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160,000 enjoy Brighton’s biggest Pride

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Reader comments

  1. BORING!!!!

    I’m really disappointed that last week the 8th Gay Games – which has a larger participation than an oplympic games – was held in Coogne and has had so little coverage in the Gay press. Obviously not gay enough – all those fit people leading healthy lifestyles and not dressing up in glitter and make up yet striving hard to be good role models.

    This is not worth column inches obviously. Maybe if you published some of the photos from the body building, the wrestling or the swimming competitions it would be worth some attention.

    Brighton Pride – so what?

  2. Tony Tansley 10 Aug 2010, 2:49pm

    56,000 travelled down on the train and if each one had donated a £1, Brighton Pride would have covered its cost. However, the average seems to have been about 15p. All comments and reporting seem to be focused on the park, but the Dance Festival over 4 days and the Street party really lifted ther whole event to another leve. Of course a lot of blame lies at the door of the committee who will be praised for their hard work, yet couldnt even organise for the park to be cleaned up. Finally, the only answer to provide a safe, fun event is to split it between the park and seafront and of course, charge. Nothing is free in this world


    Truro Cornwall 28th August 2010

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