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Costa Rica court says no to referendum on civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. Another richly-deserved ‘slap in the mouth’ to the Catholic Church and its homophobia. Maybe some day they’ll convert to Christianity!!!

  2. Maybe Costa Rica will approves marriage before EEUU and UK. Latinamerican countries are advancing faster!

  3. “majority should not decide the rights of a minority” – and “rights should be granted by politicians and the courts” – good lines – so who exactly is Featherstone consulting on the issue of gay marriage in the UK – shouldn’t we be taking an example from these countries – seems the high moral ground is being taken away from the UK quickly…

  4. Finally some sensibility.
    Tyranny of the Majority is never right, and has hindered the social advances of all societies throughout time.
    Slavery, segregation / integration, womens rights, and more wouldn’t even exist had the courts shirked their duty to protect the vulnerability that comes with being a minority or hated group.

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