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Australian senate candidate Wendy Francis says gay marriage is ’emotional child abuse’

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Reader comments

  1. marjangles 9 Aug 2010, 12:42pm

    So presuably she also wants to outlaw divorce and adultery and take kids away from single parents? No? She has no reasoning for her views, no eidence to back it up. But she thinks it so therefore it’s true.

  2. I’m disgusted. As a hetro father of two I do not subscribe to this utter rubbish. It’s probably far more damaging to children to make them believe in an all powerful being WHO DOES NOT EXIST than to bring them up in a loving family no matter what the orientation of the parents.

  3. There is solid evidence that contradicts every word of what she says. Her bigoted opinion is thus of no value whatsoever, and can be ignored.

  4. It’s obvious that homophobes should not be allowed to marry or to raise children nor should they be toerated in positions of influence.

  5. The woman is desperate for some media coverage and knows full well that an attack on gays will get headlines and press coverage.

    Family First has received no coverage whatsoever and she’ll soon crawl back into the hole that she came from.

  6. Actually homophobes possibly might be toerated but they should never be tolerated,…ever, anywhere really.

  7. In my opinion, a child needs love; therefore, this should be the basic foundation of marriage, hence, leading to success within the worldwide spectrum.

  8. So following her logic – if gay parents ’emotionally abuse children’ – doesn’t that mean that Hetrosexual parents upto this point in history have been ‘creating’ all those Australian Gays… Lets hope none of this Bi#chs children are gay – just well adjusted monsters!

  9. Showering society with ugly words will only deem her to be yet another loon.

  10. So where is the evidence Ms. Francis? On what do you base your statement? The majority of paediatric psychiatrists in America conclude that the majority of children of gay parents do exceedingly well and in some cases better than those with straight parents. She’s nothing more than a hypocrite saying that she’s not homophobic. The very fact that she thinks gay parenting legitimises child abuse is proof positive that she’s hardly anything but. Using her argument, she’d have to support a ban on single parenting of either orientation, force widows and widowers wit children to give their children up for adoption, ban divorce and make it compulsory that those straights who can’t procreate or won’t be denied a marriage licence. All or nothing Ms. Francis, you can’t have it both ways. Her argument is absurd as well as offencive and discriminatory.

  11. So many times I read these arguments against gay marriage and keep thinking they are for, we have groups called stuff like protect marriage banning marriage and now we have this women saying gay marriage will cause depression and suicide, isn’t that an argument for our side, gay marriage, the acceptance of gay people as equals will get rid of depression and suicide, wouldn’t it?

    These people should be seriously laughed at, all their arguments seem backwards and her logic is unbelievablly faulty, especially amusing is the “it’s another thing altogether to then impose that on children”, homosexuality can’t be imposed on other people but what is more funny is that fact religion can, now I still stick to freedom of speech and all but her argument sounds so against religion, it does cause depression and suffering in kids and is imposed. She isn’t anti gay, she’s anti religion, she’s just so stupid she got the wrong group.

  12. She’s not fit for public life with odious attitudes like that. I hope that nonsense looses her party a lot of votes and supporters. It’s unscientific and utter rubbish. Gay kids have no parents? Of course they do! Who does she think is looking after these kids? Do gay people have them and just set them free in the wild to a feral existance? They are loved and supported and tucked up in bed at night just like any other children. My little boy has two mums and two dads, whereas I know straight single parents.

  13. The sad thing is that both the current labour party and the main oppostion think that marriage is between man and woman… and unfortuntely this party , although with only one senate member I think can still hold Australia to ransom becuase there is no majority in the senate and it usually means cutting a deal with these nutters…

    Just hope that her outrageous comments acts against her and her party and make the other parties come out with pro gay comments instead, I suspect they will try to distance themselves as much as possible from these kind of remarks…

  14. This ever-lengthening line of self-righteous white right-wing bitch-devils makes my skin crawl. We’re infested with such ignorance all over the US too.

  15. No, child abuse is something that heterosexuals have been doing to their children since the begining of humanity.

    I hope one of her kids grows up to be gay, then she will realise that what she has said is abuse.

  16. Funny… so heterosexual family isnt an imposition on children then?

    Did she realise that child abuse, armed robbery, pedophilia, depresseion, & all other ills we know have always existed even when homosexuality was suppressed?

