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Swedish politician stripped of duties over alleged homophobic comments

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Reader comments

  1. Note that when caught, he expresses “regret” and not apology.
    This is consistant with the fact that I doubt someone who wrote 300 homophobic filled comments, under a number of online alias, is only sorry he was caught because it means he loses his title.

  2. Zoek – Agreed.

  3. “it’s going too far when they [gays and lesbians] push themselves on small children!”

    How are gays and lesbians ‘pushing’ themselves on small children by providing them with a caring and loving home? Dimwit!

  4. He’s sorry that he lost his job, not that he’s a homophobe. Maybe his username should have been ‘NOTHultstrom69’. To, you know, throw everyone off his tracks.

  5. At least they are acting against him. Sweden’s equality is years ahead of the UK. In the UK it’s say one thing, do another and no consequence at all. Many companies and government departments in the UK happily fly all the diversity flags they can and display themselves as open to diversity in employment and friendly to do business with to gain maximum profit, but it’s not the reality in practice; just good for their public profile to add everything.

  6. Mary Jane 1 Aug 2010, 9:44am

    …we shouldn’t be allowed to adopt? Ok then. So we should just leave those poor kids to rot in foster homes and orphanages, never to have a family and be loved? Geez. If there is a hell, this guy would burn in it for sure.

  7. Mary Jane, don’t forget it’s mostly straight people that are responsible for kids being stuck in orphanages and foster homes to start with. No word from the right-wing loons on that statistic.

  8. Katie Murphy ex catholci 3 Aug 2010, 2:22am

    I wonder if we could come up with a new Australia. that was the place that England used to dump their criminals in the past.

    And I gather that it is a nice country, full of good people, though it does have some elements of homophobia. thanks to the church of Adoph Hitler, HQ in rome. Who btw is still UNexcommunicated.

    Just think – take all the real unrepentant homophobes, toss them on some deserted continent or Island, and in a hundred or two years, they might create a decent nation

    But for the POPE RATZI – Change the world when he comes to England – with endless demonstrations of a million or more good people shouting Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil at the ChurchenFuhrer.

    and make sure that there are plenty of Islamics there, well reminded that the church, during the period 900-1500 combined with corrupt kings to murder 40-50 million of those people. Who had the most advanced for their time civilization in the world.

    One can hope, cant they………..

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