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Dan Choi fired under military gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. That was inevitable though. Sadly.

    Dan Choi received an ‘honourable discharge. Is that standard practice or do the victims of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell witchhunts normally receive a ‘dishonourable discharge’.

    Does anyone know?

  2. You normally receive a Less Than Honorable discharge or Dishonorable. He was lucky with his Honorable. They probably did that since he is in the spotlight but countless other have been discharged more harshly. Good for Dan.

  3. Disgusting! America deserves no respect. It clearly has no place in the modern 21st Century world along with the likes of Iran, they are No different!

  4. Disgusting, ridiculous, annoying, shameful, etc are all very kind word to describe America’s awful and disdainful policy of wanting gallant soldiers to live and remain a lie through the best part of their lives. A point when they are doing what the most believe in and proudly wearing their national colour… it is just totally destructive.

  5. i realy dnt get it. why are there gay military people in america. why risk your life for a country that wont acknoledge your exploits and treats you like crap. i guess there people are just far better than me in some respects. but i must say i just realy dont get it.

  6. The US is the most backward country in the civilised world. Shame on all Amercians for this disgusting act of discrimination.

  7. As Commander in chief president Obama is ultimately responsible for this human rights violation. Don’t ask don’t tell (DADT) is still in place despite the promise to repeal it by Obana during his election campaign.

    Obama should have that Nobel peace prize striped from him.

    It seems to me the Hague would be a better place for Obama to get his just reward for crimes against the LGBT!

  8. America, Land of the Free? What a Joke!

  9. i love the USA but even I am beginning to come round to thinking we should be more in with Europe than the USA. The US appear to keep knocking the UK of late – they should remember its the UK thats supporting their war agenda in many parts of the world and no one else

    This act show how backward they are In the States we always believe the US was ahead in everything -thats no longer is the case.

  10. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Jul 2010, 9:46am

    This is really no different from the American mind set that
    allowed for the McCarthy witch hunts and racial segregation.

    It always seems to be black and white, them or us.

    Freedom vs Communism
    Black vs White
    Straight vs Gay.

    They never learn do they.


  11. No surprize, as someone has already said. And Abi, you can’t still be expecting anything helpful for gay Americans from the false, lying Back-track Obama? On the other hand, this guy isn’t to a hero to us all. And as a civilian he can’t go back to Iraq and kill and maim and torture with the impunity the occupying forces enjoy. That’s a silver lining.

  12. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Jul 2010, 10:37am


    Dan Choi was an Arabic linguist.

    “He is one of 60 Arabic linguists thought to have been discharged under the 1993 policy,”

    Someone who is rather useful in wars with Arab countries.

  13. Jonni – because some of us have personal reasons or desires to go into the army and defend the country we love, continue family traditions, etc. Whether you agree with the war doesn’t really matter, but coming from a traditional southern family in America, I understand why people want to join the army, even if I myself do not plan to do so.

  14. I do think America will get there, but it will b a long road with several twists. At the moment, it’f just fine and dandy for you to put your neck on the line FOR the US, take a knife, a gun, a beheading, a bomb, in its name and service on the battlefield…umm, as long as you don’t say you’re gay.

    What a farce.

  15. Inevitable – probably!

    DISGRACEFUL – ABSOLUTELY! The Pentagon should hang its head in utter shame!

  16. Dr.Guthrie. I am fully aware of that. I too, am able to read and research. Nonetheless, this man was a part of the occupying forces. Even you cannot alter that, and it is they, and the fact of their being so, that I condemn.

  17. Mihangel apYrs 24 Jul 2010, 4:33pm

    what is “amusing” is that an out LGBT person will be retained if there are operational needs, and then be tossed out when(if??) they get back from the front line.

    THAT is hypocrisy

  18. No different than Iran? Oh come on. We’re obviously much worse.

  19. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Repr.), and Harry Reid (President of the Senate) have REPEATEDLY refused to suspend dismissals under DADT, until Congress can vote repeal of the act. Dan Choi is a Gay-American hero, whose example is in the finest tradition of military service. A humiliating survey of military personnel is still in progress.

    In 1948, Pres. Harry S. Truman integrated the Armed Forces (over strong and repeated opposition of military leadership and rank and file) by executive order. Overnight, Black soldiers began to dine/share barracks/share shower stalls, with their white counterparts, and no survey was taken or needed. Truman had the guts to do the right thing. Obama and the democrat leadership are MIA. Truman lived by the maxim “The buck stops here.”

  20. Mihangel apYrs 26 Jul 2010, 7:00am

    The difference between leadership and management, a leader takes decisions, a manager covers his a*se

  21. The whole of the American army should do a “I’m Spartacus” style outing with EVERYONE gay or straight to stand up and say “I’m Gay”!
    I’d have thought this sacking for being gay is unconstitutional. Everyone created equal under god…unless you’re a agy soldier!!!

  22. Jerry – they actually did survey troops on how they felt about integration at the time, and I think it took years for Truman’s order to be carried out fully. This whole shambolic farce is still painful to watch, though.

    If all the gays came out overnight, the military would probably respond the same way they do to their now semi-regular gay porn scandals – pursue a few of the highest-profile cases that can’t be ignored, sweep the rest under the rug, and act like the whole thing never happened. DADT has always been capriciously enforced, and never more so than when we’re at war.

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