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George Michael charged with possession of drugs

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Reader comments

  1. Just wait til Stephen Fry hears about this! He’ll have to take to Twitter (again) and protest at the victimisation of a gay celebrity who was only breaking the law.

  2. Simon.Murphy 12 Aug 2010, 3:24pm

    He’ll be banned for life from driving.

    And rightly so.

    He’s an irresponsible idiot.

    Still a great singer though.

  3. Bipolar disorder 12 Aug 2010, 4:10pm

    George Michael has got to be older than that.. I was a nice young fellow in the 80s and he was no spring chicken then. Don’t mention Stephen Fry or else he will run away bumbling idiot.

    Mr George Michael, could do with six months or so in Pentonville prison it won’t do him any harm it will allow the scabs around his nose and the skin rashes between the fingers to clear up and allow his mind to clear.

    When the mind clears they always say the same thing “I don’t believe I was doing that to myself”.

    Stephen Fry:
    I’ll run away and then they’ll be sorry!

    Mr Gray:
    I am sick to death of the whole issue of Stephen, who is absolutely in the past as far as the company is concerned.

  4. @IgnacioD,pml,very funny,and so true
    @SimonMurphy,banned for life,er,I don’t think so,matey!Look at how many drivers have been handed pitiful sentences for killing someone whilst driving and who haven’t been banned for life.George Michael hasn’t killed anyone,yet,so chances are this muppet will be given just a slap on the wrist and have some points added to his licence.Won’t make a scrap of difference to him even if he is banned,he’ll simply pay someone to drive his lardy arse around!

  5. Its about time the judges of the land made examples of these stars. Being in the public eye they choose how to behave and if they break the law then they should be properly sentenced to show others their behaviour is not acceptable.

    Jail the man!

  6. Agree completely Simon.Murphy
    Shouldn’t the headline be “George Michael charged with possession of drugs AGAIN”?

    Send him to prison already before he kills someone in a crash

  7. I can’t believe with all of her money, she doesn’t have a driver….

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