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July 2010

  • 22nd July 2010

    Elton John postpones Arizona gig due to food poisoning 7

    Elton John is recovering from food poisoning

    1:23 PM — Elton John has postponed a gig in Arizona, US, after falling ill with food poisoning. The gay singer was due to perform for 8,800 fans at Arizona's Tuscon Arena last night but organisers say he will be well enough to play the gig tonight instead.

  • EastEnders criticised for gay character’s Koran scene 30

    Syed, played by Marc Elliot, was shown slamming a Koran on a table

    12:59 PM — The BBC has received a number of complaints over an EastEnders scene in which gay character Syed slams a Koran on a table. The corporation would not reveal how many complaints it received, but said it did not intend to cause any offence.

  • Scottish campaigners step up pressure for full marriage equality 22

    Campaigners want the Scottish government to take a lead on gay marriage

    11:50 AM — Gay rights campaigners in Scotland are putting pressure on the Scottish government to grant full marriage equality to gay couples. A cross-party coalition of MSPs and some senior church leaders are supporting the campaign and a poll of the public suggests the majority would support the move.

  • BBC ‘worst for on-screen portrayal of gay people’ 49

    The BBC was found to have the worst depictions of gay people

    9:27 AM — A Stonewall study into how gay people are portrayed in TV programmes watched by young people has found that many depictions are negative, demeaning or stereotypical. It found that the BBC - which has been plagued by controversy over its handling of on-screen homophobia in the last two years - was the worst of the four channels surveyed.

  • 21st July 2010

    Lindsay Lohan begins jail sentence 1

    Lindsay Lohan entered jail today

    6:19 PM — Lindsay Lohan began a prison term in Lynwood, California, today for violating the terms of a 2007 probation for a drink-driving offence. The bisexual actress was sentenced to 90 days in the Century Regional Detention Facility, although reports say she could be freed in just 14 days due to overcrowding and good behaviour.

  • Judge who legalised gay marriage in Massachusetts retires 2

    Massachusetts was the first US state to allow gay couples marriage equality

    5:45 PM — Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, who wrote the ruling which made the state the first to legalise gay marriage, is retiring. Ms Marshall, 66, announced her retirement today, saying she was stepping down to care for her husband Anthony Lewis, a former New York Times columnist who has Parkinson's disease.

  • Laws against homosexuality ‘spreading HIV infections’ 3

    19 Asia-Pacific countries have laws against homosexuality

    4:08 PM — Anti-gay laws in the Asia-Pacific region are causing higher rates of HIV infections, the UN has warned. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), such laws mean that gay men and trans people are less likely to seek medical help and be aware of how to prevent HIV transmission.

  • Man denies murdering trans woman Destiny Lauren

    Destiny Lauren was killed last November

    2:59 PM — A man accused of killing a trans woman in November last year in Kentish Town, London, has gone on trial. Leon Fyle, 22, who is unemployed, strangled 29-year-old Destiny Lauren after visiting her for sex, a court heard.

  • Protests in New Jersey over gay marriage 4

    New Jersey's state house, where gay marriage protests were held today

    2:10 PM — Gay marriage supporters and opponents protested outside New Jersey's statehouse yesterday as they prepared to battle the issue in the Supreme Court. The US state allows civil unions but gay rights groups have appealed to the Supreme Court to allow full marriage equality.

  • Australian film festival bans gay zombie porn film 16

    A still from LA Zombie

    12:16 PM — An Australian film festival has banned a film about gay zombies engaging in necrophilia. LA Zombie, a film made by Canadian director Bruce LaBruce, is the first film to be banned from Melbourne International Film Festival in seven years.

  • One in seven men on London gay scene thought to have HIV 21

    HIV was found to be more prevalent in those on the gay scene

    12:07 PM — One in seven men on the capital's gay scene are thought to be infected with HIV - markedly higher than the rate for the general gay male population.

  • PinkNews.co.uk is five years old today 22

    PinkNews.co.uk is five today

    10:18 AM — PinkNews.co.uk is celebrating its fifth birthday today. From humble beginnings, the site has grown quickly and is now the biggest gay news source in Europe and the second biggest globally.

  • 20th July 2010

    Will Young supports Stonewall at Lovebox’s gay Sunday 3

    Will Young was at Lovebox

    6:47 PM — Gay singer Will Young gave his support to equality charity Stonewall at Lovebox festival on Sunday. The three-day festival, held in London's Victoria Park, designated Sunday as a special gay-friendly day, with performances from artists such as Grace Jones and Peaches.

  • Lesbian teenager banned from prom wins $35,000 damages in settlement 10

    Constance McMillen settled her case

    6:07 PM — A lesbian teenager who was barred from attending her Mississippi school's prom with her girlfriend has settled her case with the school district. Constance McMillen, 18, won $35,000 in damages, plus an agreement from Itawamba County School District to implement anti-discrimination policies.

  • Irish programme launched to tackle LGBT isolation 8

    The programme is designed to cut LGBT isolation

    5:43 PM — A new programme has been launched in Ireland to counter isolation suffered by LGBT people in rural communities. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Diversity programme aims to coordinate support services for LGBT people across the country.

  • Uruguay and Paraguay could be next to debate gay marriage 13

    More Latin American countries could consider same-sex marriage

    4:39 PM — Argentina voted to legalise gay marriage last week and it now looks like two of its neighbours could be on course to consider the same step.

  • Lesbian Coronation Street plot ‘not a phase’ 2

    Coronation Street has not had a lesbian plotline before

    2:34 PM — Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent has said her character will remain a lesbian, rather than it being a "phase". She plays teenager Sophie Webster in the show, who has begun a relationship with her best friend Sian Powers, played by Sacha Parkinson.

  • Irish president Mary McAleese signs civil partnerships bill into law 31

    Ireland has legalised civil partnerships

    1:53 PM — Irish president Mary McAleese signed the country's civil partnerships bill into law yesterday. It gives gay couples almost all of the rights of marriage. The bill passed in the Dail without a vote and was approved by senators in the Seanad last week.

  • Peter Tatchell to receive honorary doctorate 21

    Peter Tatchell will be given an honorary doctorate

    11:51 AM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell is to be given an honorary doctorate by Sussex University. Mr Tatchell, who has campaigned for equality worldwide for more than 40 years, will receive the honour for services to human rights.

  • Older people with HIV ‘substantially more disadvantaged than peers’ 2

    Older people with HIV face disadvantages, the report said

    11:37 AM — Research into the experiences of HIV-positive people over the age of 50 suggests they face "substantial" disadvantages compared to the general population. The majority of older people with HIV are gay and bisexual men.

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