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Religious protests permitted at Belfast Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I hope that there’s a large contingent of people on the Pride Parade wearing ‘Jesus was Gay!’ t-shirts.

    Even though Jesus is a fictional character, it REALLY upsets the religious extremists to see people wearing those t-shirts.

    The Sandown Presbyterian Church are a pack of insane bigots.

  2. To be honest stephen, the organisers have made it clear that they want the protesters to be ignored, it simply gives the protesters more ammunition next year when they challenge the parade.

    Their intention is not to simply protest about homosexuality but to have the parade stopped. One of the groups is called the Stop the Parade Coalition. They will and have collected every bit of nonsense they can find and explore every avenue to achieve this. They do not care if the reason to stop the parade is religious, or of public decency or order. Please do not encourage people to give them ammunition, just let people enjoy the day and forget about the protesters.

  3. Why don’t they save themselves the bother and come over to Birmingham in the Autumn and protest against the anti christ????? (AKA RATZY!)

  4. Sandown Free Presbyterian Church …. Northern Ireland’s equivalent of Westboro Baptist Church in the USA. Sad, hate-full, bigoted numpties exist everywhere.and the best way to really piss them off is to TOTALLY ignore them!
    You’ll see more true Christianity amongst those in the Parade than you’d ever find among those protesting against it!!!

  5. Belfast’s Parade Commission was right to not ban SFPC from ‘demonstrating’ at Belfast Pride.Everyone must retain the democratic right to demonstrate and protest.The good folk who attend Belfast Pride,gay and straight,will be better served by simply ignoring SFPC and getting on with enjoying their day!Good luck and happy celebrations to you all.

  6. i think its good that they will be protesting it makes them look like old backward fools who show hate not love free speech and freedom in general is highly important im gay and im a pagan so SFPC have all the more reason to hate me lol if i do see them at the parade I will go over to them not to show hate to them but to give them a hug and say a blessing for them

    it this world today we must fight hate with love kindness tolerance and acceptance other wise we make are selfs hypocrites blessings of love and light

  7. As a devout Catholic and openly gay, these people do not represent my and indeed the vast majority of Christians out there, I hope people just ignore these bigots.

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