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Police warn gay cruisers of danger on Clapham Common

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Reader comments

  1. But why are the police warning the cruisers about safety issues.

    It seems a waste of time.

    The safety issues are blatantly obvious.

    These men choose to cruise because they enjoy it. There are lots of other, far safer ways of hooking up with someone.

    These guys who cruise obviously don’t care about their own safety, so I doubt the police will be able to convince them otherwise.

    1. saynotommmmm 12 Nov 2011, 6:32pm

      and was there not a story on here a while back where a young lad went into a bar and asked a guy if he was gay and got the crapped kicked out of him. Prey tell where is safe nowadays?

  2. Yes, I know many boys whose virginity has been robbed there.

  3. If a shopping centre was having an upsurge in robberies and violent attacks by gangs of thugs, would the police start handing out leaflets warning the shoppers about the dangers of going to the shopping centre. Or would they try and catch the thugs? Me thinks the latter.
    Sounds to me like an ideal way for the police to try and stop gay men cruising in a particular place.

    1. monkey for sale 8 Apr 2011, 10:46am

      Gays seem like an easy target for this black trash.
      When it comes to the league table of social cohesion ; black/muslim rank higher than gay.

  4. Hello?! Can we have less political correctness and a reporting of the Facts – the wanted thugs who have been reported loitering on this Common with intent to rob and inflict grievous bodily harm are homophobic black youths, thats b – l – a – c – k.

    This info is critical for the public to report them, raise the alarm and help the police catch them. Withholding this information is irresponsible, dangerous and could result in further attacks before they are caught.

  5. @Thomas: before making a statement like that you should think about finding some proof to back it up. Could we see proof that the attacks are homophobic and that they’re perpetrated by black youths please?

  6. Pleased to Alistair – it was my work colleague who witnessed an attack, saw the perpetrators and phoned the police.

  7. yeah thomas black men will rob you on the common White men will kill you.

  8. ChutneyBear 4 Aug 2010, 10:33am

    Can I just ask, why dont my fellow gay men just stick to saunas instead of shag*ing in bushes?

  9. chutney – some guys just like it outside.

  10. ChutneyBear 4 Aug 2010, 1:32pm

    What about if striaght people were cruising ? Would we look on it the same (Im interested to know, dont get me wrong cruising is part of the gay way but maybe we should change it)

  11. ChutneyBear 4 Aug 2010, 2:08pm

    I take it cruising has taken its toll on your business Ignacio….cant beat them join them is the new approach for ya?

  12. Chutney – Straight people do cruise. Take a visit to the top car park at Addington Hills in Croydon and watch what happens. A car window comes down and a ladies behind will appear.

  13. ChutneyBear 4 Aug 2010, 2:32pm

    Right thats all I wanted to know! Thanks Stefan! See Ignacio it doesnt take much to play nice does it !

  14. Ladies, ladies, desist this bickering!
    Methinks it’s gone on too long.

  15. in the water 5 Aug 2010, 10:35am

    Cruising? I thought they were badger spotting

    1. Strange that when I was young the attacking and perhaps robbing of gay men cruising in parks, seemed to be almost encouraged.

      Personally I only ever go to pick mushrooms; mostly the button variety!

  16. Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t part of the attraction of cruising the danger bit? The thrill of knowing that you’re doing something ‘naughty’ and may well be seen by others. If you’ve decided -of whatever sexuality – to risk the danger, what’s the point of the police pointing out the danger to you? If you avoid it, surely the excitement has gone. Just a thought.

    1. You are exactly correct.

  17. ChutneyBear 6 Aug 2010, 2:43pm

    Ignacio are you breaking out in fairy lights at my wit, thought so…

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