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Irish gay man, 60, died after assault

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Reader comments

  1. Tragic that this could happen to a vulnerable older man. Sounds like what he needed wasn’t people coming into his house pretending to be interested in him sexually and using it as a drug den, he was probably just lonely and needed someone to comfort him, especially if he had become withdrawn after his mothers death. It kinda makes you wish you could’ve been there, and I suppose the worst bit is there’re older, disaffected gay men and women all over britain just like this man and no one is the wiser. RIP

  2. I agree completely with “J”‘s comment. Yet another case of “There but for the grace of God ….” May he rest in peace.

  3. He’s actually the second guy from Sligo to be the victim of a serious homophobic attack, the previous victim is an American poet living in Sligo who was beaten to a pulp and left paralysed by two thugs who claim he tried to proposition him. Google “Robert Drake”.

  4. Stop bringing haterosexuals to your residence. Haterosexuals and violence go hand in hand. Haterosexuals will take advantage of you and if they end up beating you up or killing you they will say he flirted with them which every haterosexual will believe and they’ll get very little punishment.

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