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Independent on Sunday’s pink list ranks gay victors and villains

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  1. Funny that Summerskill is one of the judges and giving Thatchel such a good vote for his promotionn for gay marriage whilst he does nothing to promote it.

    Also funny giving Elton such a bad vote since Elton’s opinion of gay marriage is very similar to that of the person he quotes in his interview last year as a reason for not promoting gay marriage…

    July 1 2009 interivew pinknews

    “Well, the issue on marriage is that again, there are a lot of vocal supporters, but the thing they’ve always focused on is actually the real rights and entitlements. As I said, we know there are quite a lot of gay and lesbian people who wouldn’t want marriage, and some have explicitly said so. I think Antony Sher [the gay actor and playwright] gave an interview a while back where he said ‘If it was marriage, I wouldn’t want it. It recognises what’s special about me and my partner.’ And we know there are lots of lesbians who actually don’t want marriage.”

  2. I’m a bit surprised and very sorry that Pink News’s Ben Cohen (and Jessica) didn’t get a mention in the Indy’s Pink List given by any assessment Pink News led the way on this year’s election coverage for the gay community – including much weekend and evening reporting. It seems the judges thought otherwise……

  3. @ David

    good point about Ben. Jessica though isn’t gay, and for some reason the list requires a person to be LGBT.

  4. My partner Alex earlier today mentioned that one of our friends had got into the Pink List 2010 published by The Independent On Sunday newspaper. Not only had our friend ‘newly’ appeared in the top 101, but entered at a stomping number 8. Obviously, we congratulated him. Anyway, Alex and I then tried to work out the purpose and intention of this list. Who and what was it for? What qualifications did the judges hold to decide who were the best and potentially the worst gay and lesbian people in the public domain in 2010 UK! At joint number one were Mary Portas of TV’s Mary Queen of Shops and the Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas. Now, I think Mary’s television programme is the business and it often inspires me, but why was she number one with Gareth? Personally, I have a bit of an issue with those who ‘come out’ when they have achieved success or about to retire. Why can’t gay and lesbian people start as they mean to go on, at the beginning of their careers? It might be the fact that they may not have achieved their success had they come out, which in itself is sad and disappointing. I asked the question what was the purpose and intention of the list and I note the newspaper article states Britain’s most influential gay and lesbian people today. This wrongly or rightly does not sit well with me with role models being mentioned somewhere along the way. I go back to my previous point, wouldn’t you have more influence if you were ‘out’ during your success not just after it? Equally you can’t be a role model for other gay and lesbian people if you’re not out. This is not personal to Mary and Gareth, just my views on the article. I respect anybody who comes out at ‘their’ choosing, as it’s clearly a matter for them. I just have an issue with the people and positions on the list. Mary and Gareth just happen to be number 1. Now, I know there are some on the list who are out, but as I have concluded they come below the top two. I’m not naive to think The Independent who I actually believe is a decent newspaper with integrity has not got its own reasons for publishing this list other than what they tell us and that Mary and Gareth for example might not have been in contact with the paper. Again, my views are not personal of the top 2 entrants, just their positioning given all I have said. I didn’t even know Mary was a lesbian until reading the article today and heard about Gareth late last year and I’ve been ‘out’ 11 years! His entry comments by the paper refers to the fact he was ’secretly out’. I’m still getting my head around this too as I write! Secretly out, is that like being ‘openly in’? So, the purpose of the list? I don’t know, but maybe it is just as the paper’s website states to entertain and celebrate, infuriate and amuse. It has indeed kick-started a debate, which is healthy for any democracy, something which I am fortunate to live in. Oh and before I forget, was the paper having a joke with David Laws, the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the new UK Coalition Government? I mean, is there such a position as number 101? I know you’re thinking it’s because number one is jointly held. So, back to my friend Michael at number 8. I only hope he can influence the new coalition government in any way he can to ensure continued and new equality and fairness for all, straight aswell as gay and lesbian people. Until I met Michael and a few other friends recently, I didn’t even know of any gay and lesbian people who voted or indeed were conservative. It’s good to know all parties are fully representative and diverse and that my life and circle of friends is that much richer. On a lighter note, I see myself more of a Liberal Conservative (nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats or Conservative parties), purely that I have liberal views (equality, fairness and justice) but equally believe in respect and the rule of law. Personally, I voted Labour in the last General Election as it was the party most alligned with my upbringing and views on life (domestically anyway). As a party, it has done a huge amount of work for equality, the pudding of which is in the proof (I know it’s the other way around). Maybe I could start my own party, the UK Coalition Party as this is what people might now think of when hearing Liberal Conservatism or as one of my Labour Party friends recently told me.. Condemed Nation (we’ve all heard the jokes). If someone steals my idea and starts this new party, remember where you heard it first! This has not been a Party Political Broadcast, just my ‘View from the Bottom’, Max. Originally published on my blog ‘Kevin Maxwell’.

