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Gay icon and rugby star Ben Cohen supports Gay Sports Day

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Reader comments

  1. yeah i’m with IgnacioD, it’s fantastic that he’s being pro gay and openly and loudly saying what he’s saying, and damn is he fit…

    but where, how and why does that make him a gay icon, I don’t understand??? That’s a bit of lazy journalism by the writer if you ask me, unless Ben Cohen is about to anounce something and surprise us all and the journalist is doing a deliberate tease

    I for one hope so :)

  2. “the drag relay, the handbag throw and the 50m mince.”


  3. @IgnacioD @AndyC Where would you draw the line between “gay favorite” and “gay icon”? Are women in showbiz the only gay icons allowed? ;)

  4. “Events will include the drag relay, the handbag throw and the 50m mince.”
    And we wonder why we get stereotyped!

  5. Hi Ciao, to be honest I don’t call women in showbiz gay icons either just because they sing a song and we like it doesn’t an icon make, but this is an old debate, in the same way that Diva is used all the time to a point where the word is actually devoid of meaning and is now used to push any female singer

    so yeah , i think “gay favourite” is right

  6. His pro-civil rights attitude makes him even more attractive.

  7. Ben Cohen isn’t gay, he’s a straight guy who just happens to have a big gay following…. not surprising if you checked out the Attitude where he did a spread in just his undies. It’s great he’s cool with his gay following and also great that he’s willing to support an event like this.

  8. Oh yes those attitude pics(!!!!!) Yes, he’s a good looking hunky married guy with kids who supports gay rights; fantastic!

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