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02 August 2010

  • 2nd August 2010

    First gay condom for India 1

    Indian men could soon get special condoms for anal sex

    6:15 PM — One of India's leading condom manufacturers is to manufacture a condom for gay men. The country legalised homosexuality last year and society is making gradual steps towards acceptance.

  • Banning same-sex marriage ‘will save money’, anti-gay activist claims 24

    Most research says gay marriage benefits states and families

    6:13 PM — A supporter of the anti-gay US group National Organisation for Marriage has claimed that banning gay marriage will save states money. The claim, which goes against most credible research, was made by Tamara Scott, Iowa's director of Concerned Women of America, at a rally in Des Moines this weekend.

  • Chile senator says he will sponsor gay marriage bill 9

    Chile could consider allowing gay couples to marry

    4:23 PM — A Chilean senator who is the head of the country's Socialist party has announced he will sponsor a bill to introduce same-sex marriage. Fulvio Rossi's bill will not give gay couples the right to adopt children but he said he hoped this issue could be debated at a later stage.

  • West Yorkshire police launch campaign to tackle gay domestic violence 1

    West Yorkshire police are concerned about same-sex domestic violence

    3:31 PM — West Yorkshire police are launching a campaign to encourage victims of same-sex domestic violence to come forward. The force says that there have been more than 400 reported incidents of same-sex domestic violence in West Yorkshire in the last year, including three murders.

  • Lindsay Lohan released from jail after 13 days 4

    Lindsay Lohan was released from jail today

    2:06 PM — Lindsay Lohan was released from jail in the early hours of this morning and is expected to begin a 90-day rehabilitation programme. The bisexual actress served just 13 days of her 90-day sentence for violating a 2007 probation for a drink-driving offence.

  • Argentinian gay couples begin marrying 4

    Gay couples can now marry in Argentina

    1:39 PM — Argentina held its first weddings for gay couples last week. The country became the first in Latin America to legalise gay marriage last month and the first couples to take the advantage of the new legislation did so on Friday.

  • Independent on Sunday’s pink list ranks gay victors and villains 20

    Gay rogue: Elton John

    10:55 AM — The Independent on Sunday has published its annual list of the 101 most influential gay and lesbian people in Britain. The list, which the newspaper said was designed to "entertain and celebrate, infuriate and amuse", also features a rogues' gallery of those who are "out but not in" - including Elton John.

  • Clare Balding complains to PCC over journalist’s ‘dyke on a bike’ jibe 25

    Clare Balding complained about being called a 'dyke on a bike'

    10:36 AM — Lesbian sports presenter Clare Balding has made a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission after a journalist called her a "dyke on a bike".

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