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Twitter prank forces X Factor winner Joe McElderry to realise he is gay

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Reader comments

  1. The most important thing is to be true to yourself.

    Well done, Joe. I wish you the best of luck for the future.

  2. Amazing what one can learn about oneself on Twitter nowadays…

  3. Well done, BRAVO, Joe, I hope that that wont affect at your career … I was very happy when I heard that news!!!! <3

  4. everyone has their own reasons as to why they prefere to stay in closet, i think twitter thing was pretty agressive, but im sure joe will benefit from ‘forced’ comming out. good luck to him, he looks like decent guy

  5. everyone has their own reasons as to why they prefere to stay in closet, i think twitter thing was pretty agressive, but im sure joe will benefit from ‘forced’ comming out. not a huge fan of x factor, but good luck to him, he looks like decent guy

  6. well i wish him well, even though i can’t stand any of these silly Pop Factor programmes.

    I want to come out as someone who has never heard any of his music.And that is certainly quite liberating.

  7. Interesting that Pink News don’t want to show the previous post on this article:
    And more to the point, how many were correct in trusting their gaydar, whilst the others have a severe facial albumen deposits.

    It’s OK guys, we can gloat now. ;)

  8. Well done Joe

  9. While I wish him all the very best in his career & in his private life I find so very hard to believe that it took the hack for him to know/feel what his sexuality really was . It’s just a shame that he felt he had to deny it for the sake of his career, & cringing to see the Scum & the Mirror claiming ‘exclusives’, like they really care. Anyway all the best to him.

  10. Mihangel apYrs 31 Jul 2010, 10:31pm

    a pretty boy (as if I’d ever have the chance of shagging him)!

    His sexuality is his own business unless he uses his position to atttack us, so I’m sorry he was forced out rather than at a time of his choosing.

    It will be interesting to see if in liberated modern GB his career continues as predicted.

    Antwa, good luck to him, and I’m glad that at least he can live his life not a fiction

  11. well I;m shocked Joe is gay? What a BIG surprise :)

    No one should be forced out because they are gay. Many people work in jobs where they would lose them tomorrow if they came out its a very personal matter

  12. I love seeing a man be courageous. We have way too many cowards on our team.

  13. “X Factor winner Joe McElderry has come out as gay just weeks after he claimed that he was straight”. This isn’t correct. In both ivs he says all he did after the twitter hack was say ‘I’ve been hacked’. He didn’t deny anything! Good on him – he sounds like a decent guy!!

  14. I commend him for coming out but under no conceivable stretch of the imagination has it taken him this time to realise he’s gay from a Twitter hack!!! Just how dumb does PR think people are??? It simply means he has known for xx months/years he was gay and Simon Trowel and cohorts have forced him to cover that up on winning the show and release initial public statements denying he was gay – for MARKETING and financial reasons. Rather thean lettig him be himself, they have made him try and be something he is not to the media. And if that’s the case (which I strongly believe) – who else is having to front? owell himself? I expect so, with his masses of money and ties to media dons like Rupert Murdoch. It’s all lies and they think they can fool everyone. Now Simon is ‘supportive’ of him. Bet he wasn’t to start with. Good luck to Joe anyway.

  15. @ rachel Yes he did tell The Sun that he was “straight and single” on 8th July 2010 :-

  16. I wonder whether he supports Civil Partnership or Same Sex Marriage?

    Perhaps Pinknews can contact him and ask him

  17. “I think the Twitter thing was the point when I realised I was gay”

    Clearly an individual of extraordinary intelligence.

    You know, ordinarily I am happy for more high profile people to come out as gay as it shows the broader population that we are everywhere and there is nothing to be afraid of. However with intelligence like that, this young man has the potential of being another Elton John, which clearly isn’t in our interests.

    No doubt he will be on the cover of the next issue of QX with some in depth interview which they fill up with questions about nothing in particular, which we are then supposed to pay to read.

  18. Wow, that is the biggest shock of our times….personally I realised he was gay within about 2 seconds of him stepping out on stage. Should have called me Joe, I could have saved you a lot of bother and denial!!!

  19. Oh well, that’s his singing career over with then. At least he won’t have to live with the shame of being caught in twenty years cruising in some LA toilets though.

  20. @Patrick:

    Check his Twitter wall (though I think it isn’t as good as Sarah Palin’s)

    This part annoys me:

    “This is Joe McElderry’s official twitter account. Joe updates it personaly on a regular basis”

    How much effort was it to proof read this? It is NOT personaly, it is PERSONALLY.