  5. “And we know there are lots of lesbians who actually don’t want marriage”.

    Fine, so why haven’t we been campainging all this time to keep Civil Partnerships, but introduce same sex marriage as well? There is no reason this stance by a section of the community should stop campaigning for same sex marriage.

    I am sure their are sections of the community who probably think if we get same sex marriage that Civil Partnerships might be under threat of being eliminated, and that might be true. Well, I am sorry to say, but I am interested in same sex marriage and not Civil Partnerships. If they want to keep CPs after the introduction of same sex marriage, that is fine, they can campaign for this. However, I am sorry to say this, but after showing no solidarity with the same sex marriage movement for their own selfish reasons, I am personally going to show no solidarity with them in their campaign to keep CPs once ssm is introduced.

  6. Also, it is good to see that slimeball Elton John put in his place. What a horrible little man.

  7. Sarah Brown 2 Aug 2010, 1:04pm

    I see they’ve got the unrepentantly transphobic Julie Bindel in there. Scraping the bottom of the barrel somewhat, eh?

  8. Disgraceful 2 Aug 2010, 1:41pm

    No way in hell should Julie Bindel be on that list. What a disgrace and an insult that a gender fascist like that is listed. Trans people have enough prejudice without an imbecile like her mouthing off against them. Using one case of trans regret as a focal point when it’s rare, just to add weight to her ignorance. Highlighting her own experiences as a teen as a measure for all transmen. She isn’t trans, so therefore all trans people are deluded. Aren’t they Julie? Switch papers, the Daily Mail is calling, go where you belong. All fascists together, you’ll be among friends there.

  9. @Max

    They invented paragraphs for a reason.

  10. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2010, 1:55pm

    can we please go a week without PN publishing a photo of Reg?!

    There are other gay celebs!

  11. good idea – mihangel – maybe more coverage of peter tatchell instead… rofl

  12. Why no mention for pinknews founder Ben Cohen? This is THE gay voice in Britain!

  13. @Drew, have you tried putting paragraphs in comment boxes before? The text goes all over the place!

  14. what a naff list. I saw gareth on this morning(i know) giving advice to youngsters about coming out. surely he’s the last person anyone should be listening to.

  15. @drew

    meany! I think Max’s paragraphing perfectly matches his train of thought. ;-)

  16. @drew

    funniest of all is that Max’s friend is Cameron’s Broadcast adviser :-)

  17. @Philip – Yes, but I didn’t know he was on the list or even appearing. I personally supported Labour at the last General Election. My upbringing and views on life as a mixed-race, gay, Catholic lad from Liverpool somewhat do not traditionally put me in the Conservative demographics! My views are liberal, but nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats party. Having friends from all walks of life and parties enriches me. Thanks for keeping it polite though and fun! Best wishes, Max.

  18. Euan - London 3 Aug 2010, 6:30pm

    @ Max

    Can you run all that by me again?

  19. @Euan – London, which bit? My post or my tongue-in-cheek after comment? :o)

  20. I’m fed up hearing about Peter Tatchell. I do not agree with alot of his politics. Alot of non-gay people i know are all under the impression that he is our leader of some sort lol. He is one of the last people i would want to be as my leader.

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