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David Miliband changes his mind to now support full gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Well, good morning, David!

    Is it just my impression or something has been shifting over the last couple of weeks? First Simon Hughes, then Lord Alli, now Milliband. It’s almost like this issue has finally left the pages of Pink News and made it out into the world. It all seems to have happened after Argentina passed marriage equality.

  2. Yes – jolly good. But I was never asked to vote on heterosexual marriage.
    This is our rite (whether one agrees with same sex mariage or not).

  3. It is a little late, but it is better late than never.

    So now all Labour leader contenders, with the exception of Ed Miliband (I think), have publicly come out in support of marriage equality, right?

  4. After months of getting on his nerves, I’m pleased to see David Miliband come out in favour finally. Amazing how many Labourites convert now they have no power to make it happen (funny that…) but a pleasure any way.

    Now… Ed Miliband, where was I?…

  5. Well I am no labour supporter, but it is refreshing to see a politician that finally understands our plight and is willing to do something about it. I am just a bit disappointed he calls it “the next logical step” – Why do these people always do things in bites? That step should never have been there in the first place.

  6. Joe Mustich, JP 30 Jul 2010, 7:16pm

    It’s time for full civil and marriage equality rights,
    Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace, Washington, Connecticut, USA.

    In CT we legalized civil unions in 2005, and marriage equality in the 2008. And as a justice of the peace, I perform non-religious civil marriage ceremonies all the time for couples, many of whom have been together 20, 30 and 45 years, It’s time.

  7. Anomaly is just about the right word to describe the UK ban on gay marriage…let’s hope someone corrects this homophobic anomaly fast.

    Anyone else think David Miliband is a hot little chimp?

  8. This is marvellous news! If we have cross party support for marriage equality then the likelihood of its happening in a reasonable timeframe is high. We need marriage equality and we don’t want to waste time hanging about for it.

  9. Well done labour , you finally got the message. CP was only an ok achievement, gay (equal) marriage is the one to be proud of and the UK has been overtaken by countries that have surprised us all!

    And finally for someone who used to be the foregin secretary it’s finally clicked, not all British people live and work in the UK and yes it is important that your civil partnership/marriage is recognised abroad. We want to be recognised as married where there is a marriage and whatever lesser equivalent if that’s all we can get abroad. Other countries have gay marriages and CPs, we want the marriage rights please abroad notn the lesser rights of their CPs!

    Of course you did also say in your interview that the people that most impressed you in the gay world were those from Stonewall, perhpas you could also have a word with them and let them know the new labour stance on gay marriage, they still think CPs are “adequate”!!!

  10. About time, only doing it cos of other candidates.

    Maybe 6 years time 1 of them will give us it as lib dems sold out.

  11. Did they not also promise AV? Did I dream that bit up…

  12. This issue certainly appears to be turning in our favour rapidly now. Gay marriage has gone from being completely off the radar under Brown to being a big agenda item all of the sudden.

    The speed with which this is moving is impressive.

    About time!

    I think we just might have same sex marriage by mid next year.

  13. I have noticed a seismic shift in England’s politicians lately but I’ve also noticed a seismic shift in the English people who comment at PinkNews and elsewhere. Not too long ago it was difficult to find English gays who could understand what all the fuss was about when it came to equality in marriage. It seemed that the majority were perfectly content with their second class Civil Partnerships, and in fact didn’t even find them to be second class.

    I for one am glad to see the great awakening moving across the British Isles!

    It won’t be long now!

    I think seeing Argentina pass England by on gay equality was a wake-up call to a lot of people.

  14. Wow, Patrick, I like your optimism.
    I hope you’re right but I won’t hold my breath that a change like that can come about in a year’s time.

  15. @Pattrick I am with you on that :-)

  16. According to this website (don’t know the legitmacy of it though) Ed Milliband was saying this about gay marriage in North Wales

    “Would you allow gays to be legally married, rather than just be registered as a civil partnership?

    He hesitates. “I will listen to what people have to say on going further than that if there is a demand. No one has yet put that to me in the leadership election.” He said his feeling was that not enough people were asking for the policy.

    Ed answered that he had only been asked about marrige equality once before, but then went on to say “I’m very happy to support gay marriage” before adding that there would have to be a consultation. He got confused about civil partnerships, saying that “they were available to everyone” which he recognised was a mistake when I pointed out that they aren’t. Apparently “civil partnership was a massive step”, which I suppose it was, but nothing that couldn’t be reasonably expected, and still only a stepping stone to actual equality. I was then told he would talk about it after the formal section of the meeting, which he did. Ed said that he had spoken to LGBT groups during the election campaign and nobody had talked about marriage equality. I pointed out that there are a lot of people campaigning about this, but he seemed underwhelmed and asked me irritably “was it an election issue?”. I think he needed his lunch at this point. But the lack of a simple answer points me to believe that Ed simply doesn’t understand that a two tier system of civil partnerships and marriage isn’t just an issue for elections, but a fundamental issue of equality for the ‘ordinary’ people he had been talking about during the whole session.

