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First Liverpool Pride ‘a success’

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Reader comments

  1. Bloomin fantastic, vibrant and loud with some amazing things going on – well done Liverpool – score once again!

  2. I had an amazing day! Can’t wait until next year!

  3. Gypzee roze 9 Aug 2010, 8:41pm

    Ohh… It was such a fabulous day/night!!!
    Well done to everyone for making it happen :D
    The support was amazing!!

    Luvz & hugz from 1 proud lesbian scouser.. :D
    Counting the hours till next year.. xD

  4. Simon Murphy 9 Aug 2010, 11:46pm

    According to this story 21,000 took part in the parade but there were only 3,000 people watching it.

    Is that correct?

    An audience of only 3,000 in a city the size of Liverpool is tiny.

  5. Simon – Well that’s possible, but there was another big free event happening down at Albert dock at the same time, so that might have reduced the numbers.
    I watched the parade, and there seemed to be a fair number of people where I was stood. There was also the traditional group of around 15 right wing Christians bible thumping their way through Leviticus but just about everyone else was ignoring them.
    Hopefully next year it will gather momentum, though I would suggest that people put more planning into it for next time… it would be nice to see something with a bit more visual flair.

  6. Barry hacker 10 Aug 2010, 8:11am

    I was at Brighton pride. Why were the two prides on the same day?! That’s just silly.. Pick a different date so people who go to all prides can go. It was brightons biggest this year.

  7. Mike Carter-Smith 10 Aug 2010, 2:30pm

    Nice, they didn’t mention that the organisors cancelled a trans act for being “too controversial”, that they complained endlessly because money from one of the nights was going to save LGBT’s in Iraq being tortured and murdered (they actually pulled support for one of the sub events, Chew Disco, for giving the money to Iraqi LGBT instead of Liverpool Pride) , and that performers David Hoyle and Ste McCabe both pulled out on principle of the thing being run with such a shamelessly greedy and non-queer-friendly ethos. I have no time for mainstream Prides for reasons such as this, don’t let them revel in any kind of glory.

  8. Chris Lowry 10 Aug 2010, 3:24pm

    Well Done to the Liverpool Pride organisers – taking into consideration that it was free and the first time – it was amazing to pull off such a high quality event!

    There truly was a very special atmosphere throughout the weekend and not only did the Pride organisers do their bit, but all the local gay bars/clubs really shone through and made a fabulous effort! I think that they really added something special and unique to the proceedings! Nice to see them pulling together!

    Cant wait for next years event – I have no doubt it will be bigger and better!


    Satrday 28th August 2010 Cornwall Pride in Truro

  10. EMilyyyyyyyyyy 27 Jun 2011, 1:56pm

    i was in the march and omg it was fabulous! can not wait to do it this year!

  11. EMilyyyyyyyyyy 27 Jun 2011, 1:57pm

    i was in the march and omg it was fabulous! can not wait to do it this year!

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