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Peter Tatchell confronts BNP leader Nick Griffin

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 22 Jul 2010, 6:15pm

    there’s a video on the BBC website here.

    Well done Peter!

  2. Paul Halsall 22 Jul 2010, 6:37pm

    Great work, Peter.

  3. Awesome video. I suspect the police should have a serious chat with the guy who assualted Peter on camera not least because he appears to try and push him down some stairs.

  4. Thatchell wanting the limelight yet again…what a f***** moron this guy is. Should be done for a section 5 public order offence,
    BBC Security should have made sure this outburst did not happen within their building, then again they probably set the thing up in the first place

  5. ‘Peter Tatchell confronted Nick Griffin today over his party’s… verbal attacks on Muslims.’

    Why did he do that? Why is he defending a religious group that, by and large, is horrifyingly homophobic, sexist, in favour of the death penalty and et cetera?

  6. Why is it when we work or visit Muslim cpunrty’y we have to abide bt Islam rule’s or like in Saudi the fatwa paint womansexposed legs and arms Yet they come here and seem to have more rights than the true brittish

  7. Why is Peter Tatchell defending the rights of muslims not to be victimized by the BNP? Because he believes in universal equality, that’s why. The right not to be harassed and victimized, like the right to free speech, is only worth anything when we extend it to people we don’t like just as much as to people we do.

    This is what makes our moral standpoint superior to those of theocrats and bigots – we respect even those who wish us harm enough to fight for their human rights when infringed.

  8. So there you have it, Nick Griffin really is the gutless coward we all suspected he was.

  9. The video did remind me of something out of Byker Grove for some reason though, school stairways and cowardly bullies etc.

  10. Go Peter!

  11. I’m glad Peter Tatchell’s on our side! A good man indeed X

  12. Peter Tatchell. What a legend.

  13. After just seeing Thatchell on news at ten no wonder he’s a f****** wanker

  14. I have a large amount of respect for Peter, but I didn’t realise he was in the habit of sticking up for the Muslims, and I’m slightly disappointed. How many Muslims would go out of their way to defend him? Or speak out against anti-Semitism or homophobia? Out of all the groups the BNP victimize, why concentrate on them?

  15. Sister Mary Clarance 22 Jul 2010, 10:29pm

    “Yet they come here and seem to have more rights than the true brittish”

    Westy, they probably ‘seem’ to have more rights because you’re maybe a wee bit of a rascist I’m guessing. Deal with that and it will probably ‘seem’ they have exactly the same rights.

  16. @liam

    I totally agree. The BNP and Islam are two sides of the same coin. It is ridiculous for a liberal to defend one and criticise the other.

  17. Peter is a w****k and should get a propper job instead of begging people to donate to him through his dodgy website!

    He should also be arrested for public order offences.

  18. 21stCenturySpirituality 22 Jul 2010, 11:16pm

    @ Andy & Anon..whose side are you on! Obviously not the side of freedom of thought, conscience and religion, or the side of equality and justice for all without discrimination.

  19. Round 2
    Papal visit.
    September 2010………………..?

    Already got me popcorn; the best seat in the house (well the only one actually); the phone will be off; the KFC will have already been delivered.

    I haven’t been this excited since me Aunt Cissie got her tits caught in the mangle in February 1952.

    I didn’t go to school that day but I later found out that it was because the King had died and had nowt to do with Aunty’s mis-hap.


  20. Looks like gays can be racist too, who’da thunk it?

  21. @Matt

    I don’t think anyone has said anything racist – unless, of course, you are one of those devious people who think that Islam is a race.

    My/Our Hero!

  23. Dr Boycock 23 Jul 2010, 4:56am

    Well done Peter! Thanks for taking a stand and doing the things that many of us won´t/can´t do. More power to you my friend!

    When his ´critics´ on here and elsewhere have done just 1/10th of what Peter has for justice and equality, come back and I (might) listen to you!

  24. Mihangel apYrs 23 Jul 2010, 7:20am

    human rights are indivisible: if you can remove or diminish them for one group (no matter how odious) youi can remove them for anybody.

    Tatchell is a brave man, as can be seen from his history. He may also be annoying, self-centred and self publicising, but he does a valuable job: his critics ought to consider what they’d risk for liberty abnd equality

  25. de Villiers 23 Jul 2010, 8:07am

    I can’t help thinking that this has given Mr Griffin more publicity than he would otherwise have had.

  26. Imagine the Duke of Edinburgh’s face when told he won’t be able to discuss “slitty eyed natives” with Nick Griffin(must have ruined his day!) What ever you say about peter Tatchell, at least he confronts these people and as to the Papal showdown, can’t wait!!!

