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Iranian teenager faces execution for ‘false’ gay assault charges

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Reader comments

  1. There is little point in complaining about each individual case this barbaric and evil Regime comes up with; stoning people or hanging them in the name of God! They have even banned music this week as “non Islamic”. Iran’s mad and crazy Govt poses a threat to one and all including its own unfortunate citizens and should be removed by fair means or foul! The faults of the Late Shah pale somewhat when viewed against this inhuman Regime of nutcases and crock pots

  2. ‘There is little point in complaining about each individual case this barbaric and evil Regime comes up with”
    I disagree. the article clearly states “Supporters of Mr Hamidi say that while Ms Ashtiani is unlikely to face death because she has international support, he could be executed at any time”
    International support may save his life. Let’s give that to him, and not roll over and say its impossible!

  3. Liberals need to wake up and stop any support for the virulent disease that is any government run by religion. Islam is the greatest current villain in this arena of tyranny. And there are no good ones. Everyone loves to pretend some, like Saudi Arabia are friends. Banning the Blackberry because they cannot adequately spy on their citizens who are using them? Really? Anyone who thinks any of the tyrannical insanity of any of these people is acceptable is neither a liberal nor sane. And yes, we must protest every minute, over every issue, in every venue possible or we may wake up one day and find we no longer have any freedom left ourselves. Have doubts, study History. As Winston Churchill often said “the only future you do not know is the history you have not studied”. This has happened before.

  4. Newspaniard 4 Aug 2010, 3:09pm

    Bloody desert death cult at it again. The only trouble is when they get an atomic/nuclear device, all criticism by the rest of the World will stop for fear of them loading it into a jumbo and aiming it at us. Woolly minded Cameron has just told a country which becomes more radical each day that he will fight for the doors of the EU to be opened to them and they can then send over a few million more jihadists to ‘protest’ at people who do not ‘like’ their cult. Who’s going to save our children and their children from the imposition of Sharia Law?

  5. Nikki I think you misunderstood my point. We should do something drastic to stop these evil bastards applying their medieval punishments to anyone not just the few who are lucky(unlucky) enough to have the glare of publicity promote their cause. No one deserves the treatment these barbarians meet out to innocent people! Its not impossible at all but it takes the courage to rid the world of Avemedinnerdad and his ilk!!!

  6. so they are going ahead with it yet I bet the government in the Uk etc doesn’t care

  7. You can use Google Translate to find out what the BBC Persian Service has to say about this story.

  8. It is no wonder that religious people have always been told to procreate so vigorously- if they don’t, they’d cause their own extinction!

  9. @Newspaniard
    Turkey is *not* the same country as Iran. It is miles better to be gay in Turkey than in Iran. Homosexuality is not illegal in Turkey; though vaguely worded laws continue to allow occasional bouts of harrassment, and public opinion is still massively homophobic. But then Britain was in a precisely analogous situation not so many years ago, and this did not lead us to think ourselves unworthy to join the Common Market in 1973.

  10. D Lambert 4 Aug 2010, 7:29pm


  11. *

    Mojack [Moderator] 0 minutes ago
    So typical of an ass backwards country like Iran!
    I would hope this poor guy could find asylum in some sympathetic country.
    Does this poor guy have any other options or any support groups or people helping defending him?
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  12. What a bunch of barbarians. And their Supreme Court sounds strangely powerless too – if it’s rejected the death sentence twice, how can a provincial court override it?

    I’m disappointed that Pink News reports attempted male rape as “gay assault” – it’s the sort of wording even the red-tops are too careful to use these days.

  13. Isn’t it ironic that to these backward countries and the other backward people around the word religion seems to be the perfectly acceptable excuse to behave like evil!?!

  14. Correction:-

    Am sorry, should have read:-

    Isn’t it ironic that to these backward countries and the other backward people around the world the word religion seems to be the perfectly acceptable excuse to behave like evil!?!

  15. Yasmin Alibhai-brown, a well respected columnist & secular muslim, has written about the hard line parents in this county (the UK) who deny their kids music, art or drama lessons or pets or tv! These kids instead are made to study the Koran. Is it any wonder these people grow up to be suicide bombers! What kind of society are we becoming when we allow this Iranian/Talibanisation to exist in the UK in parallel with our own liberal way of life?

  16. Mihangel apYrs 5 Aug 2010, 8:56pm

    the silence on this case is deafening comparede with the recent case of the woman under threat.

    Could it be that the FO, and wee Willy Winkie Hague still have issues with icky gheys

  17. I suppose stoning a woman by half burying her first is more schock horror news than a hanging even in this day and age!

  18. stupid backward muslims.

  19. One big bomb in the right place at the right time, with the freaks all gathered there would make a difference

    Just as one big bomb dropped on the Reichstag in the mid 30s would have prevented WWII.

    While there are many great religions, sometimes I htink that religion is the curse of huantiy. And should be banned.

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