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Lord who tabled religious civil partnerships amendment now supports gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. It’s amazing how opposition has focussed the minds of Labourites. I’ve read their additions to the civil partnership debates and none of them suggested anything about marriage equality or the problems civil partnerships might cause.

    I supposed it’s a case of better late than never…

  2. Euan - London 28 Jul 2010, 5:10pm

    It’s patently clear, as it was then, how twistedly ‘pragmatic’ and self hating new labourites were in relation to gay rights and equality. Grandiose star f**king queens deciding on behalf of the rest of us mere civilians what rights were ‘right’ for us. Now we are in a ConDem quagmire… The lost opportunity is almost Shakespearean in its depth.

  3. Euan, it sounds fabulously dramatic, but what exactly are you going on about?

  4. Euan was trying to say Labour shafted us all for pragmatic reasons and now we’re forced to try and get the rights we deserve from a Coalition (ConDem is such a childish phrase) that doesn’t really care.

  5. Another step in the right direction – keep up the pressure we shall get our rights –

  6. Hold on there – this is only one labour lord – something that might disappear in the coalition govt – what exactly are the lab leader canditates saying about gay marriage , are they going to put it into their new agenda and if so are there going to be no consultations with “interested parties” ie inequality does not need consultations.

    Brilliant step forward though for labour!

    That’s all we need now is Stonewall to follow – wasn’t it milliband that said in his interview that he so admired them and that they would never give up until they got a pos response !!! (something like that anyway). I’d love them to get on board and prove him right!

    Nice to see labour not sitting on the fence so much , getting over with losing and starting opposing…

  7. It also interesting how short lived civil unions are – we’ve only had them since dec 2005 and they’re already creaking with age, difficult and time consuming and probaby costly to change and update – I guess other countries have found the same thing, most start off with CP and are moving towards marriage – it’s always been an inadequate and unequal law everywhere….sooner it progresses to the better – can’t keep updating an inadquate law and constantly trying to keep it in line with marriage! what the point?

  8. It is good that the battle for marriage equality is gaining more and more momentum in the United Kingdom.

  9. SamB:
    > It is good that the battle for marriage equality is gaining
    > more and more momentum in the United Kingdom

    It is but please be very skeptical of these PinkNews reports of unprecedented advances. Remember how Jessica Geen reported London’s Mayor had suddenly declared for “gay marriage”, when he was just confused and thought “gay marriage” meant civil partnerships, which is sort of does. PinkNews keeping using that phrase, presumably to pull in people who search on “gay” is causing lots of unnecessary confusion. It is equal marriage we need, not “gay”.

    Lord Ali is apparently confusing CPs with civil marriage (which is actually existing (heterosexual marriage in register offices). Given that he pressed for religious CPs only a few months ago that is not surprising.

    And the consultation that is going on is on how to implement his amendment which is in the Equality Act, not equal marriage.

    Why has Labour changed its tune, if it has? Perhaps because it no longer has the civil service advising it, with all the misinformation from Stonewall and others built in. But it would be unbelievable that Stonewall not still have the ear of Labour and still be feeding them the idea that there is “no need” for equal marriage.

  10. pinknews might get their facts wrong a few times but they seem to be quick enough to realise that gay marriage is an important or even the main gay issue in the UK now – they seem to have something on it each week and the more airplay it gets the better. There is absolutely no point keeping the issue within a small clic of gay organisations which a lot of us don’t trust or have any faith in, it really needs to reach outside the gay community as well and get into mainstream newspapers…

    In addition foreign gay papers and others pick up pinknews news items and it’s good that the UK lab’s brainwashing that the Brtish CP was so admirable and was everything that other countries should be aiming for has also been finally dispelled…

    It may have more rights than other foriegn cps but abroad it is still considered the same…

  11. I suggest we require equal marriage rights immediately and then we need the British Gov’t to insist that the marriages of British citizens are fully recognised when they travel abroad, we urgently need legal recognition for our relationships that will travel with us, perhaps sanctions (for any EU countries at least) who refuse to acknowledge British same sex marriages.
    It’s not asking for a lot it’s a realistic request to be accorded the same rights that heterosexuals already have.

  12. No 9: OATC – you say: “But it would be unbelievable that Stonewall not still have the ear of Labour and still be feeding them the idea that there is “no need” for equal marriage. ”

    At a meeting between Lynne Featherstone and several gay activists recently – it was ONLY Stonewall who refused to support marriage equality.

    Those homophobic Gay Uncle Tom’s at Stonewall have become part of the problem.

    They are no longer part of the solution. They are damaging the chances of getting marriage equality for fear of upsetting their political masters.

    Stonewall has exceeded its ‘Sell by date’ and they need to disband.

    As for Labour – well unless they get on board and support marriage equality then by the time of the next election, and assuming the Tories don’t start reversing gay rights, then there will be absolutely no reason for an LGBT person to automatically vote Labour.

    Labour’s refusal to support equality will damage them with the LGBT voter.

    David Milliband has not learned that yet. And look how his pathetic interview with Pink News has damaged his reputation with LGBT people.

  13. @PinkNews

    any chance you could call Summerskill to account on these pages?

  14. Paul Brownsey 30 Jul 2010, 2:03pm

    Philip wrote (13.): “@PinkNews

    any chance you could call Summerskill to account on these pages?”

    He might well be willing to be called to account. When I sent a donation to Stonewall I wrote that the sum would have been more if Stonewall had been in favour of marriage equality. He wrote inviting me to ‘phone him about the matter.

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