    Are those not enough evidence to ban heterosexuality then?

    All these ‘too wise’ individuals who think their bigoted thoughts are the best… She sure need help

  17. douglas in canada 9 Aug 2010, 3:22pm

    Maybe what she means is…

    If you’re a gay couple with kids, you may love them all you want, but once they leave your property, I and all your other straight, homophobic neighbors are going to abuse them.

    In that case, the abuse is from the homophobes. True, if gay couples didn’t have children, this scenario could be avoided, but the real problem is the attitudes and actions of society’s homophobes. THAT is what this woman should be trying to change.

  18. STUPID, IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED bitch! Imagine how twisted you’d be if she was your mother!!! Will she ban ALL marriage to save children the “child abuse” of having to listen to Mammy beating up Daddy or vice versa and seeing the bruises, etc.???

  19. The very excellent US federal court Judgment on California;s Prop 8 reveals that anti-equality groups found that focus groups were best affected by suggestions of risks to children, and so have really adopted the tactic. The evidence videos the court has up on Youtube show how far that went. Clearly their Australian branch has the same idea. And they would also seem to have learned from the court in trying to claim, at the same time, that they are not hateful to LGBs. Scum, the lot of them.

  20. It amazes me that such bigotted, uneducated, ignorant people are allowed in any positions in the public eye. They don’t deserve it. They should never be allowed to air their filth on others.

    People like Wendy Francis should go crawl back to their caves and Never be seen let alone heard!

  21. I look back into history.
    For sure it was right to hang people who stole bread and deport their children to the then punishment colonny. For sure it was right to “educate arboriginee children” the way Australia did it.
    For sure it is absolutely appropriate that children, of what ever origin, were treated as slaves.
    For sure it is absolutely recommended to forget about all of THAT.
    Madam, You are absolutely NOT qualified for political work!
    Madam, you are absolutely underqualified for identifying REAL human problems.

    Fact is, Madam, YOU are a problem to Australia.
    Apologies for my probably too EUROPEAN feelings.


  22. Ignorant, pathetic woman. How long before we discover the skeletons in HER cupboard? Children need LOVING parents. They don’t care what they look like or what their gender is. In fact, didn’t that recent research show that LESBIAN parents are best?

  23. John(Derbyshire) 9 Aug 2010, 7:59pm

    Australia is SO behind Europe! They even want to prohibit gay websites! Its at least 60 years behind the rest of Europe. Thank god I live in the EU!

  24. Sadly Wendy Francis has demonstrated to the world that she is an ignorant liar spreading fear & prejudice

  25. Arrest that woman

  26. Winston Court 9 Aug 2010, 9:57pm

    The first woman, Eve, was given to the first man, Adam, by God, Genesis 2:18-25. This was long before courts and governments of man. It is self-evident that this institution was designed for heterosexuals. Now enter government seeking to usurp the powers and rights of God and replace him with the institutions of man. The courts and government simply have no right in defining marriage. If government wants to give special recognition and or privileges, benefits, etc. to married couples, I suppose that would be acceptable. However, the way it is now is simply unacceptable and the courts need to acknowledge such and disentangle themselves away from the freedoms of religion; Their, government and courts, actions are simply unconstitutional in scope, intent and goals. If the court is now ready to take on the face of God and his institution of marriage, then surely, satan has already been seated on the bench!

  27. At least her moronic outburst is flushing out the homophobes and, lets face it, there are many both in the Uk and Australia. last week I was on a bus when the bus driver quoted the old testament line about man lying with man. I quoted back a string of other lines from leviticus to which he glazed over and refused to listen. He, as he sat in his synthetic clothes and without a beard couldn’t answer me when I asked him why was he only aware of this one line and perhaps he was getting his own sexuality a little confused by attacking me. On our current unelected PM, lets elect her and see how she fares in 6 months time. The alternative, Tony Abbott is so 50s he would make you laugh if he wasn’t so close to being Australia’s next PM.

  28. Winston Court – religions can choose whom they marry, but CIVIL marriage is nothing to do with religions as it’s a legal matter. The bible was used to try to stop interracial marriage too – and I don’t find that particularly impressive either…

    We don’t base our laws on the bible – if we did we’d be stoning people to death left, right and centre.

