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US gay man wins $600,000 after being denied access to dying partner

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Reader comments

  1. Good for him.
    One day, maybe one day, these idiots will realise that they can no longer get away with their prejudices.

  2. The title made me smile at him winning but I do feel bad for that, no money can compensate what he has lost and it’s just an outrageous and ridiculous thing to put someone through a tragic time in their life. Hopefully this will make hospital staff to think twice about doing such an unbelievablly cruel thing again or maybe it might finally show our discrimination.

  3. Dr Boycock 27 Jul 2010, 2:20am

    A terrible story. I remember seeing it when it first broke. Glad to see them being made to pay. Outrageous the way they were treated. And, they have to pay $600,000. Quite a lot more than the $25,000 they got for the couples home… Hopefully, some heads will roll for this!

  4. Dr Boycock 27 Jul 2010, 2:52am

    @3 “WHERE WAS THIS? (ie: Sonoma County means fcuk all for anyone this side of Crapola, Kentucky)”

    It´s in California dear…

    “Why do these fcukwits just copy/paste from news agencies?
    I’ve seen jacket potatoes with more journalistic abilities than these people.”

    Remind me again just HOW MUCH you pay for this free website and gay community news resource???…. (again provided by someone prepared to get off their arses and actually DO something instead of bitching and carping on at others from the comfort of their armchairs

  5. the social worker who “facilitated” this should be sacked and struck off

  6. the social worker who “facilitated” this should be sacked and struck off, bet it was a god loving nutter.

  7. Well-said, Dr Boycock.

    You know you could google “Sonoma County”. The Internet is a wonderful thing.

  8. While it is wonderful that some justice was done, it was as usual, too little, and way too late. Whatever pittance those hoods in government undersold things to themselves for I doubt 600k even put a dent in what was lost to these poor men. I suspect he settled quickly because he was too old and did not have the resources for a long fight. California is hideously expensive, and the wine country is no exception, the last time I was in this area a half mil bought basically a shack, this poor man likely did not “Win” anything, he probably only got back a small portion of what was stolen from him.

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