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Best of PinkNews

Best of PinkNews: The “ethical” banks that snubbed civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Nevillee and Joe 26 Jul 2010, 10:14am

    We are still with LloydsTSB! We did appreciate the campaign by ‘Pink New’ to get financial institutions and others to recognise civil partnerships on their documentation. Things seem to have changed in that we have not come across the absence of the term ‘civil partnership’ on insurance company quotation forms etc. This is a welcome development.

  2. Tim Hopkins 26 Jul 2010, 10:55am

    Coinicidentally a colleague and I were speaking just before Pink News put up this story, about the fact that the paper forms that the Coop Bank are using still do not include civil partner as an alternative to married. And that’s 2 3/4 years after this story was originally reported!

  3. Even though I am happily Civil Partnered I guess this proves that had we been given full marriage rights the Co-op’s arguement about costs would never have had to be raised as an excuse/issue!

  4. Exactly the point, if we had full civil marriage equality this wouldn’t even be an issue. It only demonstrates how unequal civil partnerships as well as regarded not as important as marriage. The fact that it is under no legal obligation to provide a civil partnership option in its application forms is proof positive that these legal unions are not equal to marriage in any way shape or form. Having similar rights under a different name is nothing more than state sanctioned segregation aided and abetted sadly by none other than StonewallUK who work against fully equality by supporting the ban on our right to marry including some who post here. Ten countries have proved that giving people rights under different names has nothing to do with full equality which is why they abandoned the mish mash of varying legal unions for same-sex couples. Just because a gay person doesn’t believe in marriage or want to marry doesn’t mean that those of us who do should be banned. They should be supporting us not opposing us. What is the harm anyway? Do we marriage supporters call for a ban on civil partnerships? NO! So why do our gay opponents led by StonewallUK oppose our right to marry the person we love? There is absolutely no rational argument or reason to keep the ban in place, none. This is more about discrimination and homophobia, sadly supported by some of our own by their opposition and inaction.

  5. Stuart Neyton 26 Jul 2010, 1:32pm

    The co-operative bank has always been good in promoting LGBT equality. They told Christian Voice (the group run by that vile homophobe Stephen Green) to use a different bank because of its stance on homosexuality. It’s just a shame that things like this are overlooked.

    “This is a classic example of why Civil Partnerships should be completely dropped, and defined simply as a marriage.”

    I agree.

  6. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Jul 2010, 2:27pm

    My goodness.

    The word’s “Ethical” and “Banks” used in the same sentence…..

    Your kidding….. Right.

  7. The Co-op isn’t as ethical as it pretends. In this Northumbrian village the Co-op arranged a ten-year restrictive covenant on the only other shop premises, so it could prevent any rival opening. A local councillor did a survey and found where the Co-op has a monopoly it charges higher prices.

    So much for ‘fair trade’!

  8. OurBankWasConfusedButHadCivilPartnershipOption 11 Jan 2011, 10:45pm

    I just checked the site and the option for married is now married/civil partnership. See guys, it wasn’t that hard. Just somebody typing a few extra letters into a field. Maybe extending the length of the field. You might want to get a new IT department if it took them that long and they charged you those huge amounts of money!!!

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