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Reality TV star Louie Spence says he receives homophobic hate mail

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Reader comments

  1. You’re doing the right thing by ignoring the dumb homophobes.

  2. I find him to be the most irritating person in existence to be honest. Hes deluded and im not sure what world hes living in

  3. Haters gonna hate, good on this guy for just keeping his head high and not giving those school yard bullies what they want!

  4. I’m not homophobic and i’m a strait guy but the way he talks and acts makes me want to punch him straight in the face.

  5. I heard on Jonothan Ross that he was straight!! I really like his attitude and vibrant infectious ness. God bless you! Andy

  6. Louis is an inspiration to all thetrical artists and dancers world over – you show me a 40+ year old guy who can pull his moves! I love him!!

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