a female colleague, another Labour councillor in Inverness has possibly been charged with benefit fraud offences.

    They are all summed up here;

    And here

  2. mancontour 13 Aug 2010, 2:48pm

    Having come back from a visit to Scotland, i was not impressed with the reception i received in this centre when i was there in July.
    The place was very quiet and dismal, not something you would expect with a centre like this in Glasgow.
    On speaking to people in various other venues around the city i now know why this place was unpopular and given the recent events published in the media, i now know why.
    The place seems to have been run by people with a hidden agenda and dubious relationships with undesirables.
    The fact that the police are now involved again, suggests that there may well be underlying serious issues with the centre and the people whom run it. The fact that this woman continued to run this centre without proper liability insurances etc etc smacks in the teeth of desperation and i’m just grateful i did not slip on their floors when i visited their centre, try explaining that one to your insurance company.
    Sad to see that Glasgow has once again lost another LGBT venue and again it seems down to bad management and bad financial issues which i hope the police will dig deep about.
    Being back in sunny Manchester im just glad that we have services here where LGBT people are put first and not the GREED of people who only want to line their own pockets and rip the gay community off.
    Glasgow people deserve than this and i hope the gain another venue soon, only this time, run properly

  3. Bill (Scotland) 14 Aug 2010, 7:06pm

    Earlier commenter T Smith sums up neatly the crass nature of the cronyism and corruption that typifies Labour-dominated Glasgwegian politics, and that of Labour-dominated Scotland generally.

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