  29. Simon Murphy 9 Aug 2010, 10:43pm

    Give her your feedback here:

  30. What a complete moron!!

  31. Ignorance is bliss! She obviously doesn’t realize the the only emotionally abusive difference between straights and homosexuals is the negative social stigma attached to being a homosexual indorsed by bigots like herself. So I guess that makes her the real abuser.

  32. douglas in canada 10 Aug 2010, 1:33am

    @Winston Court. Adam and Eve. Those are the two that God made, supposedly, and they had two sons, Cain and Abel. We don’t know if they had more sons or any daughters. But if Cain or Abel were going to father any children, it would have to be with their mother [gasp] or with a sister, if she existed [another gasp].

    My goodness, in the first few pages of the bible, we have god-sanctioned INCEST. Hmm. At least I’m gay, so my sister doesn’t have anything to worry about from me. But if I had a brother… [nudge nudge wink wink]

    Please remember that the bible is neither a history text nor a science text. If it were used by psychology or psychiatry students, it would be just as useful to demonstrate dysfunctional behavior as functional.

    As has been mentioned before on here, if you are going to nitpick about one ‘law’, a law which is never mentioned by jesus, then you better be prepared to follow them ALL. [Are you REALLY a christian, because if you are, you need to do what HE says, not what the rest of the book claims. He supposedly came to prove the rest to be either wrong, or insufficient, or incomplete.]

  33. Like most ‘civilized’ Australians, I will be placing ‘Family Fundamentalist First’ last on the ballot paper!

  34. It’s OK everyone. She’s a Christian fundmentalist. She’s from Queensland.
    N-o-b-o-d-y takes these rather dim people seriously.

  35. @26:
    Sure Winston… we know Adam and Eve were real people and not fictional Bible characters because it says so in the Bible.
    Circular reasoning is real because circular reasoning is real, isn’t that right?
    Religion has no role in civil marriage nor how civil marriage is defined legally.
    Believe what you will about fictional Bible characters like Adam & Eve and God & Satan.
    I firmly believe in Adam & Steve, it is my right.

  36. Ms Francis’ webpage says she is also concerned about the impact of popular culture on children.

    On the other hand, I’m concerned about the impact of loudmouthed bigots on children.

  37. Family first is an extremist party whose views were encouraged by John Howard – the warmonger who sent us into Iraq. No-one takes them very seriously any more and with God’s help they will be voted out at the forthcoming election. They are, as they themselves say, not a specifically christian group – satanic perhaps, but certainly not christian. They do not accept science or rational thought as a means of deciding policy and have shown themselves to be a menace to Australia. Sadly, they got into power because of preferences from the Labor Party. I hope the Labor party has learned its lesson.

  38. “Ms Francis said: “The gay slur thing; I am not homophobic.”

    So Wendy it’s just a gay slur for the sake of it, not homophobic or anti-gay at all and you just like to spread your fear and prejudiced opinions about homosexuals contradicting all credible research that says kids raised by same-sex parents do just as well as kids raised by opposite-sex parents.
    Wendy it’s time to stop ingesting only the results of researchers who share your own bias and their totally junk science.

  39. “”I’m disgusted. As a hetro father of two I do not subscribe to this utter rubbish. It’s probably far more damaging to children to make them believe in an all powerful being WHO DOES NOT EXIST than to bring them up in a loving family no matter what the orientation of the parents.

    Totally true. Another bigot. I am constantly amazed to find these people still exist in this day and age… But they do!

  40. stupid bloody woman trying to grab headlines – to be ignored.

  41. Dear Paul oz,

    Adam and Eve were real people that God made them. God is our government!!!! You know if we don’t obey his laws and we do have to pay the price. YOu know that God did not make Adam and Steve and there were homornsexuals in the bible days. God was not happy about that so he (God) destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because they were homosexuals. So true homosexual is a SIN but people can repent. Genesis 18. I know that all gays and lebsians does not want to hear that because the devil wants them to do it. If you people really believe the bible and you think you would want to try to change and make God happy. When you don’t change and keep sinning and if they don’t ask God to come into their hearts and become saved. You will be lost and will burn in hell forever!