  27. Sindona Taglioni 23 Jul 2010, 10:00am

    I use to look upon Peter as a near God standing up for our rights until I became a victim of homophobia in the Police and Peter ignored my pleas for help as did Stonewall, why? The Force was paying Stonewall to get on the Diversity Champions List. Peter gets paid giving lectures to the organizations on the list. UNISON will not recognize the list for that reason. Before Peter goes attacking the BNP for being homophobic he wants to confront the fact the Diversity Champions List allows victims to be created as Stonewall and Peter will not help you if it might affect their bank balance.

  28. Well at least Nick Griffin got to meet one queen yesterday….:-)

  29. dave wainwright 23 Jul 2010, 11:00am

    much maligned over the years particularly by so called gay men , Doctor Peter Tatchell has stood alone tirelessly confronting homophobia and human rights inequalities for 40 years , an amazing man whose historic role in our liberation should not be demeaned nor his importance under estimated . Nick griffin will have to resign now , seen off by a poof and a Queen in the same 24 hours :)

  30. @26 “I can’t help thinking that this has given Mr Griffin more publicity than he would otherwise have had.”

    Yeah… Let´s just have a total news blackout! (Not!)

    This odious BNP bigot was ALREADY getting publicity after being banned from the Palace. (wasn´t he confronted by Peter LEAVING the BBC?)

    Peter at least got the other side of the BNP ´out there´ in the news also… which, of course, is exactly the point of ´direct action´.

    My regret is that the ´powers that be´ will not let Peter Tatchell anywhere NEAR his popeiness when he is in the UK. A great shame, but that does not stop everyone else protesting at this abomination of a visit.. (all at our expense).

    The pope is coming here to preach to us how ´sinful and corrupt´ we all are, how wrong the British government was to pass equality laws for us ´deviants who are a threat to humanity´…

    Yeah… There should be bloody on the streets wherever this man goes! He and his cult are the biggest threat to humanity because of the (undue) power they still wield in the world.

  31. Dr Boycock 23 Jul 2010, 1:51pm

    Yeah… Knew it! Just heard on the wires that International arrest warrants, and the rights of magistrates to issue arrest warrants in cases of ´crimes against humanity´ etc are now to be handled by the Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer, QC. This is a deliberate attempt by the government to stop anyone, (sex-abuse victims included) in applying for, and getting, an arrest warrant during the popes visit!

    I KNEW IT.

    Another case of the British government bowing to his popeiness.. Still does not stop us making his visit a PR misery for his odious cult though.

  32. To all of those who denigrate Peter, tell us what exactly have YOU done for full equality lately? If it weren’t for Peter, there would be no marriage equality movement happening in the country, he stuck his neck out where others wouldn’t dare to ever go, among other things he’s defended, not just for gay people but for straights alike. Another things, not all muslims are homophobic, many are, but not all. Don’t write off an entire race of people for the actions of others who are nothing more than ignorant and stupid. I don’t care much for Islam or any other religious cult for that matter, but I defend their right to say whatever they want as I do gays who hurl racist comments, among other things, which doesn’t mean I support racism or agree with what they’re saying, far from it. Peter stands for equality and justice for all, regardless of one’s gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs or lack thereof. What could be more democratic than that? Griffin exemplies all that is evil and bad in a human being. Peter has the courage and the guts to take these people on. Ask yourselves, what have you done lately? Would you put your lives on the line to stand up for what is right? I don’t think so. Well done, Peter, long may you flourish. If anyone deserves the Nobel peace prize, it is you!

  33. Westy – if you’re going to spout little Englander views, at least learn how to spell ‘British’! One ‘t’ and a capital ‘B’ please.

    Or perhaps you’re a foreigner. Or illiterate.

  34. as much as I dislike the BNP, did Peter Tatchell really think shouting “homophobe!” at Nick Griffin is going to have any kind of effect at all? He’s previously said people like the BNP should just be ignored. this was a feeble attempt that probably didn’t bother griffin in the slightest

  35. Sister Mary Clarance 26 Jul 2010, 2:18am

    Spanner, I assume you’re not including yourself in the ‘most are Great Britishers’ – you’re a small minded little xenophobe, and I don’t think they are actually the same things

  36. Den Bradbury 26 Jul 2010, 2:50pm

    Thatchell should burn nicely in hell – he’s full of demons.

  37. Dr Boycock 27 Jul 2010, 1:52am

    @ Den Bradbury,

    “Thatchell should burn nicely in hell – he’s full of demons.”

    Unlike you my dear, who´s merely full of sh-t ;-)

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