    Shame really, as it has been reported on Liberal Conspiracy that Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham (in the Tablet no less!) and Ed Balls have all previously confirmed their support for gay marriage, and this morning Ed’s brother, David, published a piece on his website in support. I have no idea why Ed Miliband couldn’t have just said a simple ‘yes, I support gay marriage’, but he didn’t.


    It’s not a simple yes, but when asked on Twitter earlier about marriage equality, Ed Miliband tweeted this:

    Ed_Miliband @JaeKay Got asked abt this today &made clear I support principle of gay marriage. Need to consult on how to implement.

    Interesting interview!!!! I wonder if pinknews knwo if this is legit?

  17. Zack – what you say is true, perhaps Ben Summerskill needs to be re-asked his question on gay marriage in the light od this and in the light of labour and other new stance of it – according to the pinknews article in July 2009 the headline statement from his interview reads “lots of gay and lesbian people don’t actually want gay marriage” – if there is a change as you say then Stonewall needs to change their attitude as well …

    The article says

    “-Another criticism often levelled at the organisation is its acceptance of civil partnerships as opposed to marriage, something some critics have described as “sexual apartheid”.

    “Well, the issue on marriage is that again, there are a lot of vocal supporters, but the thing they’ve always focused on is actually the real rights and entitlements. As I said, we know there are quite a lot of gay and lesbian people who wouldn’t want marriage, and some have explicitly said so. I think Antony Sher [the gay actor and playwright] gave an interview a while back where he said ‘If it was marriage, I wouldn’t want it. It recognises what’s special about me and my partner.’ And we know there are lots of lesbians who actually don’t want marriage.”

    When questioned about those who do want gay marriage, Summerskill said: “Well, someone people do and they’re perfectly entitled to express their views. We are one of many, many organisations but at the end of the day, in terms of our priorities, what we’ve always focused on, is absolutely practical hard outcomes which make a real difference to people’s lives … The reality is half the population already call civil partnerships marriage anyway.”

    “It’s one of Stonewall’s ways of working. We’re always more interested in things that make a real, practical difference to people’s lives than perhaps just an intellectual and academic name. And my own view is that civil partnerships have been quite a remarkable piece of what used to be called in the old days ‘political education’.

    “We can never go back to the days when I was young, even just 30 years ago, when MPs would stand up in parliament and say ‘Well I don’t know anyone who’s homosexual’. Forty million people are getting a tax return that acknowledges that laws for gay people exist in long term relationships, they’re actually kind of learning something that they wouldn’t if all you had to do was ticked a ‘married’ box. They would have continued being able to be in denial.”

  18. Peter & Michael 31 Jul 2010, 11:02am

    Perhaps Stonewall will endorse Same-Sex Civil Marriage?

  19. Canada and Argentina “showed the way”?? What about Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, the first three countries to approve marriage for all?

  20. Your Mr. Summerskill is a TWIT of the highest order!

    Not ALL straight people want marriage either but no one sees that as a valid reason to deny it to those who do.

    I’ve got new for Mr. Summerskill, not ALL gays think homosexuality/sodomy should be legal. Not ALL gays think gay people should be out and open about their sexuality. There is NOTHING that ALL gays agree on, including NONE of the things that Mr. Summerskill thinks ARE important and worth fighting for. So if that’s he answer to why he doesn’t fight for marriage then he should just shut down Stonewall and be out of a job because he reasoning could just as well be applied to ANY gay rights issue.

    Again I say, TWIT!

  21. he = his

    Don’t know what happened there. Got excited and turned Jamaican.

  22. Fantastic news, I hope he is the next labour leader. Now we just need the leader of the tory party to change his mind too.

  23. Zack – yes he does sound a bit of a twit but he does seem to have some cloat in the lab party , I think Milliband said in his interview that he (summerskill) was one of the guys who had most influenced gay equality…

    I thought Summerskill’s idea of training straight guys about gay CPs by having an additional box on their tax return for CPs somewhat bizarre, an extra box/category means that you are different and that you don’t have to be treated in the same way as married couples … we are now ,more or less , but that extra box/category means that there is an option to diverge……

  24. Hopefully, Stonewall will amend its position on this issue and campaign for marriage equality.

  25. David Milliband is a slimy opportunist who is willing to change his tune as the balance of favours demand.

    I resent that such creatures, such shameless career politicians, populate our parliament, which should be an institution for the enoblement and benefit of mankind, and not for the advancement of a career.

