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Banning same-sex marriage ‘will save money’, anti-gay activist claims

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 2 Aug 2010, 6:41pm

    Who on earth is she??? I say the opposite is true. Please report that.

  2. Is there NO outrageous, ridiculous lie these sad, misguided people, twisted people will use to support their utterly discredited opinions? Obviously not!!!

  3. When there are no good reasons for banning gay marriage, critics will invent their own.

    Concerned women for America “promotes Biblical values and family traditions”. It is a pity it does not promote peace, harmony, love for one’s fellow man and care for the wellbeing of others.

    I grow weary at having to listen to the hate speech of others.

  4. Ian Bower 2 Aug 2010, 7:42pm

    Iowa – Has anything worthwhile ever come from there?

  5. Stuart Neyton 2 Aug 2010, 7:46pm

    “Iowa – Has anything worthwhile ever come from there?”

    Bill Bryson

    And same-sex marriage is legal there.

  6. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2010, 8:52pm

    ban divorce for religiousmarrieds


    and godly

  7. “She said that traditional families were being threatened by same-sex marriage”

    What? A gay couple marries and moves into a town and every straight person there suddenly feels compelled to get divorced?

    The only thing Tamara Scott should be ‘concerned’ about is herself and her mad views.

  8. PumpkinPie 2 Aug 2010, 9:52pm

    I’m not sure which is worse: bigotry, or making people’s civil rights dependant on how much money it makes for the state. The former is a sort of irrational, burning hatred, but the latter is altogether more chilling, calculated and just plain sinister. Brr! Frosty woman.

  9. Katie Murphy ex catholci 3 Aug 2010, 2:11am

    Concerned women is just another hate group. On the shortlist for formally being recognized as a hate group by the SPLC, which made its mark knocking over the remnants of the Ku Klux Klan – the terrorist group which came into being after our civil war, to segregate black people.

    Amazing how hitler keeps getting reborn again and again. Even in the other sex.

  10. Katie Murphy ex catholci 3 Aug 2010, 2:36am

    Everyone needs to understand an induced mental disease called obsessive compulsive disorder. Where, due to extreme anxiety scenes in a persons life, usually repeated for years, the person becomes irrational. Examples include washing your hands 20 times a day, but taking a bath once a year.

    Another example is people who hoard everything, regardless of whether it makes sense. EG someone who saves newsspapers for 30 years, because he might “need those papers to find job listings if he needs a new job.

    the disease is essentially a spillover effect in the mind. Where the anxiety connects to unrelated or related other events, that leads to this behavior.

    And that is what fundamentalist religion is all about – mental illness. the people are so terrified of eg going to hell if they don’t do what they are told, that they become fodder for any kind of idea, and irrationally latch onto it. Its fundamentally at the root of brainwashing.

    And this is what these religious fundamentalist nut cases are about. Terrorized with the promise of hell if they don’t comply, and offered the scam insurance policy of life after death if they do comply, their mind falls under total control of the fears of hell, fears fertilized with the promise of life everlasting if you do as you are told.

    And there is nothing at all you can do to change them, nothing at all.

    And thats what the concerned women are all about. Along with the some of the socalled “family” groups whose only job is now to propagate hatred against gay people. For the leaders themselves have the disease and spread it like an ebola virus or black plague.

    but somewhere in the understanding of a disease is a solution to getting rid of it.

  11. douglas in canada 3 Aug 2010, 2:57am

    If such groups would seek to ban divorce with the same fervor, I might accept that they truly wish to preserve what they call the “traditional family.” But because they bypass the issue of divorce and go directly to banning equal marriage, it is proof that their real target is the queer community. As such, there goal and means of attaining it don’t match.

    They are nothing more than bigots, afraid of losing something that they probably don’t even have – happiness perhaps? or peace of mind?

  12. Women are so worried that their lives are becoming barren and childless, as all men have turned gay. They are so worried, that they will do and say anything to stop gay men ruining their lives and the family institution that they crave. Long live gay men.

  13. There I go again breaking up all these straight nuclear families while laughing maniacally in my camp palace of doom!
    I think that these people imagine each and every one of us gays is Dr. Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror show, using our machiavellian seduction techniques to tear them away from their spouses.
    Lets get one thing straight. If their marriages are on the rocks, it’s got sod all to do with us.
    Get that into your thick head Tamara Scott.

  14. Sarah Levy 3 Aug 2010, 9:33am

    I have what the right wing would consider to be ‘a conventional marriage’. I’m a straight woman, married to a straight man and we have two kids. We do not feel that our marriage is threatened in any way by same sex marriage. We support it. We are appalled that the issue of same sex marriage is still being debated in many countries. It should already be an automatic right and not something that straight people should be deciding. How would Tamara Scott feel if others got to decide whether or not she was allowed to marry the person she loved?

  15. Ian Bower 3 Aug 2010, 9:43am

    Bill – Ahh yes – I forgot about that.

  16. Twain Sparks 3 Aug 2010, 10:09am

    I’d love to share this with a few hundred pelople (on Facebok), but apparently you all don’t find that neccesary or beneficial to gettng your stories out.
    Best wishes

  17. Banning state funding of any kind for all the deluded and fascist religious organisations will save money.

  18. Research plainly shows that single women are happier and healthier than married ones and married men are happier and healthier than single ones. The obvious route to a happier healthier population is to ban women from marrying and make all the men marry each other.
    And this loony proposition is backed by more credible evidence than the witterings of this mad woman. How do these people keep a straight face?

  19. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

  20. Reassuring that the first lady of Iowa is clearly an eminently sensible woman, though.

  21. Did a gay person pay her to say these things? seriously, I think she just said something that are so stupid, wrong and contradictory that it just harms what she is trying to do though good thing is it helps our cause.

  22. If they care so much about the money banning gay marriage might save, then what about banning divorce and reintroducing slavery?

    These people are a bunch of ret@rds!

  23. Taxing the churches will bring in extra money, put an end to the tax relief on bigotry.

  24. If lying is a ‘Sin’ how is it that religious people seem to continuously do it to somehow prove their point…. However pointless they are?!

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