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Author Anne Rice ‘quits’ being a Christian over attitudes to gays and women

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Anne Rice!

    She could always join the Unitarian Universalist Church, the Liberal Quakers, or the Metropolitan Community Church, none of which are anti-gay. Indeed the MCC is run by and for LGBT people.

    In addition, the Unitarians and Universalists and the Quakers have a long history of being in favour of science and reason (e.g. Tim Berners-Lee, Servetus, Robert Darwin, Newton, etc.). And the Unitarians (in 1904) and the Universalists (in 1860) were the first to have women ministers. I’m less well-informed about the history of Quakers, but they’re very liberal too.

  2. The fewer people there are who subscribe to the death cults (Islam, Xtianity and Judaism), the better we will all be on this lovely planet.

  3. mike, liverpool 30 Jul 2010, 5:25pm

    @IgnacioD, that’s a bit of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” attitude to take. What more can the lady do other than to stand and be counted against bigotry? Does it really matter how long it took her to do? Surely everyone deserves a second chance. And to do it in the name of Jesus Christ puts two fingers up the dying fundamentalist cultists, and quite frankly the more that happens the better for all of us! Well done Anne Rice and goodbye organised religion!

  4. I’m not religious, but I can’t help but think (or at least hope) that Jesus would have agreed with you Anne!

  5. I’m a little surprised for a writer she couldn’t get her vernacular correct: She has kept her faith, but lost her religion.

    It’s about time a few more people started following their own beliefs instead of being told what to believe in…

  6. I’m a secular nontheist but I quite like the sentiment in this little prayer Anne Rice composed, I nthink it could do with being popularised.
    ” “I quit being a Christian. I’m out. In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life. In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen.”

  7. Alice Long 30 Jul 2010, 8:04pm

    I long ago “quit” listening to ministers, especially African Americans, preaching HATE against gays and that women should be submissive to men.

    Jesus never advocated hatred or nonsense. We can still embrace true Christianity while praying for enlighetnment of the ignorant, for love to grow in the hearts of those who hate, and for truth to illuminate the darkness of dogma.

  8. Would that it were that easy for ‘cradle Catholics’
    Est-ce que j’ai raison, Jean Paul, au Canada…?

    Tony Blair please note.
    Anne Widdecombe do likewise.


  9. I understand her ‘lack of conviction’. William Burroughs once called Jesus the best con artist there ever was. I agree with him. Once you’ve been conned by christ it’s very hard to get him out of your head completely. And as Oscar Wilde once said, I can’t live as a catholic, but I’ll certainly die as one. Every pink news story on religion seems to bring out the violent athiests and the crazy fundamentalists. I hate organised religion, and I want to be an athiest, but I find it hard too.

  10. Keith – are you talking about jean-paul from pink news comments – where is he – I miss him.

  11. @Jay – Jean-Paul is alive and well. I am in regular contat with him. He and his partner of 20 years (they celebrate their 20 anniversary together, this year) are heading for a gay camping ground along with many other gay couples some of whom have been together for 40 years (fantatic) and will be away for about a month. I shall certaily pass on your love to him :-)

    I find it very sad that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), The Church of England, Fundamentalist ‘Christins’ and others of their ilk have given Christinaity such a bad name. Organised religion is no longer attractive but ecumenical Christianity is all about the true meaning of Christianity and is totally open to everyone and totally non judgemental. I think it is a good and safe route to take. The Quakers are a good bunch I think. For me ecumenicalism is the route I am taking :-)

  12. Yes, Jay @ #11, I was..
    The very same..!

    I haven’t read any ‘poils’ of wisdom and was wondrin’…

    Anyway as long as he is ok as Rich @ # 12 says; then that’s ok.

    Increasing daily in my love of all the churches, all the denominations but espesh of mine own, the dear Roman Catholic Cesspit.
    The pox take you.
    As JP would say, “But I ain’t bitter..!”
    Wanna bet…!
    I hope the creep gets bumped off, I really do.
    You know where.
    You know when.
    And I..?
    I ( a homosexual ) am ipso facto “intrinsically morally disordered”…??!
    I can’t get over that.
    I couldn’t get over that 50 years ago.
    I can get over it even less today.


  13. Don’t worry the Unitarians and Quakers both suffer at the hands of the Christian bigots as well!

  14. ‘Maybe commitment to Christ means not being a Christian’.
    Sorry, can’t really be done. ‘Christ’ is a supernatural cuasi-divine entity invented by Christianity. The historical Jesus was in all likelihood a rabbi with Ghandi-esque and apocalyptic tendencies who would find what most Christians believe about him both bizarre and offensive. Just move on, Anne, and let Jesus rest in peace.

  15. Once I realized that everything I liked about “Christianity” was actually Buddhist and the things a despise about Christianity are the things that most Christians PROUDLY promote as their essence, I realized that I’m NOT a Christian; I’m NOT a Buddhist-Christian; I’m a BUDDHIST!

    Namo Buddhaya!

