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Lesbian couple told by Swedish bank to ‘live apart’

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Reader comments

  1. I love this reading the comments from the organisation that get reported or outed in the press; as they always come back with the stock line like this bank did, that they have a policy (is this actually in print and are the staff told this? mmm) and never discriminate on grounds of what ever the offense they have been accused of is.

    This may be true and they just employ mornons as clerk?

  2. Morons or perhaps “people of faith” using their divine discretion.

  3. Galadriel1010 26 Jul 2010, 2:56pm

    It sounds like it wasn’t the bank’s policy, but someone on the desk. Hopefully that person will be disciplined and other staff will be hastily retrained in not being thick or discriminatory.

  4. I wonder why the two of them don’t marry, same sex marriage is legal in Sweden which would mean if they had married, that bank official wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. This only proves how important marriage is.

  5. Bank stories! There would be so many! I fixed the young Homophobic bitch teller who tried to be smart when my partner and I wanted to open a joint account. ‘It’ asked cutely if we were related? I screamed out so loud that everyone could hear in the credit union, that we were so related we had lived together for a number of years and yes, we shared a bed together! The place came to a standstill, the Manager rushed over and it was so very quick that we had our joint account! Don’t let any of these homophobes and nasties Ever play the ‘put down’ and discrimination game.

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