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Middle East

Tel Aviv to rebrand itself as gay destination

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Reader comments

  1. yeah no thanks…. gay people aren’t that desperate just to ignore the disgusting human rights abuses Isreal contnues to commit. Isreal may have stronger gay rights compared to its neighbours but it does not excuse any of the atrocities that it inflictis on the palestinian people. I for one would think twice about buying products produced in israel let alone visting there.

  2. As a gay man, I donot think israel uses its propaganda to be the friend of “gay people in the world” to hide its heinous crimes. My heart cried a lot when I saw a dead child in the hands of his mother killed by the IDF (ofcourse on al-jazeera). AS A OPENLY GAY MAN I WILL NEVER VISIT TEL AVIV!!!(THE CITY WHICH IS CONTROLLED BY MURDERERS!)

  3. As a gay man, I do think israel uses its propaganda to be….. (correction in my comment

  4. Aussie Kieran 23 Jul 2010, 7:42am

    What do the Palestinian people expect is going to happen when they elect a terrorist organisation such as Hamas as their government! There’s two sides to every story retards… you expect a country like Israel to be full of tree hugging liberal hippies like yourselves when they are surrounded by a whole mob of muslim countries who want them destroyed!!!

  5. The situation in the middle east is a lot more complex than any of us outside that area can even begin to comprehend. Speak to people on both sides of the argument and they are, basically, saying the same thing. People living in Israel have to live with regular attacks on them from people in neighbouring countries. People in those countries have to put up with attacks from Israel. A clear case of two wrongs making nothing right.

    I am proudly visiting friends in Israel later this year, with the blessing of my Palestinian ex-boyfriend.

  6. Let’t bear in mind that Tel Aviv is spending only £57,000 on this project.

    That’s hardly going to make people forget that last year a gunman walked into a LGBT Youth Centre in Tel Aviv, opened fire and murdered 2 people and injured 15 people.

    And the killer is still on the loose.

    There are any gay friendly Meditteranean cities that are just as welcoming, but without the security and human rights concerns that Israel has.

    Barcelona or Majorca or Cyprus are much better bets for a nice Med holiday.

    I’ve been to Israel on a few occasions with work and each time I was appalled by the rudeness and disrespect shown by the airport and customs security towards non-Israeli visitors. I don’t like visiting countries where the security seem to be trained to treat people like dirt.

  7. When Tripoli, Cairo, Amman, Gaza City, Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and other cities across the vast Arab and Muslim world begin marketing themselves as gay destinations, well, that will be a day to celebrate.

  8. End the illegal occupation of Isreal and the human rights abuses the Zionist state commits!!


  9. dave wainwright 23 Jul 2010, 9:58pm

    I for one shall not be contemplating visiting Tel Aviv or Israel as a protest at the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people , I was once a supporter of Israel but in view of the continuing siege of Gaza and other human rights abuses by Israel I now no longer recognise Israel as a country, in now reer to it as Palestine .

  10. dave wainwright 23 Jul 2010, 9:59pm

    re. above, for reer please read refer

  11. samuel nelson 24 Jul 2010, 12:45am

    l blowing up a gay bar, by the right wing asshoes —- i had planed t visit but no longer

  12. No 7: Jonathon: you say: “When Tripoli, Cairo, Amman, Gaza City, Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and other cities across the vast Arab and Muslim world begin marketing themselves as gay destinations, well, that will be a day to celebrate.”

    You excluded Beirut in your list of cities there.

    Beirut is the gay capital of the middle east.

    It’s a fun town (and they are a lot kinder than the Israelis seem to be)

  13. Jess Conrad 25 Jul 2010, 8:57am


  14. And what do all those gay human rights activists say about being put to death if you are gay in Gaza…or locked away and beaten up in Ramallah….sure that doesnt really matter (we talking human rights here..not gay rights)…sure we dnt REALLY care about what the hell happens in Gaza anyway (you not suppose to take this human rights stuff too seriously)…because its what you suppose to say, Free Palestine, Two legs good four Legs bad…blah blah blah


    Exactly, we need the palestinians to be even more free to kill their gay and lesbian children in honour killings. That’s why all the lesbian and gay palestinains try to get into Israel where they are safe, but of course, no one want to talk about that.

  16. “Beirut is the gay capital of the middle east”

    Sure, if you don’t mind looking out for gay bashers all the time. And don’t forget, you have to stick to the christian quarters – it’s not all of Beirut that’s the gay capital of the arab world.

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