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MP Angela Eagle defends Australian lesbian minister’s opposition to gay marriage

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  1. Given Eagle’s similar record of fighting for civil partnerships and not marriage equality as part of the Labour Government, this is hardly surprising. Alas, unlike Lord Alli, she has not moved on in her views.

    What people have done before does not excuse their actions now!

  2. Quote: ‘…and historical view around that which we have to respect.’
    Oh – rather like the way ‘immigrant’ Australians treated the Aboriginal population.

  3. “Marriage” a church inspired institution and legal mechanism to hand a woman as property from one man to another. Remind me again why we would want an institution that has been and is the basis for the oppression and sexual subjugation of women? Give them their nasty oppressive institution and then tell them to keep their noses out of EQUAL legal mechanisms between consenting adults.

  4. In their heads, two tiny brain cell run back and forth, hither and thither, but they refuse to look at each other. Oh, the plight of those that do not understand.

  5. Miss Wong reportedly said:”Speaking to Channel Ten this week, she said: “On the issue of marriage, I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious and historical view around that which we have to respect.”

    “The party’s position is very clear and that is an institution between a man a woman. I do respect the fact that’s how people view the institution.”

    This is nonsense, what about those of us who live in the 21st century and who know that same sex marriage is now a reality in several countries which means marriage is already no longer exclusively an institution between a man and a woman.

  6. What about respect for same sex couples who have been treated as, and continue to be treated as, third class citizens in Australia while being expected to pay the same taxes a first class citizens who enjoy privileges which are denied same-sex couples? Australia is such a backward country!

  7. de Villiers 29 Jul 2010, 10:11pm

    > Oh, the plight of those that do not understand.

    Unlike us who do understand, of course. How benighted they are. How anointed are we.

  8. @6our:
    Exactly Ken, respect needs to be a two-way thing or you may as well forget it, in this case I think we may as well forget it. Why tread on eggshells around the sensitivities of homophobes (or rather their total lack of sensitivity).

  9. Uncles toms.

  10. And exactly how does same sex marriage disrespect marriage between a man and a woman?
    These lesbian politicians are so self-loathing it’s beyond a joke.

  11. When I read interviews about people like this it confirms my opinion that a large segment of the population is just thick. Whether it is Wong, Summerskill or Eagle, these people need to get their head examined.

    I really do dislike their type: the type who don’t want to upset the status quo, grovelling and saying thank you a million times when we make a little progress, like we should be thankful, when we shouldn’t be as these are our ****ing rights we are talking about and we should have them, and don’t need to thank anyone when we get them. These types really are pathetic. Yes sir no sir three bags full sir. That is what they are like.

    You know, **** them. We deserve full marriage rights, and nothing less, and we deserve it now. These are our rights we are talking about. There is no room for self pity here. We need to pursue them ruthlessly. Politicians like this need to be shut out.

  12. Australia seems like another planet. As I endeavour good faith, things like these are difficult to understand.

  13. All this chick proves is that the Labor gay mafia stick together whatever! Sick of all the gay syncophants that work for Labor!

  14. Dear Angela
    Yes, you and she have worked towards equality. But why have you stopped short before you reached it?

  15. There were politicians in the American South that supported allowing blacks to eat in the same dining rooms with whites and ride wherever they wanted on public transportation but drew the line at voting rights and integrated schools. If we followed these idiots’ logic they should be admired, promoted and supported for the work they did and should be free from scorn for opposing full civil equality.

    This is EXACTLY what these ignorant dykes are promoting.

  16. Zack using the term blacks is ignorant too

  17. All these countries already have same sex marriage
    South Africa

    Same sex marriage is also available in these jurisdictions

    Mexico: DF
    United States: CT, DC, IA, MA, NH, VT, Coquille

    Marriage is no longer exclusively an institution between one man and one woman, the “tradition” is already broken and there is no going back. Both Penny Wong and Angela Eagle would do well to be highlighting this instead of pointlessly humoring anti-gay rights hetero-fascists who wish to cling to their past days of glory and power.

