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UK considering business development options

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  1. Wow, 12,000 downloads: I hope s/he got it to work eventually then. (^_-)

    More seriously, if the iPhone application was downloaded 12,000 times… iPhone browsing accounts for approx 2% of UK browsing [Src: StatCounter]). *If* 2% give us any guide to total site users, Pink-News has 600,000 committed users. That would be quite impressive. But I doubt many more than 300 different people ever submit comments (which is as easy as it gets, since no log-in is required), it would seem only 1 user in 2,000 ever leaves comments… also surprising.

    I’m not eagerly anticipating more “partnering opportunities” with the US, however. Some news from the US is interesting, but PinkNews carries a lot of US news articles which are completely irrelevant to anybody who doesn’t live there. Are we really going to have much more of that??? :-S

  2. Only one full time member of staff? Good job, whoever you are :)

  3. Let me guess, he/she also does sales and advertising.

  4. Benjamin Cohen 28 Jul 2010, 8:16pm

    I thought I’d respond to 1). The 600,000 uniques are not 600,000 individuals. We reach around 400,000 individuals with some readers literally only reading one story in the course of a month while others read almost every story published.

    We have had no reports of anyone having difficulty using the for iPhone app. It’s been given 5 stars by almost every reviewer.

    Yes more content may mean more US content. We’ve a very large international audience that makes up a larger percentage of our readership than our home territory of the UK. Our aim is to be the largest global source of gay news on the web. But what will never happen is to diminish our core UK coverage. Regardless of any potential deal on the table, we’ll keep the number of UK stories on the website the same.

  5. John(Derbyshire) 28 Jul 2010, 8:22pm

    Ben don`t compromise youe editorial independence by selling a share of Pink News to an unsympathetic investor. Its happened before with various sites that have now had their whole ethos modified and reversed as a result.

  6. Rather than more US news which is already widely available, I would like to know more about other parts of the world and particularly Europe (but also Asian, Latin America and Africa). PinkNews seems strangely unwilling to report what is happening at EU level for example (in the ECHU or the parliament).

  7. I’m pretty new to Pink News and only been reading for about 6 months, but I do read it every day and most stories (particulary trans related), I really have to agree with zefrog, news from America is plenty, but it would be realy great to have more news from Europe as well.

  8. But they still continue to censor and ban anybody who slags off their editorials, including me. So much for so-called ‘democracy’
    Typical Labourite approach. Plug yourself to the hilt demanding ‘freedom of information’ and any criticism you block and hide claiming it is in the ‘interests of security’..
    More like you just don’t want to actually show what an inept bunch of amateurs you really are…

  9. I don’t know why people just like to leave comments to post gratuitous insults… Just go to another site if you don’t like this one.

    BTW, I offered my compliments about the site but now I’m regretting it as I’m trying to post on another story and my comments just won’t appear! I’ve tried everything, different browser, different name, different email address… the comment just won’t go through… maybe that’s something that could be fixed?

  10. Of course here it works…

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