    I hear from people all the time that God does not send people to hell and God did not make you become gay or kill people or whatever!! People chose to do it themselves—- not God!!!!! God gave us brains to use it what is right or wrong!!!As a christain I would want to do what is right that way I won’t have to pay the price. If I ever become to have desires to like a woman and I would pray to God to help me not to feel that way because it is a sin!!! I know a woman that was a lebsian and she finally knew it was wrong and she asked God to forgive her and she developed a class in her church for the gays and lebisans to want to become straight. I praise her for that and knowing that made God happy.

    When we sin and something is going to happen (sooner or later). The bibe said when we sin like if we kill someone or rape someone and the policemen did not find them for a very long time but the bible said you will get caught sooner or later!!! Look at the world now. There’s flooding in Parkstain, mudslide in China, fires in Russia, oil spill, drugs, killings and homosexuals. I think that God is trying to tell us something and we need to wake up. God is in control and Jesus is coming back but, we all don’t when he’s coming back. But the homosexuals can do whatever they please and when your time comes—- you will have to pay the price!!!

    That all I can say!!!

  42. Sorry to tell you Eric, all these environmental things happening is because us humans are chomping our way through the earth’s resources without consideration for the planets ability to sustain us. I suggest you go out and plant some trees and perhaps, if you eat meat, have a think about that as well. Relying on a text, which has been revised to suit whoever has been in power over the centuries, seems to me to be a tad crazy. But I bear no malice towards people who need a religious crutch but I urge you to broaden your thinking into todays overpopulated world.

  43. Well, Jako I urge to read the bible that God is real and is in control!!!!


  44. Eric Ward, sorry to have to tell you this but the bible was written by heterosexual males to enslave women and persecute those whose don’t submit to heterosexual male entrenched power and to fool people into believing in worshiping thin air! The only use for bibles is as recyclable toilet paper!
    By the way, I notice that you use threats in the name of a so called God! You are pathetic and desperate scum!

  45. douglas in canada 11 Aug 2010, 4:12am

    @ericward .. if your god is still alive, why hasn’t he written anything in the last 2000 years? If my mother stopped writing to me, I would assume that she was either dead, or didn’t care about me anymore.

    An earthquake, as an example, is caused by strong forces in the earth’s crust, pushing against each other until something suddenly gives way. It’s not because i forgot to read my bible and god threw a temper tantrum.

    And how arrogant of you to believe that because there might be a homosexual in one country, your god would kill and injure innocent people in another country.

    Where I live, there was a terrible flood some years ago. NOT ONE of my gay friends suffered any injury or property damage, yet lots of straight people did, including a christian minister. Does your god hate them? Or is it just that his aim is bad? Maybe at his age, he can’t see so well. lol. Silly christians. You don’t even follow what jesus taught. He said NOTHING about homosexuality.

  46. Maria Harbich-Engels 11 Aug 2010, 7:55am

    Thank you! Here in Europe no politician dares to say the truth.

  47. “God was not happy about that so he (God) destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because they were homosexuals.”

    Oh, did he, Eric Ward?? Funny that because Jesus (yes, you remember him, the one you allegedly worship but show little understanding of) stated that the sin of Sodom was inhospitality.

    But don’t let that stop you, eh? I’m sure you can find reason to hate ANYONE if you read through the bible enough (which you obviously haven’t done as you don’t know the story of Sodom). Who else don’t you like? Women? People with a different skin colour to your own? No problem – I’m sure you can twist the words of an old book to justify your own prejudices. It’s so convenient, isn’t it?

  48. Eric Ward, I would advise that a book on the correct usage of the English language might be more useful to you than your Bible.

  49. Wow, the nutters do come out of the woodwork on this subject don’t they ?!
    Eric…. sorry to tell you, your imaginary “god” doesn’t exist – gay people and their families actually do exist … put that filthy murderous old book down, get out of the house and go and meet some real people and their real families. Have a beer, have a laugh, enjoy humanity a little bit.
    Sit on the beach, look at the ocean, enjoy the world – & stop worrying about invisible flying spirits/angels/demons/gods.

    Get a life.

  50. Cheeky mare.

  51. Who says gay couples need to raise children anyway? Maybe they just want to be married?
    I agree that a child should grow up with both a father and a mother. I had none, and I know the effects it’s had on me.
    Then you have to count the bullying which obviously will happen in school, because society is that sick.

    But why attack gay marriage just “incase” they want to raise children?

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