  18. It’s good to know where opposition to true equality comes from. Disappointing though, when it comes from inside the tent.

  19. what about when there was same-sex marriage about? before Christianity hi-jacked marriage and corrupted it? or is it only the BS religious ideas that should be ‘respected’? surely it makes more sense for marriage to be there for the couples who wants it?

  20. dave wainwright 30 Jul 2010, 9:32am

    full marks for miss Wongs work in 2008 , that was then , this is now, nothing less than full equal human and civil rights is good enough for all of our mothers children , anything less is an insult and we have been insulted enough , no second class status for me thank you very much , I demand the same as my brothers and sisters from our society , full equality in law NOW.

  21. Carl Rowlands 30 Jul 2010, 9:34am

    The Married Womens Property Act 1882 is historical and formed the basis of the legal position of married women for many years. Anna Eagle has made me angry, how dare she confine as second class citizens through a careless comment that will be used against us at every opportunity.

  22. A. MacCurtin 30 Jul 2010, 10:43am

    It’s really easy for people who don’t live in Australia to sit there and angrily bash their keyboards about how much of a failure Wong is – but the reality is that Australia isn’t anywhere near as far advanced in attitudes towards sexuality and other diversities of identity as say a high percentage of the UK is. Gender is constructed differently in Australia, it still retains different meanings, so for people who have no real connection with the country to start lamenting that ‘rights’ don’t just suddenly get forced through against colossal public opposition is a little irritating, to then attack on of Australia’s biggest proponents of LGBT legal rights as being a traitor to the cause, because they see that the fight may be too intense right now, well that’s more than a little irritating. You think that we suddenly just arrived in the position we’re in now at the UK? It took decades!

    What’smore, I can’t see the obsession with same sex marriage – fair enough if you’re religious and want to be able to make a religious commitment to your partner, but marriage is the least popular it’s ever been as a heterosexual institution – it’s so transparently outdated. LGBT people are desperately trying to build their own rights within a framework that simply copies heterosexuality. Why can’t people stop and comprehend the idea that maybe, just maybe, civil unions are superior to marriage? They’re a modern, legal body that attempt to throw off all of the historical baggage.

    can keep marriage as far as I’m concerned.

  23. Kay from New Zealand 30 Jul 2010, 10:59am

    Australia’s Labor Government doesn’t support civil unions either. Is Australia that much behind its neighbour New Zealand which has had civil unions since 2004?

  24. re @22:
    Give all couples the option of either civil unions
    or marriage and let them make their own decisions, that is the way to provide both equality and choice.

  25. Keep blabbing Angela Eagle. You and the Labour Party are rapidly alienating your gay supports through your support of Apartheid.

    We’ll remember your support for homophobia at the next election.

    “Ms Eagle … said that Australian Labor politician Penny Wong should be commended for her previous record on gay rights.”


    And she should also be condemned loudly for her support of homophobic discrimination ie civil partnerships

  26. Why can’t people stop and comprehend the idea that maybe, just maybe, civil unions are superior to marriage?

    Because if civil unions were superior, as you claim, straight people would be calling for them. But they’re not – most simply aren’t interested.

  27. de Villiers 30 Jul 2010, 12:00pm

    > to then attack on of Australia’s biggest proponents of LGBT legal rights as being a traitor to the cause, because they see that the fight may be too intense right now, well that’s more than a little irritating.

    I agree. It is like those people in England on the libertarian right who attack Margaret Thatcher for being a traitor and a socialist sell-out. Politics is always and everywhere a matter of compromise.

    It may be that Ms Wong chose not to press for gay marriage in favour of victories in areas that are currently more winnable such as civil partnerships or anti-discrimination.

    In time, one would hope that the public mood would, after some years of non-discrimination becoming normalised and civil parterships becoming common, present no real opposition to civil marriage.

