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Gay men and lesbians ‘more likely to use drugs’ than heterosexuals

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Reader comments

  1. Quote: Most of the research relates to gay men and the most popular drugs for this group were cannabis and poppers.
    Yes, well, big deal.
    What’s the problem?

  2. The first is illegal? and the second, well the new ones are pants!

  3. Paul Savage 26 Jul 2010, 11:53am

    So let me get this right!

    They are basically saying that gay men are more likely to take poppers.
    ‘The study authors warned that much of the evidence was “extremely limited and often of poor quality” and although the most comprehensive available, “should be interpreted with caution”.
    Then why the hell publish it then for christs sake.
    If the sensationalist headline form Pink News is
    ‘Gay men and lesbians more likely to use drugs than heterosexuals’
    imagine what the red tops headline will be based on this non survey /report. How much money was wasted on this tripe!

    Yes there are problems and they have top be addressed but on a much more serious level.

    This article quotes a statistic from 10 years ago!!
    ‘a 2000 study of gay men in London gyms found one in seven had used steroids in the last 12 months’.
    Get it together PINK NEWS, a total non story and you should have known better, please dont patrinise us!
    Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s head of policy should not have paid lip service to this never mind thanking the Home Office

  4. Frank: Yes it’s illegal but not a problem (remember that the Government’s drug advisor resigned because of the politicising of drugs policy and gay activities used to be illegal).
    Because something is illegal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.

  5. Can someone please tell me where bears go to the toilet?

  6. Stuart Neyton 26 Jul 2010, 12:07pm

    “Other drugs commonly taken were cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, amphetamine and methamphetamine (crystal meth).”

    Alcohol? Tobacco?

    I agree with Ian Bower, drugs are very politicised and they’re illegality really doesn’t take into account the risks involved. Especially given that cannabis, LSD and ecstasy among other things are less physically harmful and less addictive than both alcohol and tobacco. They should all be legalised, regulated and taxed.

    This study is a complete waste of money. Firstly poppers aren’t illegal (the gay club i go to must regularly sell them) so they have no relevance to the first sentence of this article “Gay men and lesbians are markedly more likely to use illegal drugs than straight people…”.

    I think most people are very well aware of the findings of this study anyway.

  7. “Most of the research relates to gay men and the most popular drugs for this group were cannabis and poppers.”

    Cannabis and poppers????

    Shock! Horror!

    I’d hardly regard either of those 2 drugs in the same category as K or E or coke or meth or alcohol.

  8. Whever released this non study has something bigger to hide. Is there a bill of some sort being released today…….whats the chances……………………?

  9. Stupid homophobic study results. The tory home office trying to paint homos as ‘druggies’, whilst paint heteros as ‘goodies’ for some unknown reason, that as P O’G says will be revealed when the tory party reveal some vile legislation they are planning.

    These heteros love to paint homo stereotypes – now we’re all druggies. The transparency of the heteros vile ways makes me laugh.

    From my experience, there are as many drugs in hetero clubs as there are in homo clubs, if not more. And let’s face it, a drug dealer is hundred times more likely to be hetero than homo. Those bloody hetero drug dealers are always trying to get us homos addicted to drugs.

    I did a study, by looking at the history books, where I found out that heterosexuals are a thousand times more likely to commit gross acts of violence and murder, and a million times more likely to become despotic totalitarian leaders who inflict genocide and torture on innocent vulnerable people. Evil heterosexuals.

  10. Have you HEARD some fo the music played in these clubs? No wonder I used to want to get off my face when I went. It’s crap.
    On a more serious note I can’t see the problem if someone wants to do coke or pills – providing they’re well informed of the risk to their health. After all, the majority of us that have done have well and truly stopped – the honeymoon period soon ends.

  11. So,this ‘study’ reports something most of us already knew/suspected! Big whoopee-do!But,did it also report WHY we take more drugs than our hetty counterparts?!Where will this report take us?Will be targeted by the drug tsar,will we be made to wear signs round our necks identifying us further as undesirable elements in society?Will Jason in Corrie be outed as a horse-hung homo’?Cripes,tune in next week for more asinine drivel,lol!

  12. there is far more recent higher quality research available (a large review paper was released in 2008) that shows that substance misuse is more prevalent (among other findings) and positions this finding within a clear directive for support for LGBT people within the social isolation/family rejection cycle… this paper seems to say nothing new that hasnt already been said better and clearer. so one does wonder the purpose?

