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2012 Olympics chiefs urged to highlight London’s ‘diverse communities’

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  1. Is there anything that Peter Tatchell is not invloved in. Every where you go he pops up with his ‘Rights For Gays’ sloan he is an annoying little man who has put gay rights back 20 years. It is about time that he vanished up his ……………………….

  2. Dr Boycock 7 Aug 2010, 4:26pm

    @1 ´S´ Nice to see that you identify yourself and stand by your comments? ´S´ ? Moron.

    What part of the “Racism, misogyny, homophobia and anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim prejudice contradict the Olympic values of non-discrimination and fair play.” do you not understand then? Surely this should be more than mere ´window dressing´?

    “Is there anything that Peter Tatchell is not (sic)invloved in. Every where you go he pops up with his ‘Rights For Gays’ (sic)sloan” (perhaps you mean ´slogan´?

    Just as well that he IS baby, just as well that he IS!

  3. That’s rich coming from a self acclaimed “Doctor” that uses the suffix “Boycock” like some paedophillic professional, who is at best some dirty old pensioner with a predilection for young men that would run a mile if they saw the dribblings of someone like you. Please stop with the “holier than thou” attitude.

    What part of the “Left-wing, socialist, Labourite, blow every public penny we have, pity everyone that isn’t British, fart twelve billion pounds in a fortnight, group” are you??

    The Olympics was never anything to do with sport, and everything to do with grabbing wealth, compulsory purchase orders, claiming grants and then running like fcuk with the cash once it’s all over.

    Our country is in financial ruins thanks to the previous nest-feathering government, yet I see all it’s incumbent administrators, the likes of Blair, Brown, Mandelson and Straw all making sh!tloads on the back of their utter incompetence and wasteful political ethos.

    You people DISGUST me! They should have cancelled the games immediately and put the money into where it was needed, like schools, police, hospitals and healthcare. £12bn for someone to play fcuking games is OBSCENE!

  4. Dr Boycock 8 Aug 2010, 2:05am

    @3 Prat. Well, whats in a name?

    First 1) ´Tatchell´ seems to evoke all the raving nutters to come crawling out of the woodwork and instead of offering THANKS for all of his good work for many years, the jealous-to-death raving queens line up to attack him.

    2) ´Dr Boycock´ Get a grip dear… Check the website! Its a tongue in cheek piss-take of all of the homophobic anti-gay and ex-gay church groups who say that gays can be ´cured´ and turned heterosexual.

    3) ´Spanner´… Well, what more can I say? When I have a name anywhere near as bad as yours on this site, with opinions held in such contempt as yours are, and when I start spouting such self-hating anti-gay cr-p as YOU dear, then I´ll start to worry!

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