  28. Paul Brownsey 30 Jul 2010, 1:48pm

    E. Gordon says: ” “Marriage” a church inspired institution and legal mechanism to hand a woman as property from one man to another. Remind me again why we would want an institution that has been and is the basis for the oppression and sexual subjugation of women? Give them their nasty oppressive institution and then tell them to keep their noses out of EQUAL legal mechanisms between consenting adults.”

    But how a thing began and what it has become may be so different that criticism that applies to the former is just beside the point in relation to the latter. I’ve read that some public health measures began because the Boer War revealed our troops were not up to the job. It doesn’t follow we should shun the NHS. (“Who wants a service that began as a way to win imperialist wars?”) So even if marriage began as E. Gordon says (which is in any case doubtful) it doesn’t follow that marriage as it is NOW isn’t something worth fighting for.

  29. Well they’re both lesbian and they’re both from the labour party and both their parties have come out against gay marriage. The UK lab govt argued strongly in a human rights case in that marriage was the traditional one between man and woman. It’s not that surprising that she supports Penny. I also doubt very much if she really know much about her or her boss Julia, who actually happens to be from Barry Island in S Wales, so culturally , historically and relgiously the boss of the lab party in Australia is very close to the labour party in the UK. As for her oppostion Abbot , he was born in te UK. So there really isn’t much difference between us guys, the culture is still basically white british!!

  30. With all due respect to Ms Eagle, we don’t have to respect Senator Wong’s work on Civil Partnerships because Australia doesn’t even have them and in addition to opposing marriage equality Ms Wong and her government also oppose Civil Partnerships. So quite frankly, as an Australian, I see Ms Wong as just another politician who, in addition to her own dignity and civil rights, would probably sell her grandmother down the river for political advantage. We don’t have to ‘respect’ religious beliefs when they result in bigotry and discrimination. Religions should respect that not everyone in this world can or should conform to their beliefs.

  31. We have erm called de facto at fed level don’t we and state domestic partnerships or a mish mash of then – we have NO fed same sex partnerships! We have rights afte 2 yrs don’t we, we have no inheritance tax. What the hell is Angela applauding, she’s only applauding what her las govt also thought the word marriage was, nothing else! Just hope Angela’s new leader kicks her up the ass and tell us her that gay marriage is now labour policy in the UK and then let her give her opinion on Penny!

  32. A MacCurtin, I am Australian and I want to marry my partner and yes, I want to put that certificate framed up on the wall! The Labor Party in Australia has failed gay people and CONTRIBUTED even more homophobia because of its pro Australian Christian Lobby support. Every time the Greens introduce legislation in regard to same-sex marriage watch the Labor Senators run out of the chamber or suddenly find other things to do! I can no longer tolerate Labor politicians who actually support same-sex rights but vote NO because of their party policy! These double-standard politicians are an abomination!

  33. @paul oz – I agree with you – I really do not understgand what heterosexual marriage has to do with gay or same sex marriages. We are not invading on their territory or telling them that they cannot get married. They dribble on about historial whatevers for marriage – Well keep this in mind, duckies, if you keep looking backwards you will never see what wonders lie ahead. Disppointing responses from these two women.

  34. Katie Murphy ex catholci 3 Aug 2010, 2:47am

    Welcome to brainwashing christian style.

    There are books that say that Hitler was a bastard child of a Jewish Doctor.

    And in his Catholic society, that was a fate worse then death. So he hated himself, and flung that hatred out on others. resulting in 55 million deaths. Thanks to his catholic church and its belief that only married hetero people should have sex.

    Everywhere you look, the irrationality and yes hatred of the catholic church is there for all to see.

    Because its rotten to the core, ignorant, hate filled of those who don’t kiss its ass.

    And it knows that if you break the church one way, the whole rotten thing will come tumbling down. Which is well on its way in Europe, happening in South America, and needs to happen in the USA.

    And anywhere the church operates.

    Hardly different then the homophobes who are secretly gay.

  35. Bill Courson 14 Oct 2011, 4:28pm

    Ms. Eagle, Ms. Wong: What part of the word “equality” do you not understand?

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