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Family First’s Wendy Francis ‘sorry’ for hurting gay families but stands by views

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Reader comments

  1. “I do not believe that upholding marriage or preventing children being raised in homosexual families is discrimination.”

    Well, of course it is if you’re going to deny access to marriage to a group of people. I believe a similar argument was used to try to justify the ban on interracial marriage in the US – ie only ‘people like us’ count and can get married.

    And the comment about preventing children being raised in homosexual families is disgusting. Many LGBT people already have children of their own, for a start, and to try to interefere in a happy family solely because of the sexuality of the parents is offensive beyond belief.

    The only people children need protecting from is bigots like her, in my opinion.

  2. “We can’t govern Australia by legislation based on pleasing each group who wants things their way. I believe we must stand firm on principles and values that are the best for the good of the nation”

    Oh the ‘them and us’ thing again. Is the LBGT community a different species? We are All human beings who deserve human and equal rights no matter who we love.

    I do find it funny that political bigots always want to spout their views on how gay people shouldn’t adopt, shouldn’t marry etc but want us to be totally equal mind when it comes to paying taxes and their over-inflated wages!

    It has to be a hope that vile people like Ms Francis will be a dying breed in political life and make way for more eductated, open-minded people who see all as equal not as something to be questioned.

  3. hmmmm, I’m sure I saw her in a gay bar a few weekends ago,,, having herself a gay old time!

  4. This is the politician’s equivalent to ‘my sister was on my computer, honest! I wouldn’t say those mean things, even if I believe them!’

    Whaaaaat a bitch.

  5. Mary Honan 11 Aug 2010, 3:28pm

    This uneducated lady does not get it. The reason children of gay relationships might have difficulty in society is because people like her label the children and then the children are ostracized and isolated in society because they are falsely accused or associated with being gay, pedophiles or being sexually abused. It’s actually people like her that hurt the children. Oh that’s right, people like her just don’t want their children to ask questions or learn. They just want to pop them out, get their tax deduction and then kick them out of the house when they are teenagers.

  6. Simon Murphy 11 Aug 2010, 4:44pm

    Give her your feedback at the following location:

  7. I sent this message to Wendy:
    Exactly who’s research are you quoting when you assert that children brought up by gay parents are more likely to suffer depression and feel suicidal etc. ?
    I think we are entitled to know as this is not the finding of any legitimate research I have heard of.
    Otherwise we must assume you are making it up just to spread fear and prejudice.
    If you are citing junk science research with results slanted to suit your own prejudices rather than legitimate research then you clearly have an anti-gay homophobic agenda.

  8. E-mailed her politely but firmly. I just think she’s not clued up is all.

  9. She wants to “reach out to the LGBT community”?



    So that she can help them understand why they are a danger to children and marriage. So that she can kindly and lovingly explain to them why their lives, “lifestyles”, families are icky and scary and dangerous so that they can join her in her fight to maintain their second class status?

    Please Ms. Francis, tell us what you hope to accomplish by “reaching out” to us.

  10. At least her god made her ugly on the outside too

  11. another who thinks its ok to apologise when caught out but who will dig herself deeper into the hole and not see thier own homophobia

  12. Unfortunately misinformed or illinformed and clearly biased comments like those recently made by Wendy Francis benefit nobody while causing great distress to same sex couples and the kids they are raising.

    Wendy’s personal anti-gay opinions and beliefs about children raised by same sex couples are not backed up by legitimate studies that actually show same sex parents are as good as any others and the kids they raise do as well as any others.

    Ms Francis is scaremongering to spread a vicious extremist agenda and she fully deserves to be ridiculed and exposed as the illinformed twerp that she really is.

  13. Surely people like this woman not only teach dicrimination but also hatred, dishonesty and how to be closed-minded.

    How is that helping children?

    It makes sense that children brought up by gay parents are more likely be honest and open-minded.

    Why are bigotted religious people so blind, that they can’t see that children learn from their parents. These people seem to put love way down the list of priorities with religion, hatred and discrimination at the top.

    Hardly a way to bring up the best in children.

  14. also – claiming many agree with you like she has doesn’t make her right, she’s using BS to make herself look good but she was caught out so she apologised but she hasn’t admitted to how wrong, stupid, illogical and bigoted she is

  15. If she wants to “reach out to the LGBT community”, maybe she could start with the LGBT adolescents who are more likely to experience depression, and attempt and succeed at suicide. They are the ones who REALLY suffer from the bigotry and homophobia espoused by “family focussed” politicians and religious zealots such as this woman.

    I grew up in a religious family and it wasn’t the fact that I was gay that led me towards considering suicide, it was the pious tw*ts who kept lecturing that “perverts like that” (ie me!) were dangerous and unnatural. And that was people inside my family and the churches and the schools.

    I have no doubt I’m the only one with that experience…..

  16. OOOPS…. Of course, I meant to say I’m NOT the only one with that experience…….

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