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Seven gay couples sue Montana for domestic partnerships

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  1. I would like to see the position of people opposed to same sex marriage, clearly and accurately presented. Because, being a Lesbian myself, I can’t think of a valid reason that someone else’s opinion can dictate the course and legal validity of my personal relationship. People can have their opinions all they want, just as I do, but that doesn’t mean that they can dictate the course of my life with their opinion. I am a law abiding, tax payer, who is in a relationship that is not illegal. I’m not in to polygamy, pedophilia, or beastiality. I am in a perfectly legal, monogamous loving relationship and would like to marry the mate of my choice. Why then, can’t I do that? Because someone next door might be grossed out or believe it’s immoral? Why do they get a say in my personal choices? I don’t get to go over to their house and tell them who to choose as their mate. And some may say that gay marriage will lead to other things becoming legal, like Polygamy or Beastiality or incest. I find this ridiculous because those things are illegal for many reasons, that have nothing to do with a loving same sex relationship. Gay people are already in relationships. We are already raising kids. Our personal lives are already in full swing, and perfectly legal. Why then can’t we have the legal protections? And if it’s said that gays aren’t as faithful or monogamous, if it’s said that we are promiscuous, I would direct whoever is saying that to look at heterosexual marriages as well, and see that there’s the same percentage of people who will stay, as who will stray in both camps. And the ones who are not monogamous, don’t care to have the right to marry anyway. So it’s just those of us who want to make a family like everyone else. And if people are worried about the influence on children, I would again like to point out that gay relationships are already out there. It’s best that they are informed of the existance of same sex relationships, and at the same time the children need to be taught age appropriate information. No second grader needs to be taught about sex of any kind, unless their own parent teaches them. Beyond the health issues, no sex “education” should be taught at school. That being said, it is a health issue to have sex of any kind, and children as young as 12 ARE engaging in sexual relations of different kinds. They need to know how to protect themselves and be informed! It’s the same issues as if a school is teaching the kids about anal sex between heterosexuals (which is very popular, in case you haven’t noticed!), or any other form of sex between different sex couples. The balance needs to be struck between gratuitous “teaching” and protecting the kids’ health. But no matter what kind of sex they are being taught about or informed of, it needs to be appropriately done. Hearing about sex isn’t going to sway any kid from one side to the other. It didn’t with anyone that I know. Those of you out there who are heterosexuals, does knowing about gay sex make you want to go out and do it? Would it have when you were a kid? For me that answer is no!

    So yes, I would LOVE to hear what the opposition has to say, and what possible reasonable grounds they have to believe that they can step into other people’s personal lives and impose their view or opinion. How is it legal and fair for others to choose to my mate, when we’re already in a legal relationship?

  2. I completely agree Theresa, that is a very truthful and well put together comment

  3. I think that there are going to be a lot more legal suits around the world, especially against religious organisations for discrimination, their constant homophobia and attacks on our basic human rights.

  4. Joseph St.John-Gabriel Denby 24 Jul 2010, 11:12am

    Theresa, I think you have hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

  5. Great comments, Theresa. I, too would like to know why these people are allowed to decide something which does not, in all honesty, affect them. Heterosexuals can have a legal marriage in Canada. My spouse and I did as well, but while their marriage is legally protected and given all the various protections, my marriage has NONE of them. I am sick to death of being treated like a second-class citizen. Even where my marriage is recognised, my spouse and I are given none of the federal protections which are given to any heterosexual couple who legally marries.

    My spouse and I, like Theresa and her spouse, are a loving, monogamous couple. We are quite private and certainly do not “flaunt” ourselves in public (that is asking to get beaten up or worse in most parts of this land of “freedom”. But we have been called names and spat at by those who feel they should be permitted to judge those whose lives do not afftect those of the haters in any way–and they think that depriving us of our civil rights is their god-given RIGHT!

    I hope more gay and lesbian couples sue states where they never had rights to begin with as well as those where our rights were taken away by public plebiscite. I hope they succeed to the point where bigoty becomes too expensive to maintain.

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