  13. This story proves that the media are their own worst enemy. They will report anything to try and be controversial.

    If the news items has to include:-

    “the study authors warned that much of the evidence was “extremely limited and often of poor quality” and although the most comprehensive available, “should be interpreted with caution”.

    I have to ask if it is the public interest to publish such news which is clearly considered inaccurate, report the News as fact, not mere hearsay. You are better than this!

  14. This site is run by self loathing tory homophobes god knows how they got away with it for so long

  15. It’s hardly surprising when we have a ‘community’ that almost entirely revolves around alcohol which, after all, is a very bad drug. We have taken our eye off the ball over the last 15 years in all the excitement over progress and have allowed marketing people, gay businesses and some city councils to exploit and profit from us to the maximum degree and with a complete disregard for the health implications.

    Many gay men in particular seemed to be stuck at around age 15 in terms of maturity and so are suckers for anything harmful that any evil person wishes to ‘push’. Whether it’s drink, drugs or bareback porn.

  16. London Friend 26 Jul 2010, 3:34pm

    Firstly, let’s be clear that this is not a new piece of research, it is a gathering and analysis of all research that has been carried out in this area. It was also funded by the previous Home Secretary and not Teresa May.

    The report has been released at a very useful time. The government is looking to redevelop the whole of the NHS, and they are also in the process of developing a new drug strategy. The findings and recommendations from this research review clearly make the point for the need of more LGBT-tartgeted support services.

    If the government listen to these recommendations our community can hope for a significant increase in government funding to target these growing health issues.

    This is something to be excited about, not pull apart.

  17. Jessica Geen 26 Jul 2010, 3:39pm

    A number of other media outlets have reported on this review. No other outlet, however, has pointed out that the study authors admitted the evidence was “extremely limited and often of poor quality”. We’re just reporting what this government-funded study claims.


  18. Instead of the NHS blowing ever-more public money on targeting these health issues the LGBT community needs to grow up, take responsibility and turn the spotlight onto the people (many within our own so-called community) who create the destructive environments where these issues develop.

    A young gay man or woman comes out and what is on offer these days? Bars and clubs. Pride events that have been stripped of any politics or real culture and are about little more than spending and getting as ‘wasted’ as possible.

    It’s well-known there is connection between alcohol, drugs and unsafe sex. Lives are being destroyed but certain people don’t care providing there’s a nice profit.

  19. Paul Savage 26 Jul 2010, 4:05pm

    No London Friend, i am sorry but the data from this report is out of date, useless and borders on homophobia.
    They have even admitted themselves that the reports findings cannot be taken seriuosly. SEE BELOW;
    ” However, the study authors warned that much of the evidence was “extremely limited and often of poor quality” and although the most comprehensive available, “should be interpreted with caution”.

    Are you reading the same article as the rest of us, or are you like Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s head of policy, thanking the authors for this sensationalising piece of twaddle that reinforces negative stereotypes. Lets stand up for ourselves FFS!

    Lets see how other publications take this shambles for gospel and use it against us.

    Agencies like london friend and Stonewall should get a backbone and spaek oput against it or have you ulterior motives!!

  20. Paul Savage 26 Jul 2010, 4:12pm

    And as for GS, so whos side are you on.
    i know a lot of hetero sexual guys well into their forties who act like 15 year olds given the chance.
    Again you seem to be reinforcing negative stereotypes.
    Remember that the past goverment drug agency advisors resigned because the agency was being politicalised and the goverment is one of the ‘evil pushers’ of alcohol and cigarettes which kill thousands of homo and hetero sexuals every year. Thank You.
    But stop talking nonsense.!!!

  21. It’s not 100% clear whether the Pinknews article was simply a ‘lift’ from a press release they were supplied with or a badly written article. There are a few things to note. Firstly, the articles title relates to drug use and later in the article it refers to drug abuse. These are two entirely different things. People can be recreational users of some illegal drugs without it ruining their lives (apart from breaking the law) just the same as people can be recreational drinkers. Some people unfortunately abuse drugs and it wrecks their lives. Far more people have their lives wrecked by alcohol and tobacco each year than ‘recreational’ drugs.

    The real issue though as I see it is not a about recreational drugs its about criminalising the people who use them. If LGBT people are more likely to use recreational drugs than straights then LGBT people are more likely to be breaking the law in relation to this and thus face prosecution.

    The other badly worded element is around ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ and ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’. While the use of anabolic steroids has it’s dangers the article again makes the mistake of confusing ‘use’ with ‘abuse’. Furthermore, possession of steroids isn’t an offence as such it’s the supply thats illegal. Also, the use of Viagra isn’t illegal as such – supply without a prescription is an offence (like steroids).