    The man figured it all out!

  16. I can’t help thinking that Anne Rice embracing Xtianity, and very sensibly kicking it to the curb (as I can’t imagine anyone well studied in the life of Jesus of Nazareth possibly considering themselves a Christian) coincides somewhat with getting in, and also very sensibly getting out of, Louisiana. As a person who unfortunately has family in that dreadful place it certainly appears to me that it is difficult to be in that awful place without having it warp your mind and distort your spirit. Not to mention it always lands near the very bottom in terms of being a physically healthy place in all the health reports. As Christopher Rice commented once I believe “it is a place where the children never leave and the adults never grow up”. Pretty accurate as near as I can tell, and among all the other childish behaviors common in one of the most backward of US states, religious addiction (with a very superstitious bent) is a very wide spread affliction. Glad to see Anne Rice has been experiencing some recovery now that she has returned to saner pastures.

  17. It was Ghandi who said he admired Christ but was not so keen on his followers!

  18. Yeah, because “they’re so unlike their Christ”!

  19. It sounds to me as though her son’s coming out is what tipped the balance. Otherwise it is difficult to see what is different today than 12 years ago, when she embraced Rome.

  20. I didn’t realize she had a gay son. She is probably lucky he didn’t commit suicide over her past beliefs. Thanks to the church that also gave us Hitler still UNexcommunicated and 50 million deaths in WWII

    As for Jesus – I don’t believe the divinity thing. But I wouldnt be surprised that the church has brought Jesus back to life.

    He’s probably rolling over in his grave due to the crimes committed in his name.

  21. Oh she has a gay son. Interesting . She is a good woman. Often when kids come out of the closet, their parents go into the closet.

    As for her church, well…………….

    They gave Hitler the lever to gain power with his hate campaign – the 1000 year demonizing of Jesus owwn people, the Jews.

    They have yet to excommunicate him. Because to do so they would have to also excommunciate the church of the molestation.

    The Ratzi Pope in 2009 UNexcommuncated Bishop williamson, who is a holocaust denier.

    I could go on and on. Bottom line – the catholic church, and some of its spinoffs, are the curse of western civilization for teh last 1500 years.

    And if you wonder how they keep control of minds, its by the terror of hell, and promise of life after death – an insurance policy that should result in their being thrown in jail under our USA racketeering laws.

    And Go look up Stockholme syndrome and you see more about mind control,a nd how people are vulnerable to being brainwashed.

    And religion for so many becomes like an expression of Obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxieties induced by the church, that create almost unrecognzied fears that the church uses to control minds.

    Little different then how hitler used hatred and glory.

  22. .

    If I could meet her in person, I would
    love to say “Thank you Anne Rice –
    for so very articulately stating what
    I have felt in my heart for years” !!!!

    One’s ‘Faith-in-Christ’ should IN NO WAY
    be tied into the man-controlled ‘Religion’
    that so many refer to as “Christianity”
    (especially that apostate, psuedo-religious
    political-movement called ‘evangelicalism’)

    It took me forever to realize that my
    relationship with God (as established
    through Christ Jesus, God The Son) was
    IN NO WAY dependent on the apostate
    psuedo-religious movement sweeping
    America in the name of the “church”.

    If Christ were walking the earth today,
    a lot of these same “religious” types
    would be the first to demand that He
    be ‘crucified’ — and based merely on
    who He chose as FRIENDS (women,
    gays, foreigners, immigrants, the poor,
    the rejected, the downtrodden, the rich,
    men, old, young, happy, sad, and so on).

    The “evangelicals” (not to be mistaken
    for TRUE FOLLOWERS of Christ) and
    other “church” types have essentially
    hijacked the Christian ‘Faith’ in order to
    turn it into a mammon-worshipping,
    power-mongering, “Religion” of hate.

    These people are more akin to a system of
    ANTI-CHRIST (i.e. “against”-Christ) than
    to anything tied into WHO CHRIST IS.

    Their evil has reached such profound levels
    that even people who know and love Christ
    are turned off from them and their words
    (again proving these “church” types are
    really nothing more than anti-Christ,
    self-righteous Pharisees and are not
    even remotely related to Jesus Christ).

    Never again will I waste my time stepping
    into the psuedo-religious social-club that
    is known as “church” or associate myself
    with the political-clique that is known as
    ‘christianity’ — because FROM NOW ON
    — I realize that I do NOT “need” either
    in order to have a relationship with MY
    LORD JESUS CHRIST (in fact, those
    two entities were actually ‘interfering’
    with my relationship with God)

    (no matter if rich, poor, gay, straight, male,
    female, sickly, healthy and so on) — AND
    CHRIST (not the so-called”church”) IS
    ‘THE DOOR’ and ‘THE WAY’ TO GOD!!





    “For God did NOT send His Son
    into the world – to condemn
    the world, BUT that the world,
    THROUGH HIM, might be SAVED !!!!”

    JESUS CHIST – and *not* the institution known
    as “the church” or the religion called “christianity”



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