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Reykjavik’s mayor opens Pride in drag

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, because NOTHING represents the gay community and the average gay person like dressing in drag.

  2. Imagine Boris doing the.. same.

  3. 21stCenturySpirituality 6 Aug 2010, 11:59pm

    oh Zack, get a sense of humour and don’t take everything so seriously dear.

  4. I think a lot of people need to relax their private rules about who is “allowed” to wear drag. The Reykjavik Pride is inclusive. That means that even straight people (oh my gosh!) participate; a great number of them do. If they want to play a little gender bending or try out drag for fun, so much the better. Hooray for them!
    To me, drag is a statement made to the world that you are not afraid to stand out and break norms or expectations and that is excactly what they mayor was about that night.

  5. friday jones 7 Aug 2010, 1:56am

    So you’d have no trouble if he opened an African Cultural celebration while wearing blackface? Just another cis straight white male dressing up for laughs, it’s all so funny, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc.

  6. PumpkinPie 7 Aug 2010, 2:31am

    cis straight white male dressing up for laughs

    Uh… Transvestites mostly ARE cis straight white males.

    I’m just glad the Icelandic LGBTs enjoyed it. They were the target dempgraphic, after all. I would have loved it, too. :)

  7. Gee, I can see now why Iceland scores highly on the Human Development Index when compared to other countries in the world.

  8. Dolly Knockers 7 Aug 2010, 10:03am

    I thought it was Vera Duckworth!!!

  9. I dunno drag just don’t bother me, I agree anyone can do it it’s just breaking social norms. Many people argue who gets to decide on gender specific clothes. I have seen a few men in a dress that could put a super model to shame and if it’s for serious clothing choices or just for a laugh, as long as you are comfortable with your self that’s all that should matter.

    I say congrats to major gnarr, from the transcript in the article he was warm, funny and showed good humility.

  10. Dr Boycock 7 Aug 2010, 4:00pm

    @9 Here! here! If it feels good, then do it!

    I say ´well done mayor Gnarr´. Get a life and some perspective guys… Try contrasting THIS guy with the mayor of Moscow perhaps?

  11. Looks very homely in drag, more Hillary Clinton than Lady Gaga… hideous frock innit though!

  12. Just a note from an Icelander.
    Our pride is “inclusive”, it’s for everyone under the whole “non-heteronormal” umbrella term, including cross-dressers, gender-benders and others even if they are “straight”, As well as all friends, family, and other supporters.
    It’s not about “the gay community” it’s about the whole community, everyone.

    There’s no “gay” pride in Iceland, just “Pride”.

  13. @12:
    Miniar, that’s great and thank you for explaining that important point.

  14. I doubt anyone at the 2010 Pride would ever claim that a straight guy in drag is claiming to represent the average gay guy. Except maybe politically, I mean he is the mayor after all.

    I’ve never been to Pride anywhere else and some have told me it’s different elsewhere. But here Gay Pride is a very inclusive celebration. Almost everyone knows someone who’s gay, or transgender or bi, or has a family member, or works with… you get the drift. They want to show support. And yes, some show up in drag, or wear funny costumes, or just show up and cheer and dance. Some are gay, some are straight, some are bi or trans or have no clue what they are but are just happy to be there. Singles, couples, families, children, parents and grandparents all show up to show support and have a good time. And we do. :-)

    No matter what your personal views on straight guys in drag may be I can assure you from Reykjavik that here malice was neither intended nor perceived from anyone I’ve spoken to. The only time I’ve seen anything negative at Pride here in Iceland was one year a rather ignored guy standing on his own in a corner with one of those ‘homosexuality is a sin’ signs during the parade. Never saw him again since that one year and wasn’t surprised as everyone was too busy having fun with the parade to pay him any attention. I always hoped he got into the spirit of things and started enjoying Pride, he looked so unhappy in his lonely little corner with only his sign and his hate.

  15. Zack crawl back into whatever gutter you came from, the Mayor never said he was representing anyone but himself. He turned up and had fun and entertained people.
    Jesus man get a bloody life!

  16. Har Davids 8 Aug 2010, 6:49pm

    I like this idea of an inclusive pride, it makes it more obvious that gays can be part of society as a whole. But some people may fear the loss of their exclusive status, of course.

  17. I look forward to the day when

    Men and women dress so identically that its hard to tell who is who, except for a ring

    The ring tells whether you are male or female, looking or not, and looking for same or opposite sex.

    And we’ve got to weave trans people into the equation also.

    When we breakdown the barriers between men and women, except for how they pee, and who carries the babies, we’ll breakdown much of the macho basis of homophobia.

    Just think how nice it would be for everyone looking to know who to approach and who not to approach re love and committment.

    And think of the homophobes being required to wear pink panties.

  18. @17: SteveMD2 wrote;
    “And think of the homophobes being required to wear pink panties.”

    My guess is most of them already do… secretly!

  19. I love Iceland. They have the best government in my opinion. The world needs to look to Iceland for an example. I love how it’s ‘Pride’ and not ‘Gay Pride’. Gnarr is wonderful human being. More Majors need to be like him! :)

  20. An Cat Dubh 9 Aug 2010, 12:56pm

    Miniar: Sæll frá Ísraeli og áfram Ísland! Ég veit ekki afhverju, en ég get ekki fundið samkynhneigða íslenska á netinu, ég þekki bara tvo…
    SteveMD2: Women can pee standing up with a special technique, and why not let men carry babies too? Other than that, I think you’re right (though a ring is somewhat hard to see…), and I think there should be a human mating cry as well!

  21. friday jones 10 Aug 2010, 6:28am

    His straightness isn’t the reason I object to this, it’s just part of his packet of privilege where he thinks that he’s being FUNNY by doing so. It’s a JOKE to him, see, that’s what I’m on about. I don’t really like drag shows, either, because it makes the sexuality of non-gender-normative people into a big stereotyped joke. I guess I’m just a humorless trans bitch eh? :D

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