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Inception star Tom Hardy reveals affairs with men

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Reader comments

  1. Well his wife-to-be is one hell of a lucky lady. I did drool over him all the way thru Inception.

    It’s refreshing to see someone in the public eye who is so blase about the matter. Most actors/actresses/famous people would do ANYTHING to cover something like this up, whereas he didn’t even need pushing on the issue. If only more people in the public eye were as honest and open as Tom.

  2. There’s nothing remotely unusual about a bit of gay experimentation as a young person.

    There is however something highly unusual about a high profile actor being so blase and honest about it.

    Well done Tom Hardy.

  3. John(Derbyshire) 29 Jul 2010, 11:44am

    “finished experimenting”? In reality- it doesn`t happen like that. Lets be realistic and stop kidding ourselves.

  4. So you’re saying, John, that gay people who’ve had straight sex in their youth are actually straight or bisexual, not gay? Doesn’t sound so good the other way around does it! As far as I see it you can get a lot of fun as a man out of having sex with men, but still not be gay. That’s because it’s not about sex, but about who you fall in love with. Note he talks about the “form and the physicality”, but not about love.

    So, as I was saying, there are quite a lot of men and women who later turn out to be gay who’ve had plenty of fun with the “form and the physicality” of the opposite sex, but you wouldn’t imply that they were covering up their straight-ness would you?

    Good on Tom Hardy- who is gorgeous by the way- for being brave enough to admit unashamedly that, like a great many people, he experimented in his youth.

  5. @John:

    Seems to me that you are leaving out the decisive fact that rules our society and the behavior of its members: HETERO-(not HOMO-) NORMATIVITY.

    All that talk about “masculine” and “feminine” demonstrates how deeply men like Mr. Hardy have internalized heterosexist stereotypes and how much they are caught in this heteronormative straitjacket.

    In other words: In a society that indoctrinates every boy from his early childhood onwards in the sense that he is to be heterosexual, that heterosexuality is the “norm”, that he has to live his sexuality with the opposite sex and fall into love with the opposite sex, it is indeed highly probable and understandable that gay boys adopt heterosexual behavior for a certain (sometimes much longer) time, before they realize who they really are.

    On the other hand, it is highly improbable that someone would have relationships and feelings as those described by Mr. Hardy if there wasn’t actually a strong homosexual orientation. The relations of power in our society, however, make sure that such “delinquent” behavior is corrected and men like Mr. Hardy start to live a “normal”, heterosexual life. That’s how social control works!

    And the interview with all its heterosexist stereotypes clearly shows that there is someone desperately trying to convince himself how “free” and “open-minded” he is, whereas he is controlled by heteronormativity in its most obvious form.

  6. Dan Collier 29 Jul 2010, 12:33pm

    Time will tell, I suppose. Refreshing, nonetheless, to see an actor today openly discuss his feelings.

  7. No 5: Sascha: you say “On the other hand, it is highly improbable that someone would have relationships and feelings as those described by Mr. Hardy if there wasn’t actually a strong homosexual orientation. ”

    Tom Hardy does not describe having had ‘relationships’ or ‘feelings’ towards men.

    Pink News claims in the quote under his picture that he had gay relationships.

    What he actually said was that he’d had sex with men in the past.

    That’s a major difference.

  8. John(Derbyshire) 29 Jul 2010, 1:12pm

    Look-the guy has said he`s had sex with other men- but that he was just “experimenting” that it was “just a phase”

    Sorry-I don`t buy it. I`ve met loads of men like Mr Hardy- and belive me ,they are still “experimenting” into middle age!!

    They are just kidding themselves.

    If you`re a straight man you don`t go “experimenting” at having sex with men! Its a ludicrous self-deception.

  9. “Look-the guy has said he`s had sex with other men- but that he was just “experimenting” that it was “just a phase” Sorry-I don`t buy it. ”

    So do you think that gay men who ‘experimented’ with women when they were younger are secretly bisexual?

  10. And exactly how many times have we heard these comments from ‘straight’ men…..
    It really and really is nothing new!
    Anyway who is this bloke and the dross programme he worked on?

  11. Even if his relationships with men in the past _had_ progressed beyond experimentation and involved emotion/romantic feelings, that doesn’t preclude sexual/romantic feelings for women. Sexual orientation is not a binary thing: plenty of people are bisexual/pansexual. What’s unusual, however, is for a male actor to be so candid about his past experiences with the same sex, given the implications for such disclosure on his career. I found his personal reflections on sexuality and gender a pleasant change from the straighter-than-thou protestations of many a male actor.

  12. Muggins, try Google and find out for yourself, rather than ask someone to list his work here. It’s not hard, but I’ll give you a start:

    And it’s polite not to pre-judge people, so if you don’t know who they are or what they do it’s probably best not to label them as ‘dross’. However, based on your prejudices I won’t hold back…

  13. He is gorgeous.

    I saw Inception two times; partly because I didn’t think I totally understood it the first time and partly because I wanted to see Tom Hardy again.

  14. It’s refreshing to hear someone speak in such a matter of fact way. And nevermind how ‘gorgeous’ Tom is – in my opinion, he’s lucky to have such a pretty fiancee! :D

  15. John, you were bound to get jumped on.

    But I agree with you in principle. Whether it applies to Hardy specifically only he knows!

    Check out the Towleroad page of the same and read the poster True Word’s comments. They’re…interesting, shall we say. ;)

    I like Tom Hardy and it makes a change for a male actor to just up and say what’s on his mind without the PR flim flam so good on him. It’s nevertheless a start because he’s bound to get some flack for these words as he becomes more mainstream and the prudes move in on him demanding he explain himself. Esp when he gets into the US more.

  16. @10. Muggins – No, of course it’s not new that it happens, but it is really very new for a masculine, high profile actor to come out and say it, and entirely welcomed. Also, please check imdb to see he’s really not the sort to be wasting his time on an awful lot of ‘dross’. Much love X

  17. Br. Mike Oboza 29 Jul 2010, 11:09pm

    Bisexuals exist… We have a history, politics and activism. Long live birthright!

  18. This was actually taken from an interview he gave to Attitude a couple of years ago hence, perhaps, the line of questioning.
    His attitude towards life is honest, refreshing, and he’s hot as hell. And so unlike American actors, who are mostly humourless and ultra-guarded.

  19. Good for him for being candid, but he certainly does seem to accept a number of rather dodgy stereotypes (not least about actors!).

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