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Gay groups urge Lady Gaga to cancel Arizona gig over immigration laws

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Reader comments

  1. (Tangentially, I *love* the fact this and a couple of other articles have appeared in full in my RSS Reader today. Thank you, Pink News! It makes reading *much* easier.)

    I can’t see why cancelling a concert and disappointing fans local to Arizona is likely to do anything for the opposition to this horrendous law. Apart from anything else, Lady Gaga is known for speaking out against entirely different types of discrimination.

    Fighting the threatened deportation of people from Arizona by shifting all its campaign grounds outside of the state seems a nonsense – surely you should protest your right to stay by.. staying?

  2. Chuckjones 29 Jul 2010, 6:51pm

    Even though a judge has struck down most of the law, the group continues to call for a boycott. I hope that Gaga remains faithful to her thousands of fans who bought tickets and have waited for months to see her perform. If she wants to meet with activists or comment on immigration issues while in AZ, great, but let the concert go on.

  3. I too hope she doesn’t cancel and then gives the Arizona ‘political elite’ a right good dressing down.

  4. Rob San Diego 30 Jul 2010, 8:03am

    I hope she goes and plays her heart out. Fighting for gay rights of legal Americans and all legal gay residents of all nations has nothing to do with the ILLEGAL aliens in America and trying to enforce our borders. A better argument to make to her is ” Lady GaGa, why are you playing in Arizona, there are NO gay people in Arizona?”

  5. ewwww Rob youre a meanie remember 40 years ago you would have been an illegal too such a cliché the oppressed become the oppressors how depressing

  6. What a load of rubbish. What do gay groups have to do with immigration control? They should keep their noses out and their mouths shut since it has nothing to do with groups that represent ‘us’.

    And Dean, don’t be so ridiculous. There is not free movement of the world’s populations and hopefully there never will be. Jumping the border and residing somewhere illegally is… ILLEGAL.

  7. Well said Simon! All those ignorant hard left gay activists who advocate opening the floodgates here to mass immigration and bleat ‘racism’ at any mention of strong immigration control are heaping burning logs on a fire that will soon consume us all as more and more deeply homophobic immigrants swamp our country and the streets run with our blood and one by one, all our hard-won civil rights are removed. Go and look at Northern Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Uganda – all home countries of some of the biggest flows of immigrants into Britain – gay people in these countries are terrified and face constant humiliation, violence and death at the hands of their neighbours and the state.

  8. Simon stop and ask why would someone want to live as a criminal they must be desperate. ” sCafod singles out Jamaica as a country where the CAP regime has caused particular havoc. The dumping of EU skimmed milk powder has devastated the industry, bankrupting local farmers, according to the report”. the eu and us dump subsidised foods in” developing” nations charities dump clothes ruining local businesses and big companies like apple Nike & gap pay rubbish wages. so don’t be suprised when people jump the border.

  9. Wow, do any of you even live in the states?
    Britain is a little island so I’m sure you’re all just happy to blast immigrants with your suburb navy, but America has boarders all around us and we still want to stay civil.
    This law will encourage racial profiling and does nothing to help with immigrants. They already all left Arizona to go to another state, so now our legal immigrants and born Americans will be left to be persecuted.

    I agree that letting people down is the least Lasy GaGa will want to do, but you all criticizing people for not wanting their families to be imprisoned just because we don’t all carry our birth certificates on us is absurd…

  10. What race is an illegal alien? To call SB1070 racist amounts to a bald-faced lie. The US has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to LEGAL immigration. Over 7 million people patiently wait in line, and more than a million are granted entry into the US each year. Armed and dangerous drug and smuggling cartels operate with impunity up to 80 miles north of the Mexican border. The Obama administration has repeatedly refused to enforce the law, and Arizona is merely doing what it must to protect its citizens. Lady Gaga’s fans have spent money in good faith to see her perform- she shouldn’t let political issues interfere.

  11. native Americans are the only legal residents in America so stfu.

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