    Asides from that, I find him boring and don’t understand why any newspaper would consider him front page news.

  21. This is quite a plot twist!
    Happy for him that he realized who he is and is happy about it to be out. :)

  22. John – yep, there is clearly not much happening upstairs in that guy’s head. If only we could get some famous intelligent people coming out as gay!

    The guy speaks a little too much as well. When he finally does lose his virginity no doubt it will be headline news. That should be a thrilling read.

  23. good for him for realising and why all the cynicism?

  24. @Chester

    because some of us weren’t born yesterday :-)

  25. Whilst this incident has been rather fortunate for this individual, nobody should be forced out as gay/straight/bi or whatever. It should be up to the person concerned as being ‘outed’ in other situations could threaten people’s livelihoods or even their safety. So these hackster/prankster or whatever you want to call them are just nasty. The right to be gay in a free society also includes to right to come out exactly when you want to.

  26. What a shame this young lad has been cornered and bullied into labelling himself. I hope someone is keeping an eye on his mental health.

  27. On the one hand, it shows how monstrous people can be to one another. Seriously, hacking into a twitter account to pose as him with his personal struggles to out him like that is beyond childish. On the other, it shows how strong some people can be with this aggressive human behavior. I wish him the best.

  28. “I think the Twitter thing was the point when I realised I was gay.” I call bullsh@t! How can people be taken seriously when they say tripe like this? What exactly was he fantasizing about for the 85,000 times he masturbated prior to “realising” he is gay? Hello?

    1. Dan Filson 23 Jun 2011, 3:58pm

      About himself, of course!

  29. Least surprising outing since Liberache. I’m glad he’s gay, it just proved my Gaydar is in perfect working order!

  30. Jeremy: What a shame this young lad has been cornered and bullied into labelling himself. I hope someone is keeping an eye on his mental health.

    Joe: “It is a liberating feeling. Now I can get on with the rest of my life and move on and be comfortable.”

  31. what a load of twaddle! Joe’s the only one who knows his fantasies etc and he’s the one who should know himself best

  32. Come on guys, give the bloke a chance; Lots of us when ‘coming out’ try to justify our ‘making sense’ period by what sounds OK at the time! Fortunately most of us aren’t quite as much in the public eye as Joe is currently and have time to develop coping strategies… Well done Joe and good luck for your future.

  33. Bill Perdue 2 Aug 2010, 5:02pm

    Tax the cults. It’s getting harder and harder to hide and there are fewer and fewer reasons to do so.

    And actually, this incident is not sad, it’s comical.

  34. Ah bless. He sounds sweet.

    He’s only 19 or something, isn’t he?

    And he only came out to his Mum a couple of days before coming out to the newspapers.

    I don’t think Cowell forced Joe to stay closeted. I reckon Joe was in the closet in most areas of his life.

    Best of luck to him. I hope he is successful.

    I’ve never heard a thing by him though. I prefer Rage Against The Machine.

  35. That wee fella is full of sh*t.

  36. hehe, nobody was talking about him one week ago, and look now. I don’t care what he is, his music is sh1t anyway…

  37. “I’.m straight”, Twitter hack, coming out – it’s all just news management on behalf of the record company. We can all see through it and we all knew he was gay from the start – so what.

    I like Joe, I voted for him to win and I’m looking forward to his album. It may not be any good but he can sing and he is a good looking boy.

    @Leo – 85,000 x masturbation for a 19 year old? I know adolescents are often compulsive onanists, but 25-35 times a day?

  38. erm…. who he?

  39. The only redeeming factor in this story is the the confirmation that Gaydar exists and is still working well.

    Leave the kid alone to get on with his life and stop slagging him off for this or that he supposedly said. He said what he was told to say by the PR people As for all you Einsteins slagging off his or indeed Eltons intelligence, look in your Dole bought mirror and ask what have you done to prove your intelligence or life lately…..exactly…..Eltons a billionaire and Philantropist and Joe is headed there.

    1. I agree, why should you tear him apart for who he is?
      Would you critize someone about their eye colour? No you wouldn’t, so why critize him for his sexuality?
      You make yourselves seem like scumbagd who have nothing better to do than to bring him down. When he is richer and probably smarter than all of you put together. Evaluate your own lives before you start to evaluate his.
      Personally i wish him the best of luck :)

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