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Irish programme launched to tackle LGBT isolation

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Reader comments

  1. Nice idea and worth supporting.

    The sad reality is however that if you are gay, then unless you are in a relationship, living in a rural community (anywhere in the world) will mean that you are more isolated from other LGBT people.

    The city is the best friend of the gay.

  2. Yeah because Mary Robinson sure isn’t prepared to help is she.

  3. #2 Mary Robinson has enough to do with trying to lift millions of humans from hunger and squalor…..what have you done lately for your fellow man, i wonder?

  4. Mary Robinson????

    What does she have to do with this story?

  5. ChutneyBear 21 Jul 2010, 11:41am

    Eagleeye, knob end…Mary was barrister for David Norris when he got homosexuality legalised

  6. #2……and your grasp of the way things work for the pres is wanting as well. Mary McAleese only signed the bill into law. The government passed the bill…without debate as it happens.:))

  7. Very good idea and needs as much support as possible. Well done, Ireland, maybe Poland will now follow suit.

  8. The internet has really helped small communities find others just like themselves. We live in a rural community in the USA, some four hours from Seattle, and we feel less isolated now due to contacts with friends on the internet. We periodically meet with friends and “queer cousins.” We even rode on a float in the Seattle Pride Festival, since my partner’s cousin is the head a community program in Seattle. So I would suggest a internet networking site where isolated gays and lesbians can make friends and share interests. If all works out, they can meet up later on.

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