  26. Luke, you don’t vote tory by any chance do you? Will David Cameron be a slimy opportunist if he changes his mind on gay marriage?

  27. Sister Mary Clarance 1 Aug 2010, 6:48pm

    Let me answer that one Jay, if Cameron is in power for 13 tears and does nothing to support or bring about gay marriage and then a couple of months after losing power in government suddenly has a complete epiphany then yes, he too will be a slimy opportunist

  28. Sister Mary Clarance 1 Aug 2010, 10:23pm

    oops – 13 years not 13 tears

  29. Mary, are we talking about David Cameron, the man who a few years ago voted against the repeal of secion 28, voted against allowing gay couples to adopt, and who now actually tries to deny those homophobic votes – I don’t think we have to wait 13 years, I’d already call him a slimy homophobe. Cameron also put in place a home secretary whose voting record on gay rights is completely homophobic – someone who then changed her mind when in office when she realised she could be sacked because of her homophobic voting record on gay rights – that’s also slimy. And then there’s the lovely Philippa Stroud who Cameron appointed as advisor to the equally wonderfully homophobic Iain Duncan Smith after her allegations of homophobia, that’s slimy of him too. The list of slimy homophobia from Cameron goes on and on and on and on. In fact I think this coalition defines the meaning of the words ‘slimy opportunists’.
    But what’s even slimier is a LGBT person who tries to defend and votes for someone like David Cameron as a leader, a man that when you voted for him had done nothing but harm to gay rights. And what’s even slimier than that is someone who tries to paint an ugly picture of a political party that did so much for LGBT freedom and equality. I don’t even vote labour – but I know the last time they were in power for 13 years they did a lot for homos equality, more than any tory government. I don’t vote tory – but I know the last time they were in power for 13 years, they did a lot of harm to homos equality.

  30. Well if all parties don’t pull their finger out on this issue then it’s going to be overtaken but quite a lot of countries and I can’t see how it can stand up there and promote gay rights to other countries while deying equality back home

    this is an interesting article

    Chilean Senator To Introduce Gay Marriage BillOn Top Magazine | 9 hours ago

    Chilean Senator Fulvio Rossi announced Sunday he’ll introduce a gay marriage bill shortly

    Chilean Senator Fulvio Rossi announced Sunday he’ll introduce a gay marriage bill shortly, the Spanish news agency EFE reported.

    The announcement follows quick on the heels of Latin America’s first gay marriage law taking effect in Argentina.

    The proposal does not include the adoption of children, but Rossi told reporters he hopes to debate the measure at a later date.

    The measure is being backed by Carolina Taho, incoming president of the Partido por la Democracia (PPD) party.

    “We do not think gay people have fewer rights to build stable relationships than heterosexuals,” Taho said. “On the contrary, we think they are citizens who are entitled to live their lives once the legislation gives them the conditions to do so safely.”

    Lawmakers are already considering a set of reforms called the Acuerdo de Vida en Comun (AVC) which would give both gay and straight couples all the rights and obligations of marriage. The legislation would be similar to civil union laws adopted by several states in the United States.

    The AVC has already stirred controversy and many lawmakers are not interested in voting on the measure so close to elections later this month.

    Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, the archbishop of Santiago, spoke out Saturday against Argentina’s gay marriage law.

    “It may be that two people, two men or two women, want to live together and share life, but to call that marriage is an aberration,” he said.

    Rossi called on the Roman Catholic Church “to be more tolerant” and said the cardinal’s statements had “caused immense pain.”

    While Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has publicly backed the AVC, his party, the Renovacio Nacional, has already rejected the idea of legalizing gay marriage in the Catholic stronghold.

    Since the legalization of gay marriage in Argentina, neighboring Uruguay and Paraguay have announced plans to consider similar measures.

  31. Yes, Jay, he will. To my mind the house of parliament is crawling with such opportunistic creatures. No, I certainly don’t vote Tory.

    What is a shame, and what bears repeating, is the fact that Mr Milliband’s dad, Ralph, was a dedicated and sincere political figure, who used his intelligence in far less a self-serving way than the Millibands seem to have.

  32. Bill Perdue 2 Aug 2010, 5:13pm

    SMC, what’s your concern with same sex marraige? You’ve been pigheadedly opposed to marriage equality for years.

    Has the sudden shift in the Thatcherite party line caused a sea change in your thinking. Are you now for equality?

  33. Oo-er Missus ooo no 2 Aug 2010, 5:53pm

    Does this mean all the labour candidates for leader now support equal marriage rights?

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