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Best of PinkNews

Best of PinkNews: Why was Opus Dei member Ruth Kelly appointed Minister for Equality?

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Reader comments

  1. I do not see the relevance to this story now as the article itself wasnt clear why this is republished.

    However, my concern for commenting is the last paragraph which states:

    “Her eventual successor as minister for equality, Theresa May actually…”

    How could T. May have succeeded Ruth Kelly? Mrs. May is a Conservative, so that wasnt possible; also, Mrs. May became Home Sec, which the only other women from the Labour days was Ms. Smith.

    Mistakes like this make our dear pinknews look like a joke when re-publishing old stories that have no relevance or bearing to today’s events.

  2. Glenda Jackson, MP for Hampstead and Highgate defended Ms Kelly’s religious views.
    why is this such a suprise ?
    Jackson is backing a religious group (with its hate of GAYS) from Brixton that wants to open a LARGE church Saying “But that do good work with the youth” Yes indoctrinaiting HATE !!!
    You go Glenda I have lost all respect for you as a humanbeing

    As for Kelly Where is she now ???

  3. methinks the former Minister was in total denial; I know a lot of gay women and can spot one a mile off if you get my drift!!!!

  4. Euan - London 28 Jul 2010, 5:02pm

    This article is ridiculous.

  5. The article totally lacked the context of her having previously been responsible, as First Secretary for the Treasury, for the process of registering and the keeping of records of births deaths and marriages, where she was highly instrumental in the Roman Catholic-inspired solutions the government imposed in respect of same-sex couples and transsexuality.

    Ruth Kelly, despite never voting and never appearing in the House was the minister who ensured there was no equal marriage and that a really useful public register solely of same-sex couples was created. And she ensured that a change of sex was not legally recognised, instead some fictional change of gender (RC policy is that sex is not changed, and that became UK government policy, hence talking of “acquiring a new gender”), that those “recognized” were listed on a special register open to many agencies, and that the resulting new and additional birth certificates were easily distinguishable, thus ensuring that everyone, including the RC church, could tell who were these people that the her church lays down are fundamentally disordered and incapable of marriage (also a greater threat to humanity than the destruction of the rain forests).

    Also missing was the context of the Prime Minister who appointed her being a closet Roman Catholic, who came out as soon as he left office, and other powerful minister in closely related offices also being devout Roman Catholics, not least Baroness Scotland, who handled the Lords side of the legislation on same-sex couples and “gender recognition”.

  6. Sorry couldn’t read the rambling article due to her ugly mug alongside. You couldn’t mark her with an axe.

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