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Lesbian teenager banned from prom wins $35,000 damages in settlement

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Reader comments

  1. Constance is a star.

  2. Excellent news! I hope that not only the school, but the bigoted students and parents who arranged the prom that excluded Constance, wake up and learn something from this.

  3. Good for her. The way the parents of the other kids treated her was a disgrace too. They arranged another prom somewhere else when she won the right to attend the school prom, so only about 5 people turned up. All those many hundreds of people ganging up on one girl because she’s gay. Pathetic. I’m glad her own parents have been there for her all the way through this. She was on the Ellen show too and someone gave her a scholarship on that I think. So this will be some well deserved spending money for her.

  4. friday jones 20 Jul 2010, 11:04pm

    Not only did she win a policy change, but she also won a couple of years of college money! Woohoo!

  5. Go Connie! Brave girl, with a superb sense of decorum. I was so impressed with her poise and level headed grit.

    Well done too to the American Civil Liberties Union, LGBT people need the support of those members of society who understand the crucial role we play in spearheading Civil Liberties and exposing the bigotry of the ruling mob. They are one of the crucial linchpins in resisting the likes of Sharron Angle, who would introduce the Christian equivalent of Shari’s Law in the US, prescribing death by stoning for us.

    Resistance Is Fundamental to Liberty!

  6. This is excellent news.

  7. There are so many gay men and women who silently accept the views of the majority and remain frightened and in the cloest. This young person was proud, steadfast and resilient and gay men and women should see her as a source of inspiration and pride.

  8. Gives you hope that despite all the rabid right wing nutjobs, America can still be a beacon for freedom and liberty for people to follow the life that they choose. Well done to Constance for having not only the guts to stand up for herself, but the strangth to carry on so that her ordeal would mean that others don’t suffer in the future.

    With a good education behind her she should syand as the 1st female and lesbian President! she’d knock that moron Palin outta the park!

  9. Mumbo Jumbo 22 Jul 2010, 9:44am

    Take a stiff drink and read the comments section following this report on Yahoo! News:

  10. 22 Jul 2010, 12:00pm

    I’m impressed and delighted at the ruling and the precedent it sets.

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