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New BBC sitcom to star Neil Morrissey as a gay dad

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Reader comments

  1. Sounds promising.

    However seeing as this is a BBC sitcom, I’d not be surprised if it’s rubbish.

    The BBC is not known for its great or accurate portrayals of LGBT people.

    Let’s see how this turns out.

  2. I thought Neil Morrissey decided to give up acting a few years back to concentrate on garden design?

  3. It sounds like an absolute hoot, I wonder if they’ll have a black neighbour.

  4. Ian Bower 5 Aug 2010, 4:03pm

    Yep – Let’s hope the beeb have got the message about their portrayal of gays.
    We will have to wait and see.

  5. Neil is a really great actor. I have hopEs for this

  6. Sounds awful (just like everything else Neil Morrissey has ever done).

  7. I am looking forward to this programme.

  8. Will he actually be shown snogging a bloke or in the sack with him? Or have a boyfriend at all? Given the capacity of the BEEB and the rest to show gays as sexless token isolated freaks we’d better not build our hopes up. Watch this space.

  9. I just hope it won’t be yet another program showing being gay in a depressing, negative light. Then I guess showing the LGBT community living their lives like everyone else wouldn’t make good viewing, esp coming from the dreaded BBC!!

  10. Euan - London 6 Aug 2010, 2:29pm

    Well, well, well BBC 3. Piloting a show that’s got blackmailing of a Gay character as its core idea? As good as it gets. Rather watch clay pigeon shooting competitions.

  11. Good that Mr Morrisey may be, wouldn’t it be nice, just for once, to see a gay actor playing a gay part? At least he wouldn’t have to ask “What’s my motivation?”

  12. Mikey Bear 9 Aug 2010, 8:30am

    Let’s just hope we are not used as the “ok to use Gays as a joke for a comedy show” Entertainment under the name of comedy showing a portrail of everyday life or just a farce, but at who’s expense Blackmail is not a pretty picture to display having been blackmailed my self because of being gay this is a terrifying situation so will they pertray it as a joke to get a laugh at our expense we wait and see !!!!!!

  13. Just seen the show. Oh dear

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