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Father of Mel Gibson brands Pope ‘gay’

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Reader comments

  1. The elderly criminal who styles himself The Pope is seriously disordered and morally bankrupt…in my opinion and most probably in fact also. Who knows whether the mad old chimp is gay or not, might be best to poll the Swiss guards to see if he has ever propositioned any of them.

  2. Mel Gibson is a nasty anti jewish, anti gay, anglophobic domestic violence perpetrator who claims to be a good catholic! I take it he got it from his dad then? What Daddy says about eh Arch Homophobe of Rome may well be right as he doth protest too much AND he admired Cardinal Newman who was quite obvioulsy of a homosexual Persuasion….!

  3. he’s his sons father.

  4. Simon Murphy 12 Aug 2010, 11:48am

    Hutton Gibson is also a racist and anti-semite, as being as being a disgusting homophobe.

    Just like his son.

    I do agree with him in his analysis that Ratzinger is gay.

    Ratzinger is clearly the worst kind of gay person – someone who is so self-hating, that he will campaign to destroy the rights and liberties of other gay people.

  5. Sheesh Padre Benedict is getting it from all angles- the homos don’t want him, the Catholics are now sticking the knife in. Maybe Max Clifford will take him on to resurrect his career, landing him a guest slot on the forthcoming X Factor could win him some pink support.

  6. Well, indeed, he probably is — but who really cares? What matters is his insistence upon barging into lives of other people — no religion on earth should have that power.

  7. Simon.Murphy 12 Aug 2010, 2:30pm

    IgnacioD: you say:

    “the Catholics are now sticking the knife in.”

    Hutton Gibson is not a catholic per se.

    He is a member of an even more extremist sect of catholicism which rejects Vatican II.

    The leader of the sect be belongs to has been officially kicked out of the catholic cult.

  8. Durrr Simon..I was being facetious. *Sheesh*.

  9. darkmoonman 12 Aug 2010, 3:05pm

    Big surprise. Where else do folks think Mel learned his hatred of others?

  10. Erroll Clements 12 Aug 2010, 3:10pm

    Do you think that maybe it was the bling, red cape, red shoes and flowing frock that gave Missy Ratzi away ??????!!!!!

  11. Y’know now you mention it Erroll, I’ve never seen photos of our papal Mac-daddy in the same room as Liberace….perhaps they’re one and the same person, if so what else does Gibson Snr have to reveal? The faked moon landings? The Kennedy Assassination? Louie Spence’s torrid affair with Nick Griffin?

  12. Kevin O'Neill 12 Aug 2010, 5:50pm

    The Pope’s anti-gay stance is a cover for his relationship with Personal Secretary, Georg Gaenswein, or so I’m lead to believe. Of course I have no evidence for this but accept it as a matter of faith

  13. The apple aint falling too far from the tree,is it,lol! And,Ratzinger gay?!Nah,no-one that ugly could be gay!

  14. @12: Yes, “Beautiful George” as they call Gaenswein, he is a bit hunky, ol Ratzy has done alright for himself considering the old toerag he is, a bit of influence and power helps a lot I guess.

  15. Mel Gibson, father 91 years old! good for him..

    The symptoms of becoming 91 years old and adapting to the ageing brain cells
    and for those clever enough to understand what is happening to them. Adapt to the situation shorter less complicated phrases picking out the most important parts of a conversation to make sense of it ( the basics. )
    When talking don’t walk or do multitasking.

    Never ever get into a shouting argument or you will no longer make any sense under the stress and so many more complications of being 91.

    People often mistake the coping for rudeness or racism and so on.

    When you are 91 you are in a war and you are losing.
    Ageing is not for the wimps an actress once said.

    Mel Gibson, mad Max very gay often rolled around on the floor showing his arse close-ups in tight leather trousers. He then went on to play in some really dreadful B films even more feminine probably often touching his toes to get the next job.

    His alcoholic days anti-English to the point where his history just become silly.

    Anti-Jewish because they killed Jesus.
    And blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    I shouldn’t think it was the 91-year-old teaching him more like him teaching the 91-year-old.

    An old fashion English saying: Make allowances for the elderly.

  16. Ooh oooh oooh! Please sir, can we book Mel’s dad to greet the pope on the tarmac when he touches down in the UK next month?
    Can we get them sharing the same hotel room? In a kingsize double bed? Pretty please?
    Hey I can dream, can’t I?
    Well I don’t know who comes away looking worse out of these two, the homophobic, sexist, ‘accessory to the world’s largest paedophile ring’, bigot who booked an all expenses paid junket to the UK to the tune of 14 mill during a recession, or the homophobic, racist, anti semitic bigot who thinks the former is a bleeding heart pinko lefty liberal who’s letting the side down!
    You’d think they’d have more in common.

  17. “…an unusal perspective on the pontiff.” Aye, right.

  18. Hutton’s gaydar cannot be wrong.

  19. Much can be understood about the loathsome Mel Gibson when you take his appalling father into account.

    The worst thing is that (a) this Hutton creature is still around, and (b) there are people who give him airtime.

  20. Erroll Clements:
    > Do you think that maybe it was the bling, red cape, red shoes
    > and flowing frock that gave Missy Ratzi away ??????!!!!!

    I thought it became obvious to most people when he wore a transparent white dress to visit Auschwitz Birkeneau ( ), when the ex-prisoners he was meeting were asked to dress down and wear their old prison garb. His soberly befrocked team couldn’t keep a straight face ( ), and apparently, if one were to believe in a sky person up there, a heavenly sign was provided for certainty ( ).

    That’s sort of following the assumption that self-hating people generally make bad decisions and expose themselves.

    But seriously, isn’t there another term we all could use, rather than gay, for for these appalling people who so fearful being gay, or so hate being sexual, that they persecute those who are comfortable with themselves, like George Rekers ( )? Ok, they were probably indoctrinated as a child, as they usually try to indoctrinate others, but everyone has a choice on what they actually do to others. Isn’t gay supposed to carry some implications of sense of equality and pride? Doesn’t it harm gay communities to see such hateful people lumped in together, even perhaps claimed? Perhaps reinforcing the worst old stereotypes of homosexual people being dangerous and harmful?

    it just doesn’t seem right to me.

  21. The worst homophobes are the the closet homosexuals- always were and always will be

  22. The term ‘Evil Queen’ was coined long, long ago I fear.

  23. katie Murphy 17 Sep 2010, 6:57am

    Oh that gay was a choice, as the church says it is. I’m sure that at least 25% of the world would be gay, and the pope would be the laughing stock of the world

    And with outlawing condoms, which the pope wants to do, and with people being able to shoose to be gay

    I’ll bet almost 50 % of the people would be gay. And this sick in the head old apparition – the clone a result of hitler, stalin, Mao, etc etc – well his shrunken head would be a hit on the art object auction circuit. Prob bring a million bucks or more.

    while the rest was fed to those friendly critters, who are infinitely nicer then Pope B – our dogs. Poor critters don’t go to heaven per the church. so they deserve at least something from the church as a consolation prize.

    Is he gay, a self hating pathological liar and psychopath….

    You be the judge. I know where I’d put my money.

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