    Ultimately, it’s a badly prepared bit of research that’s been badly reported. There are issues relating to drug abuse within the LGBT community – generally linked to issues of self-worth where people are intentionally placing themselves in harms-way but this is limited and should be seen for what it is and dealt with as such.

  22. @Paul Savage – it isn’t about being on any ‘side’. Just open your eyes and look around. Traditionally there has been a higher incidence of alcohol abuse in the visible LGBT community for many years, whether the rest of society has now caught up I don’t know. But it doesn’t alter the fact that the visible LGBT community has a gigantic problem with alcohol.

    However I suspect this may be another crackpot piece of research that is based on a small sample of ‘readers of Gay Times and Diva’, club goers and other ‘easily-accessible’ gays. Most LGBT adults are aged over 40 and it’s hard to believe that 30% to 50% of them will have taken illegal drugs in the last year.


  24. It seems that everyone here realised how redundant this study is which just leaves me laughing at the irony that the study was also “extremely limited and often of poor quality”, not only was it useless but it is so poor it’s statistics are pretty much worthless, not that I can think of any use for the statistics but it would be the only reason I can think of for doing this study.

  25. Does the gay community down Vauxhall way have a drug problem? Those taking the drugs – g, k, meph etc – are likely to say no but are in denial. They blame the mixing of alcohol when someone becomes catatonic on g, never the g. The clubs openly allow dealing; they permanently man medic rooms waiting for the next victim. A person a week dies at St Thomas’s hospital from overdosing whilst clubbing. And the gay community laughs all this off on the grounds of liberation and the rights of responsible adults to self-harm. Welcome to a world on Fire where friends step away from their so-called responsible chums to let the paramedics in. This report doesn’t get close to the heart of a major problem that is hollowing out our wonderful community. X

  26. Lets also remember that the LGBT community are statistically more likely to TELL THE TRUTH – as we live our lives outed with little to be ashamed of – survey findings can only be based on individuals ‘coming out’ with the truth – hetrosexuals are more likely to deny – refute and LIE. We see no shame in the hedonism of recreational drug use – do we?

  27. These stories always point out the gay commentators who are anti-gay – GS, Blossom, Spanner, etc etc. All of them falling into the stereotypes painted for them by homophobes. Yes certain gay clubs are full of drugs, guess what, so are straight clubs. It don’t matter if you’re gay or straight, humans take drugs.

  28. a research study is pointless when a proper meta analysis (including *only* studies of a defined quality of design) has already been done and is in the domain. replication like this achieves nothing. why did the home office not look at what was already out there – a systematic review funded by the department of health in 2008?

  29. @Jay – part of the problem is that when anyone speaks up immediately they’re labelled ‘anti gay’ or a homophobe by people like you. Even if they happen to be gay themselves. I wonder what your motive is?

    It isn’t anti-gay to be critical of the pink pound lifestyle and of commercial interests that exploit people to the point of destroying their health.

    People within our own community are partly to blame for strange survey results and news stories like this because of the way they manipulate stats and figures for political and commercial reasons. The results from small surveys of clubbers and the readers of gay magazines are extrapolated to cover the whole 6.5% of the UK population that is reckoned to be LGBT (that in itself is a nonsense figure I would suggest). At least one third of those people will be aged over 50 by the way!

    The gay marketing people and our self appointed ‘community leaders’ can’t have it both ways. If they pretend for commercial and political reasons that ‘all’ gay people go to Pride and hang out in gay village areas, when actually only a tiny percentage does, then they can’t really complain when a survey of those particular people reveals high drug use and the media then makes the mistake of presenting that as if it something that affects all gay men and lesbians.

    Gay marketing people pretend that every one of

  30. Oops typo! Ignore that last line :)

  31. Don’t think I suggested the drug
    problem is exclusive to gay clubs or even all of gay clubs. It isn’t. How peculiar that pointing out the negative impact – social and medical – of certain drugs should trigger comments of being anti-gay. There’s nothing homophobic in recognising that there’s a serious drug problem centred around Vauxhall and it’s trashing the lives of hundreds of men – but that’s ok because, hey, they’re responsible (addicts) and it would be homophobic to criticise the situation. What nonsense X

  32. Load of rubbish, sexuality doesn’t make you take drugs the person does. It’s an individual thing

  33. @Adam – but there is intense pressure to conform to what other people are doing. Especially for gay men as most of the marketing and commercial exploitation is aimed at them.

  34. i like drugs, especially ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, weed and amt.

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