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Chile senator says he will sponsor gay marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, Chile. At least your Labour government has the guts to sponsor a bill, while our bunch of cowards in both major parties have done NOTHING. They’re all talk, no action. What a disgrace for the UK if Chile and Uruguay allow same-sex civil marriage. Truly amazing, more catholic countries surpassing the UK.

  2. I hope this progresses speedily. Good luck to the Chileans in their fight for human rights and marriage equality.

  3. Har Davids 2 Aug 2010, 7:22pm

    Another blow for Ratzinger and his gang; christianity seems to be in retreat in some countries/continents.

  4. jamestoronto 2 Aug 2010, 11:38pm

    Go for it Chile!!! Help pull Latin America and the world into the 21st century!

    Isn’t that the same Catholic Church that was absolutely silent during the years of dictatorship when tens of thousands just “disappeared” inn Chile – the same church whose priests can’t keep hands off little children. That anyone from Ratzinger and Co. Ltd could label anything but itself an aberration is an affront to thinking people everywhere.

  5. Katie Murphy ex catholci 3 Aug 2010, 2:06am

    Good for chile

    and re the church – their dogmatism is the realization that break one major BS belief and the whole rotten house of cards will come tumbling down. Into the dustbin of history it so surely deserves

    Equality for gay people is the social justice issue of our time.

    But the first job is to have everyone out of the closet. For its awful hard to hate someone you know and respect. The knowing of gay people and realizing they are ordinary decent people will trump all the words of hatred.

    the closet is just another variant of the ghetto that hitler used to hide the Jewish people from the avg german citizen. So he could demonize them, and then send them to the ovens.

    And that is what will bring the church and the RATZI pope to its knees. UNtil God wakes up and finishes the job.

    Getting rid of the catholic church, and the other worldwide menace to society – the extremists of the Islamic world.

  6. Well done Chile, how will they regard the British CP if they bring it it, probably won’t recognise it at all or equate it to their lesser civil union if they bring it in… We are truly been overtaken in the UK, haven’t we!

    Why aren’t these pro gay marriage lab , greens and lib dem mps not making more noise, raising questions in government, are they all talk…!

    Can’t Alli or someone raise a bill or something or is it not that simple?

  7. Tim Hopkins 3 Aug 2010, 3:28pm

    John, I can’t answer for the UK Parliament, which legislates all marriage law for England and Wales, but in the Scottish Parliament, which legislates for marriage in Scotland, any MSP can raise a proposal for a bill.

    But first they have to do a compulsory public consultation on the contents of the bill, which takes about 6 months, and after that the bill would typically take one to two years to go through the Parliament. Since there’s an election for the Parliament next May, there is no scope for an MSP to start that process for an equal marriage bill for Scotland, until after that election.

  8. Robert, we are under conservative (and roman catholic) government now after two decades of democratic and socialist regimes, and Senator Rossi belongs to the last ones. So, it will be really hard to have this bill passed due to to the fact that this Senator belongs to the opposition. Apart from that, Chilean society should change their mentality to get used to this ‘new’ reality.

    Though, I (as a straight woman) support this bill to be passed and I really hope that Chile could have equal rights; we deserve them and the last thing we all need is unfair attitudes towards our fellows.

    My greetings from Chile!
    (I have really good memories from the time I spent in the UK)

  9. Sara – if you’re chilean , straight and your’re also catholic then your attitude is an inspiration!

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