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Foreign Office: ‘Serious concerns’ over reports of Iranian teen’s death sentence for sodomy

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 11 Aug 2010, 4:28pm

    The tragic thing about this case is that because of sanctions in place against Iran, they are free to completely ignore the UK. The UK has no influence on Iran.

    If the Foreign Office is serious about protecting LGBT rights, I want to know what they are doing to improve the situation for LGBT people in countries where Britain has an influence – the Commonwealth.

    Has Britain confirmed the suspension of all aid to countries which criminalise homosexuality.

    Are Malawi, Uganda, Kenya etc to be expelled from the Commonwealth

  2. I’ve already sent in letter to the Iranian Embassy here on this, but let’s hope the pressure can be increased…
    Embassy of Iran, 16 Prince’s Gate, London.
    WRITE NOW!!!

  3. I wrote an email the other day to the pm, this will be murder, he is proven innocent and still faces death, it’s inhuman : ( we agent to war in the name of humanity and equality yet we’ve stood by on this for 2 years. I urged the pm to not let us stand by again till it suits us to preassure Iran.

  4. Robert (Kettering) 12 Aug 2010, 1:20am

    This is utterly disgusting to hang someone on no evidence! I only hope the people of Iran rise up and rid themselves of the mad Mullahs dictating their lives. Iran should be a thriving hot bed of intellectual thought not a throw back to the dark ages as it is now.

  5. This whole situation is disgusting and I fully support those still willing to risking their lives to bring changes to Iran after the last rigged Election. I’m not sure though if the UK will help being that Iran wants to pass blames on us for just about ever pathetic thing they can find. Always in desperate attempt and saving themselves.

    At least we now have a government that actually now seems to be listening, unlike the last lot. Now lets see them do some action.

  6. drop nuke on iran

  7. No sign of this on the FCO website. There is a statement from the Foreign Secretary condemning the sentence of 7 Bahá’í leaders though. How odd.

  8. Jenny Bliss 12 Aug 2010, 3:38pm

    now now nukes are never the answer in fact such a weapons should never have been made let alone used but thats a different story, it seems to be a common thing oddly enough in Iran, they appear to be resisting any kind of change more and more violently or just nastily (cant think of a more accurate word right now) the closer they get, like they say the flame burns brightist right before it dies

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