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Lady Gaga’s record-breaking 13 MTV nominations

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Reader comments

  1. Pity she just told all her fans that she takes cocaine. Not very Ladylike. Fcking stupid in fact.

  2. Did Lady GaGa ever strike you, or anyone, as “ladylike”?
    I don’t know many ladies who have hermaphrodite rumors floating around right off the bat of their career, even if they are false…

  3. I am so happy for her :) I adore her music and she has made me into someone more confidant being my self, she is an inspiration of the 21st century, In my eyes anyway, LONG LIVE THE GAGA, she is my god! lol

  4. NonFictional 5 Aug 2010, 12:01am

    Lady Gaga is like the new face of fag hags. I mean this in a good way… I love her!!!!

  5. PumpkinPie 5 Aug 2010, 1:48am

    Lady Gaga is like the new face of fag hags. I mean this in a good way… I love her!!!!

    Made me laugh. :D Long live the Gaga!

  6. Go Gaga! I love her. Her music is fab. She’s an artist in her own right and this is a massive achievement. You cannot take that away from her. :-)

  7. I love her.

  8. she’s a monster and a self possessed freak. And like madonna shes a hetero who feeds off the blood of homos.

  9. Constance 7 Aug 2010, 4:44pm

    OMG SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING i remember seeing her at the o2 and i loved her x x x she deserves all her support and she can count on my vote she is just like madonna but she can doo much more and much better x x x YOU ARE A FREE BITCH BABY!

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