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Robert Mugabe says no to gay rights in Zimbabwe’s constitution

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Reader comments

  1. What do you expect? Africa has NO human rights at all?

  2. This is no surprise as disgusting as it is.

    @ Brendon

    An unfair comment since South Africa has same-sex marriage!

    It is certainly true though for a lot of the countries that make up Africa.

  3. Will someone please just get a hit on this man already????

  4. Mugabe was educated by the Catholics. What do you expect…

  5. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are both ignorant savages when it comes to human rights.

    No British aid money should go to the savage government of Zimbabwe if they start to follow the savage examoples of Uganda and Malawi

  6. No 4; “Mugabe was educated by the Catholics. What do you expect… ”

    So was the president of Argentine.

    The backward savagery of Africa cannot be blamed entirely on religion. These countries have backward cultures with zero respect for human rights. Religion exacerbates their savagery, it does not cause it.

  7. Patience is key, I guess. Mugabe will die eventually, and get replaced by someone who respects everyones human rights. We can always hope. LGBT are here to stay. :)

  8. Mihangel apYrs 19 Jul 2010, 1:51pm

    what is not reported here is that he also spoke in support of polygamy within the Xian church: that’s one below the waterline for “one man, ONE woman”!

    But the vile old crocodile never did have problems with justifying his own sins.

    I have come to fear that the only way we’ll move these countries away from their homophobia is to use sanctions against the “leaders”, such as Tsvangirai, who started with a lot of Western support and has proven to be in the same mould as Mugabe.

  9. john sharp 19 Jul 2010, 2:35pm

    no to mugabe
    he is the murderer of his own people
    power thirsty despot
    we can only hope he kick the bucket soon

  10. @Squidgy
    But South Africa, regardless of its exemplary constitution (at least on paper) and same sex marriage, does nothing to encourage human rights in the rest of Africa. The SA record with regard to Mugabe is shameful. He was even at the World Cup final in Johannesburg, listed as a “visiting head of state”, and there wasn’t a whisper of disapproval from anyone in the SA government. SA is well positioned to express disapproval of Mugabe but of course they don’t because he was once a fighter against colonialism and the fact that he’s now listed among the world’s 10 worst living dictators is neither here nor there as far as SA (and the rest of Africa) is concerned.

  11. are we still giving this vile bastard aid (money) ? if so why?

  12. No 7: Mimi: “Mugabe will die eventually, and get replaced by someone who respects everyones human rights. ”

    Well that person will not be the current PM and the leader of the opposition Morgan Tsvangirai.

    He is as savagely homophobic as Robert Mugabe, and the expected next president.

    He was feted as Zimbabwe’s saviour. But when it comes to LGBT rights he is as disgustingly bigotted as Mugabe.

  13. He is a dictator. To that extent no one has any rights at all until he is overthrown or dies and is followed by a more enlightened government.

  14. The fact that African countries are “savagely homophobic” as it’s being worded here is no surprise for anyone. It’s not just Mugabe. Let’s not forget that Tsvagirai is being marketed to the West as the new hope for Zimbabwe and he’s obviously no better than Mugabe in this regard.

    The question is whether we in the West should start pretending that our governments stop supporting homophobic governments abroad. If the UK government is serious about defending LGBT rights abroad as they claim to be, they should start attaching conditions to their aid cheques.

    We cannot be made co-responsible by our government of such discrimination.

  15. The person who is ‘lower than’ pigs and dogs is Mugabe, though those animals have more intelligence and dignity.

  16. Gay Rights? This idiot does not even understand human rights yet!!!!

  17. Human rights is a mark of civilisation. The fact that South Africa is the leading country on the continent is by no means an accident.

    Thanks of course to leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu (who is able to link human rights with love and compassion in a way that outshines all others).

    Mugabe and that other insignificant one will be remembered for their cold hearted brutality.

  18. Mimi: “Mugabe will die eventually, and get replaced by someone who respects everyones human rights. We can always hope.”

    Keep hoping. He will only be replaced by another heathen savage that will cause more hatred and bloodshed as the natives hack each other to pieces.

    If you think that is bad, wait till Mandela dies.
    South Africa will be the new Zimbabwe.

  19. Stephen C (No 4) – Agree absolutely!
    And why should Gay people expect rights when very few people in his country have any rights at all.
    The man’s a despot.

  20. Let’s not forget that same sex marriage was permitted in South Africa because denying same-sex couples this right was decalred unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. It had nothing to do with the people of South Africa having a higher tolerance of gays and lesbians than in the rest of Africa.South Africa today remains as homophobic and bigoted as any other tin-pot African nation. There’s a big difference between what the law says and what people believe. If South Africans were so tolerant of LGBT persons, we would not see lesbians undergoing “corrective rape” to make them straight.

  21. How uppity of that old coon…

  22. Newspaniard 20 Jul 2010, 9:47am

    There is no reason to suspect that Mugabe’s replacement will have a smaller Swiss bank account than the genocidal tyrant himself.

  23. Mugabe used to kill his enemies and put the bodies down the wells in the villages to poison the wells, among other things. He is from a minority tribe called the Ndebele that used to occupy 18% of Zimbabwe. The Ndebele were and still are related to the Zulus in South Africa and were a thoroughly disliked section of the country. The tribe is war like whereas the Mashona and the Manica tribes make up the balance of the population and are very placid. Robert Mugabe is not a very nice person and there will not be a nice replacement when he shuffles off this mortal coil because there are too many so called ‘war-vets’ who are more than willing to jump into his place. The only real way for ‘Zimbabwe’ to get back to some sort of order is for the whole of that ‘government and infrastructure’ to be replaced, lock stock and barrel. There are no human rights in Zimbabwe and South Africa is going the way of Zimbabwe very quickly.

  24. George Broadhead, PTT 20 Jul 2010, 10:32am

    Mugabe was raised as a Roman Catholic, studying in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools, including the exclusive Kutama College, a Catholic mission school headed by an Irish priest, Father Jerome O’Hea, who took him under his wing. Mugabe and his wife Grace Marufu were married in a Roman Catholic wedding Mass at Kutama College.

    Could this have anything to do with his entrenched homophobia, I wonder?

  25. Look,can we all get past this assumption that all catholics are homophobes,please?!I was baptised into the catholic faith,and whilst I no longer attend mass,(as I’m not permitted to take the sacrements),there are many,many decent catholics who aren’t homophobic.One CAN be gay AND follow a faith!

  26. It won’t be surprising that, the largest number of pple bloggin here are probably homosexuals who have shown apathy towards the teachings of the good book, which planely does not condone such, you are all just a bunch of heathens. and you all speak of human rights, please, if you don’t have respect for yourself hw cn you then go forth and “try to defend” the ryts of others. Disgust? is ther anything that could be as disgusting as making another man bend over for you, please don’t dis Africa

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