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Older people with HIV ‘substantially more disadvantaged than peers’

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  1. Nigel Holland-Williams 20 Jul 2010, 2:46pm

    Im 51 and have been diagnosed since 1997. I have also been on medication since then and yes I am bloody terrified. I took part in this survey and await with interest the full findings. My long term partner died suddenly in 2006 and although we had made financial plans we had not had out civil ceremony. His employers (the NHS) refused to recognise his death in service wishes and as a result all his estate went to his estranged family. I ended up homeless and lost my lifelong possessions. I am fortunate that i finally got rehoused by the council after a long battle with depression and suicide attempts. I know my health wont get any better as a result of the HIV and it does feel as though the council now do not want to know nor recognise the fact that living with HIV as an older man is an issue. I see now that I should have made contingency plans but did not realise quite how callous life can be. I am scared beyond belief espescially of getting more ill and not being able to do anything about it or dying alone at home.

  2. If the study says it’s bad now then just wait till the IB migration next spring when just about everyone on benefits will be dumped on JSA.
    Then the DLA will stop as well. We’re in one of the worst recessions in history and they expect people who have been on meds for decades to get a job.It would be nice if the jobs existed. Do I state severe heart disease, liver disease, HIV, Arthris, depression and suicide attempts on the job application? Or do I lie and hope that if by a miracle someone employs me that they wont sack me when they find out I lied.
    There’s no chance for long term unemployed and over fifty. Training will consist of a bog standard ECDL if your lucky. Most school leavers have that anyway. Its even getting dangerous to do voluntary work in case your penalised as fully capable and have your benefit stopped. I’m seriously considering giving up meds. If it takes full blown AIDS to retain my IB then I’ll give them that! At least I wont die in hopeless homeless poverty.

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