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Mexico must recognise gay marriages, court rules

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 11 Aug 2010, 12:14pm

    Not QUITE marriage equality.

    But still – it’s yet another (catholic) country which has now overtaken Britain in terms of LGBT legal equality.

    Go Mexico.

    I expect they will have full equality within the year.

  2. Truly amazing. Congratulations Mexico City and the nation as a whole. To think that not one legal same-sex marriage performed elswehere is not recognised in our own country for what it is. Absolutely disgusting. Cameron better sit up and pay attention. This is not going away. He can lull himself just like StonewallUK into a false sense of full equality via CPs, but in reality, it isn’t the case. I expect Mexico will eventually have same-sex marriage throughout the country, sooner than we in the UK will. Chile and Uruguay will probably be next. Amazing how catholic countries can do it, four of them so far and the UK hasn’t. What’s the excuse now Cameron?

  3. Go Mexico. This should get the Catholic leaders bitting their finger nails.

  4. Well done – I know the USA is a different country but out of interest if the supreme court upholds the californian gay marriage ruling is it likely it will that have a similar effect there ie their marriage will have to recogised in all our states? I’m assuming it’s not at the moment?

    Just shows , court action in conjunction with political pressure does work…

    Also please no more relgious excuses for the UK….. We can’t keep on blaming the church for not letting gays get married….afterall these countries show that relgions don’t rule govts and I guess govts shouldn’t interfer with relgion….civil marriage, what a fantastically simple solution!

  5. There’s also been good news from Costa Rica.

  6. The USA state are complicated right now in terms of recognition.
    Some states perform marriage. Some perform civil unions.
    Others don’t, but your union will be recognized as marriage.

    In the constitution, there is the Full Faith and Credit clause.
    This dictated that states must respect each others laws, including their marriages (be it gay or straight).
    DOMA however quite recently changed that, “no state (or other political subdivision within the United States) needs to treat as a marriage a same-sex relationship considered a marriage in another state (DOMA, Section 2);”.
    Originally DOMA also set the federal definition of marriage to between one man and one woman in section 3, but that was just ruled unconstitutional by a federal district court judge in July of 2010.

    The best case scenario for when the California same-sex marriage case reaches the supreme court, if it even does, is that they will word that denying same-sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutional.
    This way, even if DOMA says states don’t have to recognize each others marriages, they still won’t have an excuse to not offer the right to marry themselves. …or at least this is what I hope and understand.

    …and interestingly enough, my “make sure you’re not a robot” words were ‘freedom trolove’. Sounds like freedom to love. ;)
    Good job Mexico, and no other country has an excuse if macho, catholic countries like you are ruling like this!

  7. Angel Campuzano 12 Aug 2010, 12:14pm

    Guys, thank you for all your lovely comments. I’m happy that my country is ruling for the LGBT rights for the first time and it’s doing it very well.

  8. Francisco 2 Nov 2011, 2:08pm

    I’ve found that many foreigners had chosen Mexico City for their same sex wedding, but many think that it’s very ‘Vegas style’, the process can take up to 40 days, and there’s a few paperwork to consider. Still it’s smooth if you know your ways around in the city and you come down prepared. If anyone reading this article thinks I can be of any help down here, please feel free to contact me.

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