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Uruguay and Paraguay could be next to debate gay marriage

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  1. Har Davids 20 Jul 2010, 6:05pm

    The bishop of San Pedro needn’t bother with his educational campaign; we all know what his club is all about: when they aren’t screwing their sheep, in both senses of the word, it’s keeping them poor, ignorant and scared.

  2. “Gay rights groups in Uruguay and Paraguay are pushing for parliaments to consider bills to give gay couples equal marriage rights.”

    Lucky them!! surprisingly not so lucky here….

  3. Stuart Neyton 20 Jul 2010, 6:38pm

    Uruguay has a left wing parliament and president. Provided the Broad Front and some members of the Colorado Party would support such a bill, i think same-sex marriage is likely in Uruguay.

    I think there would be significantly more public and political opposition to same-sex marriage in Paraguay however. Religion plays a MUCH greater role in society there than in Uruguay.

  4. i wiah both Uruguay and Paraguay good luck, respectively! If these countries legalise SSM, then Brazil is sure to follow!

  5. Good for Uruguay and Paraguay.

    The more countries that legislate for equality, and the more offensive and inadequate the British CP Apartheid system appears.

  6. Give us reason to celebrate, Uruguay!

  7. Australian Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 22 Jul 2010, 5:58am

    Uruguay yes I am sure of it – I have heard next year the Government of Uruguay will allow gay marriage (if it passes paliament) because the government there is researching the laws of other countries to see how the laws are frameworked.

    Paraguay’s consitution BANS same sex marriage and any sort of recognition of same sex marriage since 1992 remember so it never going to happen in Paraguay!!!!!

  8. “while the country’s vice-president Federico Franco said man and woman were created to raise a family.” quote

    Wonder if he is related to Franciso Franco, the fascist dictator of spain for decades.

    And the Catholic church supported Franco during the Spanish Civil war 1936-1939. The blood of the innocent is on the churches hands . No wonder the cardinals wear red dresses. Also a part of allowing them that much quicker to pull it out to abuse children.

    And where did fascism origninate – not in Germany, but in Italy, home of the Catholic church.

  9. Emilio Castro 5 Dec 2010, 11:08pm

    La biblia dice; que Dios prohíbe el homosexualismo.- Levíticos capitulo 18 versículo 22 y capitulo 20 versículo 13. – Romanos capitulo 1 versículo 26.- libro 1 de Corintios capitulo 6 versículo 9.
    Dios creó al primer hombre y le dio una mujer como esposa.- Es muy vergonzoso que el hombre haya torcido las leyes de Dios, para unir en matrimonio a hombre con hombre. – El hombre que se enamora de otro hombre; es porque un demonio de homosexualismo lo atormenta. – Dios lo puede liberar — busque en Google – testimonio de homosexuales convertidos a Dios video.

    1. Stan Arnold 11 Apr 2011, 1:46am

      to hell with your god. For which untold millions have been murdered.

  10. Stan Arnold 11 Apr 2011, 1:44am

    christian values included hitler murdering the Jews and gays, and the church has yet to excommunicate this worst murderer of history.

    And hitler came to power on the backs of the hatred of the Jews, thanks to the catholic church of the endless hidden molestation. will show you what the church is really about….

  11. Stan Arnold 11 Apr 2011, 1:45am

    for my previious post, reverse the letters SIZAN to get to the website of truth about the church

  12. Stan Arnold 11 Apr 2011, 1:46am

    Your God is the god of mass murder, same as your bible.

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